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Stevie Nicks Interview
WEGQ FM Eagle 93.7 - May 21, 1998 - Boston
The original version of "Silver Springs" is played. Then Stevie is on line 3.

DJ: Hi, Stevie.

Stevie: Hi.

DJ: Welcome.

Stevie: How are you?

DJ: Good, how you doing?

Stevie: I'm fine.

DJ: Please tell us you're in a good mood.

Stevie: I am.

DJ: Oh good, thank God, amen sister. Now I want you to answer yes to every question OK.

Stevie: OK.

DJ: You'll be at Great Woods in June.

Stevie: Yes

DJ: You used to think you were a witch.

Stevie: Yes

DJ: You slept with many rock stars.

Stevie: Yes

DJ: And you're falling in love with me right now as we speak.

Stevie: Yesss..

DJ: Go easy girl. Hey Stevie congratulations on being named one of People Magazine's most beautiful people.

Stevie: Oh, thank you

DJ: So what's the story with the Fleetwood Mac tour. You guys get back together; you guys sound great; the energy level's incredible; you're selling out arenas. I mean it just seemed like everything was going great.

Stevie: There's nothing more fun than touring if everything is going good and things were very good on the FM tour. Everybody was happy. Nobody was tired of each other. Everybody had a good time. I mean how could you not have a good time. You know everybody was so excited. The cities were so excited. The people were so excited. I mean everybody, the managers, the agents. Everybody was so excited that it was very hard not to be really excited about the whole thing.

DJ: Well how about a favorite memory from the last time you guys got together.

Stevie: Um, I think the best memory was actually the very first night that we probably walked on in Hartford.

DJ: Yea

Stevie: Because it had been since 1983, since we had done that and the applause and the, the, just the feeling. It was almost like we had been transported back to 1976. You know the first time we walked on stage after the first record.

DJ: Now what's up with you and Lindsey. It seems like there's a lot of energy between you guys still.

Stevie: Umm, I think you know, yes there is. There will always be that energy between me and Lindsey. I don't think that, it isn't possible for Lindsey and me to just to kind of blah together anymore. You know it's like now our our relation- ship will always be intense and when you get on stage and you sing those songs and you go through that kind of thing together. For us there's no other way to be and I think that it 's great because if that intenseness wasn't there the show wouldn't be near as good and it wouldn't be near as much fun for us. You know if we felt blase about each other it wouldn't be very much fun.

DJ: Stevie we have a National Enquirer story here regarding your boobs.

Stevie: Oh, this is the ah freezer story, huh.

DJ: Yea, it says here Stevie Nicks had her breast implants removed and now keeps them in her freezer.

Stevie: No, the real freezer story is I did that interview where that came from in London.

DJ: Yea

Stevie: Well I don't keep them in my freezer but my doctor who took them out keeps them in his freezer.

DJ: Ohh

Stevie: And yes they keep them there in case I want to sue because they were broken and very gnarly. And so they keep them, you know, but I don't personally have them. But and the reason, you know I mean I'm getting a lot of flack about that, and I don't care because I really feel so strongly about that whole situation that I hope people read that and get scared before they go and have implants put in. So that's all I have to say about that.

DJ: Well you certainly scared me from getting them. Stevie, thank you very much for your time and we'll see you in June at Great Woods.

Stevie: OK

DJ: Bye bye

Stevie: Bye bye

DJ: Stevie Nicks everybody. Nice.

Thanks to Dorothy Keveny for transcribing this interview and sending it to The Nicks Fix.
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