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Stevie Nicks Interview

WTIC in Hartford, April 14, 1998
Gary Craig: Craig & Co. and 96.5 WTIC and we have the great Stevie Nicks on the air.

Christine Lee: Stevie Nicks, Welcome to the city!!

Stevie Nicks: Thank you! I would like to know what it is exactly about Hartford that draws all the bands to go an do their production rehearsals there. (Laughs)

CL: So you're going to be rehearsing here as well?

Stevie: Yeah, we're coming in to do like two days of production rehearsals and then we play Hartford and then we go on. So yeah, it's just exactly like the Fleetwood Mac tour.

CL: What happened during the Fleetwood Mac tour? All of a sudden it started and then all of a sudden it was over, and we heard a lot of rumours, in fighting, what's the real deal?

Stevie: No there was no in fighting, that's not it at all. Um, you know, we did start this April 1st and we worked solid until, ah, our last Fleetwood Mac thing was like two and half weeks ago. Um, it was really Christine's desision to not, ah, continue with this tour, like say go to Europe or Austraila, which we could have done. She didn't want to do that she wanted to go home. And when it comes down to it, um, she did, she did what she said she would do. I mean, she could look at all of us and say, "I told you I would do this for a year, I told you I would do the 45 concerts, I told you I would do the record, I told you I would do the film. I did not tell you I would tour for the next two years of my life". And when somebody says that to you it's like, you know, we honor her enough that there was not one person who was going to say, "But you have to!"

CL: But did you want to say that to her, Stevie? Did you want to kinda like shake her and say....

Stevie: Of course everyone wanted to say that to her.

CL: Yeah

Stevie: And everybody in their own little way did say that to her.

CL: What would we find if we opened up your personal music collection and looked inside? What kind of music do you listen to? Who is your favorite artist these days?

Stevie: I like the new women singers a lot. I like Sarah McLachlan, I like Joan Osborne, I like Alanis Morrisette, I like Fiona very much. I'm so glad that women are doing something in music and that women are singing their songs. I think that's the greatest thing, all these women write, that's the thing the knocks me out the most.

CL: You look fabulous, Stevie, and everyone's been telling you this for the past year that you, you slimmed down, your hair looks gorgeous and you're wearing those flowy dresses. What did you do to look so great?

Stevie: Well I, you know, I went on the Atkins diet and lost about 25 pounds.

CL: Wow!

Stevie: And I just kept that off. But what is happening is, you know, you lose, to me, 25 pounds is massive amount of weight.

CL: Sure.

Stevie: When you lose that kind of weight then in the two or three years following you don't really lose that much more weight but you seemingly look thinner. And I think it's because toxins and poisons go out of your body, that's what I think what's happened to me. I go on a treadmill a lot. I really try to go on the treadmill everyday if I can even if it's only for 20 or 30 minutes, um, and I try to eat really healthy, you know?

CL: I think it's amazing you talk about times in your life that you can't even remember because you were in just a fog. Does that just blow you away?

Stevie: It does, yes it does.

CL: To wake up and go "Oh my god, I can't remember ten years of my life".

Stevie: Yeah, and it wasn't even ten years, it was really more like about six years, but six years when you're in your 40's is kind of a drag to have lost, you know? Now it's like now I have to be six years older, I didn't get to go thru those six years. What is wrong with this picture, you know? (laughs)

CL: Maybe it's a good thing that you don't remember all of it.

Stevie: Oh I'm sure in a lot of ways it probably is. And I remember a lot of those years as kind of a dream.

CL: One more rumour we want you to say is true or false. Someone was talking that you keep your breast implants in your freezer to remind you of all the pain you went thru. Is that true?

Stevie: Well you know what? This is an interview I did in England.

CL: Yeah

Stevie: This is what I said, they're in a freezer in Phoenix...in my doctors freezer, you know the doctor who took them out.

CL: Sure.

Stevie: He saved them, of course, you know, who knows? You may need to have them seen at some point so they're not in my freezer.

CL: Ok

Stevie: They're in his freezer.

CL: Well, you look fabulous, you sound wonderful, we are looking forwrad to seeing you live as you kick off your tour here in Hartford, Meadows Music Theatre, May 27. It has been a pleasure talking to you this morning. Thanks for joining us at Craig & Co.

Stevie: Thank You.

(Leather & Lace begins)

Thanks to Allen Chapman for sending this interview to The Nicks Fix.
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