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Stevie Nicks Interview

WZLX in Boston, April 13, 1998
interview with Dj Chuck Nowlan

CN - She's coming off a hugely successful reunion tour with Fleetwood Mac. She's releasing a 3 CD box set called Enchanted. And she kicks off a solo tour next month that's coming to Great Woods, it's gonna be here June 12th, with tickets going on sale this coming Saturday. And she's standing in a very beautiful spot right now. Stevie Nicks. Hi Stevie.

Stevie - Hi Chuck. How are you?

CN - I'm very good. How are you? Tell me again where you're standing, what it looks like.

Stevie - Well, I'm in a room that has french doors and looks out over the ocean. Ah, I'm kind of, like, close to Sunset and Pacific Coast Highway which is on the way to Malibu.

CN - That sounds so cool, so California.

Stevie - It's very California.

CN - Oh, nice, nice, and you're out there, you're doing a show this week on Thursday, right?

Stevie - Right. I'm doing a benefit for Don Henley.

CN - It's, ah, Stormy Weather 98 with, ah, Don Henley and a lot of different artists playing. Is it true there's a 66 piece orchestra that's going to be playing?

Stevie - It is true.

CN - And they're calling it the El Nino Orchestra or something?

Stevie - It is really going to be something because, I don't know that any of us, I mean, have, you know, spent a whole lot of time singing with a big huge orchestra. I haven't.

CN - You ever think about.....

Stevie - So, it's pretty scarey actually. I mean, it's gonna be incredible, you know, but, it is a 65 piece orchestra and all the ladies, ah, we're each doing two songs and they're old songs, you know, they're old tourch songs. That's what Don wanted. He's, this is like the tourch singers, you know.

CN - Oh, that's cool.

Stevie - It's, like, really, ah, it's so creative of him, you know.

CN - Do you think you'd ever tour with an orchestra? We've got Eric Clapton playing in Boston tomorrow night and he's got like a 22 piece orchestra with him.

Stevie - Really? That goes with him.

CN - Yeah.

Stevie - Wow, I don't know, I mean, I'm gonna have to see how I like singing with an orchestra cause it really is very different, you know.

CN - Yeah.

Stevie - So, I mean, I have the, I have a tape of the two songs and it's so completely, you know, like you wouldn't even, I mean like fairy tale music, you know, it's gonna be great.

CN - If it works out, you can keep the french horn players off the unemployment line.

Stevie - Yes. Absolutely.

CN - Well, tell us about the new box set Enchanted. It's coming out April 28th.

Stevie - Right.

CN - 3 CD's?

Stevie - 3 CD's.

CN - And what do we have on it?

Stevie - Ah, the first two are just, you know, the songs that I came up with to pull off the six records. And the third disc is, I tried to make the third disc kind of a little record unto it's own, is, ah, movie songs that probably nobody really ever heard and some songs that went to Europe on the B sides of songs that were definately never heard. And there's a couple of demos from me working in Phoenix over the last 2 years, 3 years. And, ah, there's an acoustic version of Rhiannon of me playing the piano and singing it like when I wrote it in 1973. And my demo, my 4 track demo of Twister is on it.

CN - No kidding.

Stevie - Cause I just wanted people to really hear the song since I really did kinda hand craft it for the whole idea of, you know, being in love with someone that had an extreme, ah, working thing, you know, where they went out and chased tornadoes all day and really, like, anybody who has kind of an extreme job can fit into that, you know.

CN - You've got some real collector's items on that.

Stevie - Yes. Yes, so I'm really excited about that because, I think, you know, no matter what, there's gonna be some things that people, that will be new for people and that, you know, adds, so that it's not just all old, you know, there are some new things, all, all, mushed in between the lines. So, I hope everybody likes it. I hope I made the right choice.

CN - When you're putting something like that together, is it hard to decide what to keep in and what to leave out?

Stevie - It's very hard.

CN - Yeah.

Stevie - I mean, you kind of start with what do you absolutely not want on this record. That's how you start, you know. So you go through all six records worth of songs and you think, you know, well here's a song that I just really don't want to put on it and that's kind of how you start. Then I sat around with a group of my friends and we all made a list on what our own box set would be. I said, if this was your box set, what would you pull off theses six records and that's kind of, you know, we got all six lists and then we put all the lists together and they were similar, which was amazing, they were similar. And these friends that I had do this with me have been there since the end of the 70's. So they were there for the beginning of Bella Donna. So, you know, so we all kind of came from the same place.

CN - That's a good idea.

Stevie - Yeah. So, that's how I did it. And then we just kept honing that list down until it was the right amount of songs that would fill up 2 CD's. Leaving the 3rd one free for the demo's and the things that people hadn't heard before.

CN - Back before the Fleetwood Mac reunion came about I heard that you were working, I don't know if this is true, that you were working with Courtney Love on some material for a solo album. Were you origionally planning on a solo album of new songs and then decided after Fleetwood Mac to do a box set?

Stevie - No, actually, um, before Fleetwood Mac I was getting ready to go in and do my first record for Warner Reprise and even at the very beginning of the year, it was certainly not solidified that Fleetwood Mac was going to get back together so I did start, I did go in for a week and cut a few songs and stuff and then I went home and called Lindsey up and said , you know, are we going to do this or not? Cause if we're not, then I'm going to really start my record and if we are, I'm going to stop it right here. It's ridiculous for me to do this, you know, I'm just killing myself for nothing. So, he said no, we're gonna do it. So, I stopped that record. And then we did the Fleetwood Mac thing. We did the tour, we came home, we did a bunch of tv and we just really did our last Fleetwood Mac thing a couple of weeks ago. And, ah, the box set idea came about, like, in November. The last month of the tour. Were, they, you know, Atlantic decided that they would like to, you know, box up all of my, ah my, you know, the songs that I loved, to put on a box set. And it was better to do it this way because, it wouldn't have been so good to have to musll together solo records from different record companies. So this way, you know, my whole solo life is on Atlantic and now it's all in a perfect little box where everybody can have what they want out of it. You know, and if I had waited until later it would have been all mixed up with other stuff.

CN - Right.

Stevie - And there still would have been only 3 CD's and I still would have had to save 1 CD for the, you know, for the demo's and stuff. So, I still would have been down to picking out 2 CD's worth of stuff, and having to add another whole, like, 24 songs. So that's really why the box set is coming out now.

CN - And it's just a couple of weeks away. April 28th it's going to be in the stores.

Stevie - Right, right.

CN - Well, last year, you know, when the shows come to Great Woods here I do my show live from, ah, right next to the stage we have this little room that we're in and, ah, when Fleetwood Mac played Great Woods last year, I was in that little room, and a couple of guys came in and said, Man, you guys got to get out of here for a little while, Stevie's got to come in here and warm up a little bit. Do you do that before every show? You go in there and warm up your vocal chords?

Stevie - Well, I, ahh

CN - Do you do a little Fa la la la?

Stevie - No. Yes. I do but, I do that way before the show. I do that in the afternoon. I do like 30 - 40 minutes of a vocal, a real serious vocal lesson. And then right before stage, I just sing. I don't go, I don't do those lessons in front of anybody, you know, I just actually sing a song or something to get ready so that you're not shocked when you have to start singing, you know.

CN - Right. Well you're going to be at Great Woods June 12th. If you'd like, I'll be there really early, we could duet on Leather and Lace or something.

Stevie - Okay, cause we don't have anybody to sing the other part on Leather and Lace.

CN - And I hear that since the Fleetwood Mac tour video, the Dance was so huge, so successful, that, is it true they're going to film your solo tour for release also?

Stevie - I have no idea. Nobody has ever, has said, you know what? I haven't even gone into rehearsal yet. I go into rehearsal next Monday, my band goes into rehearsal tomorrow. But, I'm kind of tied up with the Don Henley Benefit so I won't go until next week. We haven't, you know, I haven't even, I don't even know what the show's going to exactly be yet. So I really haven't gotten to film yet.

CN - Are you going to call the tour Enchanted?

Stevie - Yes. And that's already in, that's happening already. So that, you know, for the merchandising and it's just going to be a totally Enchanted thing. And, you know, I mean, when else could you do something like this? I said, well, everybody, this is our big chance to be Enchanted, you know, because when I come back to do my next record it's definately on a much more serious vein.

CN - And when are you going to do that?

Stevie - So, well, that'll be when I get off the road for this, which will probably be at the end of the summer, unless, for some reason they decide to, you know, maybe send me to Europe or something which I have no idea. Nobody has said anything past August, ahm, then I'll just go home to Phoenix and I have, I already have 6 or 7 songs that I've done in the last 4 years. And then I'll write a few more and that'll balance out, you know, it'll be from now and from then in the last 3 or 4 years and I'll mush them together and that'll be my new record.

CN - Man, nobody can say you're not busy!

Stevie - No. I am busy and I love being busy. I really do. I really, when I realized I was going to have to go back on tour in May, in December 1st, when I came home from the Fleetwood Mac tour I said, you know what, you really can't get out of shape here. You can't just let go and rest for 3 months and expect to build up like, cause we did in Fleetwood Mac, you know, we went in on April 1st and we rehearsed for like 6 weeks. And then we kind of rehearsed all summer long. So we were totally ready. You know, so I've kind of just kept busy knowing that I'm just kind of switching now, you know, I'm just switching in my, in my, whose around me on the tour.

CN - Ahm, Stevie Nicks the box set is called Enchanted. It's coming out April 28th. And she's gonna be at Great Woods June 12th with special guest Boz Scaggs and tickets are going on sale this coming Saturday morning at 9 AM. And you heard it here first, it'll be Chuck Nowlan and Stevie Nicks doing Leather and Lace.

Stevie - Allright.

CN - I love that, Stevie. Thanks for checking in here.

Stevie - Thank you.

CN - And from such a beautiful spot out there on the beach.

Stevie - Oh, thank you.

CN - And have a good time Thursday with Don Henley at the show.

Stevie - Okay.

CN - We look forward to June 12th. Thank you Stevie.

Stevie - Allright.

Thanks to Lorene for transcribing this interview.
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