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Stevie Nicks Interview

WXKS Kiss 108 Boston, April 14, 1998
DJ: Look who I have on the phone

Stevie: Hello...

DJ: Hi Stevie

Stevie: How are you?

DJ: It's Artie... how are ya?

Stevie: I'm fine.

DJ: How cool is it that I get to talk to you?

Stevie: Oh thank you.

DJ: So tell me what you've been up to.

Stevie: Um, I'm actually doing these interviews and in an hour I'm on my way to the Wiltern Theater for a first rehearsal for the Don Henley benefit that I'm doing on thursday night.


Stevie: So ya it's like I'm singing there's going to be like - there's 10 women. We're all singing two different old torch songs. A 65 piece orchestra. It's gonna to be SUCH a trip.

DJ: Where are you right now?

Stevie: I'm at my house which is - I'm kind of in the vicinity of the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Pacific Coast Highway. So I'm right at the ocean. But you're right at the ocean too!

DJ: Yes, unfortunately the weather is probably not what it is out there.

Stevie: (laughing) Well, it's nice today you know, but believe it or not our weather has been pretty screwed up by the El Nino...so.

DJ: We'll definately have some sunshine for you this summer when you come around.

Stevie: Uh...I'm so glad.

DJ: You're going to be here Friday June 12th.

Stevie: Right.

DJ: And you've definately been keeping yourself busy. I mean you had the Fleetwood Mac tour, you did the Grammy's and now you have this new Boxed Set coming out?

Stevie: I came home from the Fleetwood Mac tour Dec. 1. I decided with other people to do this boxed set so I started working immediately on that. So that's what I've been doing solid. And then this benefit has come up so now I'm really trying to do two things. My band is starting to rehearse today but I'm not there...um..so I will go at the beginning of next week to start rehearsing because..

DJ: Now you're talking about the ah the new CD the 3 boxed set that's coming out.

Stevie: Right.

DJ: The Enchanted Works of Stevie Nicks

Stevie: Yes.

DJ: I can't wait for that.

Stevie: There's a lot of music.

DJ: Lots of music!

Stevie: It's a lot of music. You know you have to really like say ok (laughs) I'm gonna to sit down and listen to one of these at a time. I think you should just listen to one at a time because it is really so much music.

DJ: The one thing I wanted to ask you - Is there a certain way that songs come to you? Or is there anything you do to put yourself in the mood? or do you actually have to sit down and write or how does it come about?

Stevie: Well, it comes about in different ways. You know sometimes I'm just seriously sitting down like just trying to write. That usually doesn't work. Yesterday I was on the treadmill, in front of the TV, and something very sad kind of came on and it just kind of touched me for a second. I jumped off the treadmill, ran over and found a notebook and wrote like about a seven poem, ah seven stan... um seven line poem...

DJ: Um hmm.

Stevie: Very quickly and then ran and you know got back on the treadmill. So I have this little poem that was written in about 30 seconds.

DJ: Wow.

Stevie: That's kinda how I write.

DJ: Probably... the best ideas probably happen that way right?

Stevie: Yes. They do.

DJ: Cuz you definately can't force it.

Stevie: Yes. And I don't very often ever go back and change words. When like that's kind of written. And I won't change it.

DJ: Really?

Stevie: Ya.

DJ: Once it's out it's out?

Stevie: Right.

DJ: In its rawist form?

Stevie: In its rawist form.

DJ: So when does the tour start?

Stevie: May 27th in Hartford.

DJ: OK cool. And you're going to be in Boston everybody want to tell 'em again. Friday June 12th with Boz Scaggs definately grab your tickets. When does the Enchanted Works of Stevie Nicks hit the stores?

Stevie: I think it goes into the stores on the 29th of April. And I'm, you know, I hope everybody likes this. This is something that I never really thought about doing and then when I really got into doing it - it was like it was really a lot of fun. So I hope it's fun for everyone.

DJ: Good deal.

Stevie: And I hope the concert is fun and I'm going to put some of the songs that I wouldn't necessarily ever put into a set because of the boxed set, you know. So I'm going to do some songs that are like more unheard of that I think people will really enjoy.

(Silver Springs starts)

DJ: Wow. Well I'll tell you what it's fantastic talking to you thanks for taking some time out and giving us a buzz..

Stevie: OK

DJ: - and we'll see you this summer.

Stevie: Thank you!

DJ: I'm gonna play Silver Springs now. One of my ah...this is probably the saddest song I've ever heard.

Stevie: Aawww...

DJ: One of my favorites.

Stevie: Thank you.

Thanks to Liz for transcribing this interview.
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