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Interview with Stevie and Lindsey
August 29, 1997
96.5 WTIC FM in Hartford CT
Craig & Company with hosts Gary Craig and John Elliott.
Gary Craig: All right on the phone with us right now, lengendary names, lengendary groups, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. And, of course, the group unless you've been living under a rock for your whole life is Fleetwood Mac. Welcome to Craig & Company.

Stevie: Hi
Lindsey: How are you?
Gary Craig: I tell ya, fans all across the world are thrilled about the reunion of Fleetwood Mac. How do you think it's going to feel going to the spot where you were before, you have not toured in ten years, I know you're probably excited about it but any tripedations at all?

Stevie: I'm really looking forward to it. I'm definitely looking forward to getting out of L.A. where it's like technical now, in rehearsals and stuff, and going and really playing, because I really enjoy that and I don't enjoy the technical part.

Gary Craig: Oh let's face it Stevie, you just want to get out of LA, forget about the tour, anything that'll get you out of there, that's what you're for.

Stevie:.........O.k.?? (laughs)

John Elliott: Let's talk about the music, you have recorded some of the most important music in the history of recording. The songs: Go Your Own Way, Over My Head, Rhiannon, when you went to go rehearse to do the tour, did everybody remember it the same way?

Lindsey: I think so, I mean it was kinda like a bicycle, it all went into automatic. The only thing that was a little bit tough were some of the details, you know, what did we do there, but that came pretty quickly too.

John Elliott: Stevie, with a 40 stop tour, are you worried at all about singing some of those high notes?

Stevie: No, I'm not actually. Because we're taking a singing teacher, a vocal coach, that's really incredible, you know, like an athlete,before you do something athletic you work out a little bit, you stretch out. And we just like hit the stage totally cold, you know, so I'm going to take like some serious voice lessons while I'm on the road. So I won't have any problem with my voice.

Gary Craig: When you guys do new renditions of songs that you know basically backwards and forwards, do you find new little things to do in them, a different place, a different nuance, a different emphisis you didn't have before?

Lindsey: Yeah, I think that's one of the challenges on the road. In the studio the challenge is to pull things out of the air, on the road the challenge is to keep it fresh, playing exactly the same thing every night eventually it's going to become a little mechanical.

John Elliott: Speaking of the music, let's talk about a song called "Don't Stop". Anyone in the band ever spend a night in the Lincoln bedroom?

Stevie: (laughs) No.

Gary Craig: What was it like meeting Bill Clinton?

Stevie: I didn't meet Bill Clinton.
Lindsey: Actually, none of us did. He was swept away right after the ceremony was over.
Stevie: He came right off the stage and went right into the car and was gone.

Gary Craig: What??

John Elliott: You mean after he used your song, you performed it for him and never met him?

Stevie: No, it was very disappointing. (laughs)

Gary Craig: The nerve of him!! Look, don't ever perform for him again!!

Stevie: Of course, that's what everyone said when we got back!! (laughs)

Gary Craig (doing a Bill Clinton impression): Right, well Stevie and Lindsey, I'd like to apoligize for not stopping by.

Stevie & Lindsey: (laughing)

Gary Craig (as Bill Clinton): But I had another big big appointment, What was her name? Who was I meeting?

Stevie: (laughing)

John Elliott: Jennifer, sir.

Gary Craig (as Bill Clinton): Right. Thank you, God bless you.

Gary Craig: I gotta tell you Stevie, you look fabulous.

Stevie: Thank you.

Gary Craig: I saw a picture of you. You still look great. You still wear those great dresses that you used to have?

Stevie: I do

Gary Craig: Oh god! I loved those dresses, I used to watch you with those dresses, she would twirl around, I thought there was an entire family living under...

John Elliott: Would you stop with the dresses!!!???

Gary Craig: I love the dresses. Best of luck on the tour all of us here in Hartford CT are really looking forward to seeing you.

Stevie: Thanks so much.

Lindsey: Thanks, looking forward to it.

John Elliott: Thanks, for taking the time.

Stevie: Take care

Lindsey: Alright.

Gary Craig: We'll see ya!! Bye Bye!!

Stevie & Lindsey: Bye!!!

Gary Craig: The great Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. John Elliott: September 17th at Meadows Music

Gary Craig: What a concert that's going to be!!!

Thanks to Allen Chapman for sending this interview to The Nicks Fix.
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