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Gypsy83 Call for Extras

Julie's Experience
What a day yesterday! I went downtown dressed in my Stevie garb to be an extra in Gypsy83, the movie about a girl obsessed with Stevie Nicks, that was shooting in the West Village. I was there for 16 hours, from noon till 4 in the morning! I went down there with a friend, only to find out that the shooting was pushed back until 2. No matter, we wandered around and came back for the shoot. While they were setting up camera shots, they had all the extras wait in the bar on the corner, which was nice because it was air conditioned in there and it got us out of the HOT sun. It was great to meet so many Stevie fans! Mostly all the people there for the shoot were fans and NOT actors, so everyone was a genuine fan of Stevies who wanted to be a part of the movie. There were all different sorts of costumes and they all looked great. Some people were dressed as club kids or goths, which made the crowd an interesting mix. We shot the first scene, which we were all waiting for the hostess of the "Night of a Thousand Stevies" event to come out, so we stood there cheering and clapping, and then later on we filmed dance scenes and more crowd scenes. The camera whirled around a little and we jumped around dancing with everyone in the shot. They played some techno music and we did Stevie twirls to the beat in our skirts and shawls. I don't want to give too much away so I don't ruin the movie for you. There were Stevie fans of all ages who showed up. The inside of the club was decorated with lace, doves, streamers, pics of people dressed as Stevie, and velvet hanging everywhere. Almost every Stevie fan there knew each other from either mailing lists, chat rooms, message boards ect. I couldn't believe how many people I knew and also how many knew who I was. I met Bear, who did the costumes for the movie, she is such a sweetheart! I also met up with a fellow Stevie fans, Jan and Peter who I knew from mailings lists also. What is also cool is that most of the fans there are going to the concert in Arizona so me and my friends will get to meet up with them there. Everyone working on the film was really nice. It was a great experience, despite my exhaustion by 4 am! I am glad to have been a part of it. ;-)


Bear's Experience
I was contacted by the writer/director Todd at the beginning of June, he wanted to know if I'd be interested in doing some of the costuming for the Gypsy 83 movie. Of course I said yes, and then was contacted by the costume designer Kitty Boots. We discussed several outfits while Kitty looked over my web site to pick out the clothes. Finally I was given Sara Rue's measurements and a list of specific things that they wanted, and I got to work. I only had about two weeks so I had to put everything else aside and work strictly on the clothes for the movie. I packed up two boxes and sent it all in! Kitty kept in touch with me during the filming and welcomed me to the set whenever I wanted to come and also invited me up to the NYC shoot so I could be an extra. When we had specific dates confirmed, I got my plane ticket and flew up to NY.

The first day at the set (Sunday) was fun, meeting Kitty and Todd, both whom I had spoken to but never actually met. My friend Susan (Gypsy63) also met me there and we made a whole day of it, along with the other friends old and new that came that day as well. Shooting that day was interesting! We did a stand in work first thing while they set up the lighting and camera to film. Then they started the actual shooting where we did a lot of shots inside the bar. We had to have conversations with our friends without actually having sounds come out of our mouths! It felt a little ridiculous, but it was fun! I wore a black chiffon Rhiannon outfit like Stevie's from the 70's but I added silver glitter all over it for sparkle. I met Sara and Kett who were both very sweet, and it was such a thrill to see Sara all day wearing an entire outfit that I had made (skirt, top, leg warmers and my old white platform boots)! I also saw several other of the cast/crew wearing various things that I had sent up, along with things that Susan had sent in as well including jewelry. I was there from 9:45 until 5:00 when we broke for dinner, then back at 8:30 until 1:00am where we shot scenes in front of Mother, where the real Night Of A Thousand Stevie's was held. The second day at the set (Tuesday) was fun but also very long and tiring. I got in around 2:00pm and did some stand-in work before they started shooting. During this I was asked if I would like to be one of the performers and I said no because I was too nervous to do it. After about five minutes I changed my mind, knowing that I would always regret it if I didn't at least try! I had to stand on stage by myself while they played "Nightbird", twirl up to the microphone and lip-sync the first line, and twirl away from the microphone. Karen Black came in with Access Hollywood while I was practicing which made me even more nervous! When I was done I was so proud of myself for actually doing it, at least I won't always regret not trying! We did a lot of crowd shots while Sara was singing. Sara was really amazing, she had been working hard on her song for a few days and during filming her fingers started to bleed. She used scotch tape on them so she could keep playing! She has an AMAZING voice, I can't wait to hear her when the movie finally comes out! We shot until around 4:00-4:30 until we were finally finished. I was sad to see it end, it was an amazing experience!


Farrah's Experience
I got to the shoot at about 5PM with a friend -- the casting director told us to wait in the bar next door. It was nice to be able to sit down, because, let me tell you, it's not easy walking from the East Village to the West Village in a pair of high-heeled boots. (How Stevie does it, I'll never know.) The bar was quite a sight -- Stevies, Stevies, everywhere! At one point, me, my friend, and Julie (who I met there) were standing near the bar, and one of the bartenders needed to get through and said, "Excuse me, Stevie. Excuse me, photo Stevie. Excuse me, Stevie." At about 7, a woman came into the bar and told a few of us to go into the club next door where they were shooting. And when I got in there, the first thing I saw was . . . well, I really shouldn't say, so you'll all be surprised when you see the movie. Let's just say I really felt like I was at the Night of 1000 Stevies. Since I was wearing a tank top and a thin shawl, they decided I needed sleeves. I was given these (if I may use a Stevie Nicksian word here) fabulous sleeves -- silky red, dripping with black lace. Too bad I had to give them back at the end of the night. They had us each twirl one at a time in front of the camera as though we were real-life weirdos who act and dress like Stevie (what a STRETCH that was ...) Even though there were long waits between scenes, we had a great time with other Stevie fans in the bar. They had The Dance on the jukebox . . . we took the thing over! Everyone looked beautiful ... including Sara Rue . . . and I can't wait to see the movie!

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