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Stevie - Our Patriot

If you have been a fan of Stevie's for very long, you know that she is a true patriot, from her letter to the troops in Desert Storm, to personally delivering lunch to firefighters after the 9-11 attacks. She helped a lot of Americans deal with the 9-11 attacks by sharing her journal entries.

To show our appreciation and recognition of her patriotism, the Nicks Fix requested a flag be flown over the US Capitol for Stevie (shown below). This flag was sent to Stevie on February 9, 2003 along with a list of 1395 supporting fans. Thanks to all of the fans supporting this project. The supporters included a lot of fans serving in the US military at home and overseas.


Thank You Stevie for all you do!!




flagcase_big.gif - 540596 Bytes
Flag in the display case


Plate on flag case
Plate on the display case


Names of Fans sent with flag
Names of 1395 supporting fans were included with the flag


The letter sent with the flag


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