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Stevie Nicks Fan Party on May 26th 2000

We all gathered at Acapulco Mexican Restaurant, across from NBC Studios on the night of Stevie's birthday. This place was chosen because Marisa had met Stevie there a few years before, after her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. (Stevie could not find anything to write on for her, so she signed a children's menu in blue crayon---which she proudly shared at our dinner!). It was wonderful getting together with friends, old and new, that have happened because of Stevie, and The Nicks Fix. We all brought a little something to share with the group--mostly photos. We had our official birthday toast, and shared more Stevie stories---some had quite the tales to tell! We shared where some of Stevie's former addresses are so we could drive by and see her old homes! (I drove by the Evans Rd. house in the Palisades on the next Sunday---it has a MOAT around it! It was stunning...) And as it turned out, there was a birthday going on at the table behind us, and we all sang along---using Stevie's name, of course! We took the group photo in the booth that Stevie was sitting in the night of the Tonight Show apprearance, and then followed up with some kareoke, ending the evening with "Dreams"...... I think Stevie would be thrilled to know that so many have come together, and established friendships because of her, and her music.


Happy Fans
Anna, Donna, Carole, David, Meredith, Marisa, Jason


Happy Fans
Jason, Meredith, David, Marisa

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