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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

09/22/2012 New Orleans Arena New Orleans, LA

Eddie N.
Myself and seven very close friends converged on New Orleans for the Stevie/GladysKnight/Melissa Etheridge show! Melissa came out and really fired off a great rock and roll set of her signature tunes. Next Up, Gladys came out and really got the arena pumping with some R&B music and had everyone in a great mood by the end of her set. ALAS, the anticipation in the arena could be cut with a knife, everyone pensive and waiting for the Rock and Roll Goddess, Princess Extraordinaire! The lights went up the drums and guitars wailed and out walks Ms. Nicks belting out Led Zepplins “Rock and Roll” which brought the whole audience to their feet for a standing ovation! I am almost ashamed to say how many times I’ve seen Stevie and Fleetwood Mac from the 70’s to the present, but I’m ALWAYS AMAZED at the talent and showmanship that she puts forth every single time. We were all waiting for the song “New Orleans” because I knew with would be the nugget considering it was the first time she performed it live in concert and it HAD to be IN New Orleans. Stevie gave just such and introduction and gave a stunning performance of the song that sounded like it was right off the album. She fretted that she didn’t do it perfect, but it WAS extremely perfect and she got another standing ovation. All in all it was a great event. Ironically, the event was sponsored by AARP! With Melissa belting out tunes in her 50’s, Stevie ruling the arena in her 60’s and Gladys still belting Motown hits in her 70’s, I’m READY to turn 50 next year!! But I mostly thank Ms. Nicks for one of her best performances ever!

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