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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

09/21/2012 Global Event Center Thackerville, OK

Donnie & Dawn A.; Diana J. & Ronnie B.
I, my husband and many friends were completely blown away by this concert! Stevie Nicks is absolutely timeless and she looked and sounded amazing! This was only the 2nd time I got to see her in concert, the first being over 30 years ago. I continue to covet her lyrics and music and still treasure the early Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nick’s solo albums. She has still got it and we enjoyed every moment of this concert. Thank you!

Loved the show...Was amazing to watch your performance. The song Love is was so moving. Love Love Loved It.

Judy O.
I attended the Winstar Casino show and as always Stevie was AWESOME! I love all her new music and it was great to hear several great songs from In your Dreams along with her Classics. I think Stevie gets better with time, as do Waddy, Lori, Sharon, Carlos, and the rest of the band they were all awesome as well. They are always as Stevie says Flawless. Stevie has been my all time very favorite singer and song writer since 76/77, not only for her writing and her songs but for her giving nature. She does a great job at Walter Reed and getting the soildier's messages across in her Songs ( Soldier's Angel, Desert Angel, Battle of the Dragon) Also the charities for AZ Heart Institute and getting the Jane Goodall's Chimps song out there.
Stevie is a Legend, the Queen of Rock & Roll, and I hope to one day go to a concert with my grand-daughter Rhiannon(Age 5) who's favorite song is Stand Back!!!
Keep Rocking Stevie hope to see you soon, 2013 FM Tour probably!

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