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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

06/30/2012 PNC Bank Arts Center Holmdel, NJ

I attended Stevie’s concert in Holmdel, NJ last evening (30 June 2012) and I want to let everyone know how wonderful an artist, entertainer, and spirit this lovely woman still is.

I have been a Stevie fan since “Dreams” and have attended a show of pretty much every FM and solo show since. Each show was in its own way “special”, but I have personally found that my favorite shows have been from the “Enchanted” tour onward. The main reason is Stevie’s (seemingly) new-found personal happiness, and comfort with her audience.

Beginning with the “Enchanted” tour Stevie gave lovely spoken introductions to many of her songs, giving added insight to our (us fans!) understanding of her sometimes cryptic lyrics. She continues doing so to some extent on each new tour, and it seems to make not only the audience, but Stevie herself, very happy. After so many pre-Enchanted tours it is heartwarming to see Stevie smile so frequently during her concerts! She has given much to the world of arts and popular entertainment and deserves every bit of personal happiness there is.

Last night’s concert continued the “joyous-Stevie” phase of her career, and it was divine. Stevie sounded great, looked beautiful, and (gasp!) showed her legs for the first time in years! I loved hearing so many excellent new songs from the superb, recent “In Your Dreams”; the songs transfer beautifully to the stage and live performance. The band is great, the performances of her classic songs excellent. Personal favorites? Probably anything from the “In Your Dreams” cd, most notably a chilling “Soldier’s Angel”, and a best-ever “Gold Dust Woman” – but, really, every moment of this wonderful night was superb. The comments from the exit-audience were fun to overhear “She looks GREAT” – “She sounded GREAT” – “I loved every song” – “I had such a great time” – that sort of thing.

So even as a "touring machine” Stevie Nicks remains sui generis and a force of nature: buy “In Your Dreams”, attend a show, and donate to the USO and/or Wounded Warrior Project. And Stevie, should you read this, I’ve always thought you would be the best rock-and-roller ever to compose songs after the novels of Thomas Hardy – whenever I read Hardy, I see you in so many of his heroines!

Marianne and William
...it was pure Stevie Nicks on a hot summer night in Holmdel 'under a full moOn.' She Wowed and Woooed her audience with music from her new album as well as memories from days gone by with Rhiannon and others. Her legacy continues as a great 'poet of our generation.' We thank you, Stevie and good luck with the rest of the tour.

Gene AKA The Jukeboxhero
Saw stevie solo for the 4th time Friday night at Jones Beach. INCREDIBLE SHOW! She still has the GREAT voice and the LOOKS!! I could see her in concert 365 days a year!

Was at the holmdel,new joisey show last night. Stevie Nicks and the band put on a great show.my wife and i really enjoyed it. It was the second time we saw her there at the arts center.

Jersey Girl
My husband and I saw Stevie perform last night in Holmdel - FABULOUS!!! She looks and sounds AMAZING!!!

Where should I start What a show Stevie puts on as usually ,Saw her 14 times already and never has she disappoints her fans . Thank you Stevie for putting a little joy in my live and others . From on Gemini to another.

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