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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

07/03/2012 Hershey Park Pavilion Hershey, PA

Karlee & Nate
This was my first concert seeing Stevie without Fleetwood Mac and I must say one of the BEST CONCERTS EVER! My fiance and I had an unforgetable night. The magic that instantly filled the venue is indescribable you must simply be there to even understand how wonderful she is. I urge everyone to purchase a ticket and continue to support such an amazing, warm, caring and beautiful individual. Her band and vocal coach are also part of the magic they all work together to make you have the best time of your lives. I actually got to meet Stevie and I can tell you she is exactly as how you would want her to be, kind and honest and of course magical. Thank you Stevie it was a pleasure to have met you and I wish you all the best on your tour, and hope there are many more blessings in your future. ROCK ON GOLD DUST WOMAN!

My husband and I attended the Hershey, PA concert and it was absolutely great. She sang some old songs and some new songs. What a song writer she is. I loved her telling us about the songs and how they came to be written. And her voice is ageless and timeless. I checked off one item on my bucket list last night by hearing this icon of music sing. I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to see her in concert. And the ticket prices were very reasonable. If you get a chance to see this beautiful lady, do. You won't be disappointed.

Timothy Y.
I saw Stevie at Hershey Park Tuesday and she rocked! I have seen her many times, and she just keeps getting better and better. Her renditions of Dreams, Gold Dust Woman and Landslide were the best I have ever had the pleasure to hear performed. I saw her last September in Bristol, VA and I was glad to get another chance to hear Stevie perform songs from her amazing new album, In Your Dreams. Annabel Lee and For What Itís Worth were definite highlights. Stevie also spoke a good bit throughout the show which was a treat. All and all a fantastic show and evening. Thank you Stevie Nicks for continuing to give your fans such wonderful times! See you July 27th at Verizon Center in D.C.!!!!

Derek S.
I have seen Ms. Nicks in concert five times--two concerts by herself, one concert with Don Henley, one Concert with Rod Stewart, and one concert with Fleetwood Mac. I left this concert believing that this was the best I've EVER seen her. She was whitty, sounded great, and played a mixture of old and new songs. At the beginning of the concert, she warned the crowd that this was not just a greatest hits concert, but a concert where she would be playing some of the new music she had written for her album, _In Your Dreams_. I feel that some concert goers felt that they were only going to hear her old music. I received complaints from some concert goers that I was standng the entire time, but what they forget to understand is that it is a concert, and you should not pick and choose when to stand and when to sit just because you only want to dance to her old hits. I enjoy her new music too, and I was going be damned if I was going to sit during those songs that concert goers were not as familier with. The only other disappoinment I had the night of the concert was that she left out the song, Ghosts are Gone. I had seen previous setlists of concerts performed days before, and she had performed Ghosts are Gone. I believe she had stated previously that she was losing her voice, and her voice did sound rather hoarse when she spoke, so I can understand why she would choose to remove Ghosts are Gone from the setlist as it is an intense song to sing. She made it up to me though by singing Moonlight (a Vampire's Dream). I guess I should wrap up my thoughts as I could go on and on all day...One last thought...I'm glad she finally wore the platform heals!!!!!

Jill D.
It was like a dear old friend who you haven't seen for awhile, and you missed, comes home...Thank You Stevie for one of the best shows I've seen you in.. Stevie was sweet and funny and touched your soul with songs like Solder's Angel, Landslide, For What It's Worth, and blistering on Rhiannon and Edge of Seventeen. Stevie seemed relaxed and in love with the atmosphere, and playful choked about her relationship with Edger Allen Poe~ great Annabelle Lee... It was wonderful, heartfelt, and magic..all sweetly given very much from her very big heart...THANKS STEVIE~ FROM JILLIAN DAVIES AND CHOCOLATE TOWN USA HERSHEY PA....

well i have read the reviews, saw her in new jersey and hershey but the best is yet to come at the borgata, yes stevie, our angel, our queen of rock and roll, it is timeless our baby, you go and for anyone go see her in antlantic city love you forever stevie.

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