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Stevie Nicks - FAN REVIEWS

07/30/2012 Bradley Center Milwaukee, WI

I attended the Stevie Nicks/Rod Stewart show in Milwaukee on Monday, July 30. Stevie looked beautiful and sounded stronger than ever. Highlights for me were Gold Dust Woman and Landslide, though the drum on Soldierís Angel was quite effective and really set the mood. We got a few twirls from Stevie during Stand Back and Rhiannon, which is always a crowd pleaser. The 11-song set lasted about 75 minutes, which isnít bad for an opening act. I liked when Not Fade Away played over the PA system before the show started, but wished that couldíve been replaced with another live song. It was great to hear that Enchanted had been put back into the set (always a favorite of mine), but it would have been nice to hear some of her other popular songs like I Canít Wait, Talk To Me, Stop Dragging My Heart Around or Rooms on Fire. I feel like Iíve been seeing the same show for the last few tours, with the exception of a couple of new songs from In Your Dreams. At times, it seemed that Stevie was rushing through parts of the show and she mentioned that she had to hurry, as to not use up other peopleís time (Rodís ?). A bit disappointed that Rod did not introduce her this time around or that they did not duet together. All in all, another great show, and Iíd like to mention that the selection of concert shirts was pretty good, though no Stevie tour books were being sold.

I went to my first Stevie Nicks concert on July 30th 2012 in Milwaukee, and it was AMAZING!!! As soon as she walked out on the stage I began to cry because I was so happy that my dream finally came true after waiting for so long. Stevie Nicks is my number one favorite song artist of all time. I am completely obsessed with her. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't listen and sing to her music for at least a minimum of a few hours. At the start of my sophomore year of high school last year I started to teach myself how to sing like her and now a year later I can say that I'm pretty close. It is my number dream to meet Stevie, but that dream is kinda going down hill because based on my Google research there is no meet and greets anywhere :'( but I do hope that someday, somehow, someway I will be able to meet my roll model.
Love you Stevie!!!

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