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07/15/2012 Borgata Casino Atlanta City, NJ

My fascination with Stevie began when I was fifteen years old and I got a hold of one of my dad's Fleetwood Mac CDs. From there I began to listen to Stevie's solo work and, like everyone else, became enchanted with her lyrics, style, timeless beauty- just all of the magic that creates Stevie and that Stevie creates.

I am now 30 years old and can finally say that I saw Stevie in concert. I had the luck of finding 3rd row seats. Being so close to Stevie after admiring her from a distance was exhilarating and her performance was everything that I had always imagined it would be. She was colorful, ethereal, magical- her voice was strong, unique, and beautiful as always. I tried to take a picture of her with my camera phone (being only 3 rows away you would think it would be an easy feat- it was not!) I tried flash/ no flash, zoom-everything- but all I ever got was a bright white light blur image. Although disappointed on the one hand to not have completely captured her image, on the other, I felt it was so fitting of the Stevie Nicks experience- she is mysterious, beautiful, a bright illuminous vision- but cannot be fully captured, which makes her forever magical, like an age-old myth.

I do have one complaint. My third row seats were a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me and I was so excited. During the opening for Stevie's concert, Vanessa Carlton did a beautiful job. Unfortunately, during Vanessa's performance, a small group of people to the left/front of me were talking very loudly- to the extent that people rows behind me were starting to complain to security. I would later come to find out that these people were "friends of Stevie's drummer." During Stevie's entire performance, three people from this group (directly in front of me, obstructing my view- especially since I am only 5 ft 3) stood the entire time, waving their arms. Now don't get me wrong, not standing for some songs, like Rhiannon and Dreams, would be a crime, and I, just as much as the next person, enjoy the interactive aspect of a concert (dancing, singing, etc.)- but to stand for the entire time when everyone else in the venue was seated for a ballad, for example, and to obstruct people rows behind you without sitting for even one song is a bit discourteous. One man next to me complained aloud and a woman in front of us (part of the group) turned around and told him that he would have to deal since these people were "friends of the drummer." That annoyed me even more thinking here I am, I've waited most of my life to have this experience and these people have had and will have this experience quite a few times (they've probably been back stage, partied on tour buses, met Stevie, etc.). In a way, I felt as if they were selfishly stealing part of my experience from me. I respect the fact that they were "Vip" guests- I just wish that they had showed the class and elegance that Stevie and her band have aIways shown during performances. Stevie and her band members did an amazing job- I hope to experience their talents again someday soon! I hope that in the future Vip guests will have the understanding to be more courteous to the average Stevie fan.

All in all the experience was still unforgettable. It brought me back to memories of listening to Stevie throughout my life- from my teenage years leading up to the present. A special thank you to Stevie and her band for never disappointing the fans and always creating an atmosphere of magic.

Phyllis G.
I saw Stevie Nicks at the Borgata in Atlantic City this past Sunday. While every prior show that I have seen has been fantastic, her performance on Sunday was absolutely phenomenal. There seemed to be that extra magic to everything - from the backdrop videos, the band, the girls, but especially with Stevie herself. She seemed so relaxed and at one with the entire audience, and looked great, as always. There were two people sitting on each side of me who never saw Stevie in person before. Just before the show started, I told them both that they were really in for something extraordinary – and Stevie exceeded the extraordinary. It’s funny, each time I am at one of her concerts, there is a definite camaraderie with the fans. I think Stevie has a way of doing that – her magic and sincerity are clearly visible not only on stage, but throughout her audience.

A heartfelt thanks to Stevie for the time that she takes to spend with our wounded soldiers. It is quite humbling.

She is truly a soldier’s angel.

Thanks for a wonderful and unforgettable evening.

Just had to rave about what a fantastic show Stevie Nicks put on! Her voice was so strong, the song selection just rocked and Stevie was funny, thoughtful and moving. I've been going to see Stevie Nicks in concert both solo and with Fleetwood Mac since the early 80s. I've lost count of how many times I've seen her. This was the first time I was at the stage for the Edge of Seventeen walk and got to shake her hand. She is truly timeless!
If you have any chance at all grab a ticket and get to the concert it will be so worth the money.

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