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07/14/2012 Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach Virginia Beach, VA

Michael S.
Smooth as Silk..

The Aura reached from Row 1 all the way to those sitting and standing on the plush freshly cut tall fecue atop the hill.

The mystic told her stories and her faithful listened and cheered.

Thank you Stevie..

Rae Ann
My husband and I drove from Huntington, WV to see Stevie this weekend at Virginia Beach...Wow! Stevie and the band were absolutely fantastic! We both got to stand in front of the stage during her stroll and touch her hand... Hearing Stevie tell stories about her songs make them so much more special! She is truly a gifted poet and writer! And she has such a loving heart towards our soldiers... Thank you, Stevie, for one of the best evenings of my life! Rock on...Gold Dust Woman! Can't wait to see her again!

Patricia Q.
Wow, awsome concert….Stevie is better in person than she is on TV. She has such an amazing voice! We had an awesome time. The only thing…..there were "People" behind us who were so angry that we stood up they threw things at my fiancés back. Bummer! Best concert of the year!

S. Rodey
Just left the most beautiful woman in Va Beach. Stevie rocked as expected.

Christine W.
The show was great. The crowd was up and dancing for once. Stevie's microphone was nice and loud so we could hear her sing. My only complaint is that she dropped Love is as the encore and did Landslide instead (which was originally done before the encore at previous shows). The venue has an 11 p.m. stop time but she still had enough time to do the song. I really liked that the new videos were played on the screen behind her as she sang. There were some though that looked liked Microsoft screensavers. Someone in her group ought to come up with better backgrounds for the older songs. I almost didn't go to this show bc the last few tours have been a bit robotic and stale but I am really glad I went. The set list had many new songs, she spoke more about the songs ie when they were written, why, who they are about, and the set was longer.

Amy L.
Hi Stevie! I went on July 14th in va beach. U rock! I was sooo happy that u doing well! U and yr music been w me all my life and will still be w me day I die! I felt Honor to see u close smiles. I sure love to meet u one day when u finish the tour. I know u are busy and exhausted ! U are great love ya and god bless u too hugs hugs . My name is Amy robinson live in va. I'm a pca as personal care aide. I love be around nature and animals. Love life too . Take care !

My husband gave me Stevie Nicks tickets for my birthday. I decided to take one of my good friends along and we traveled a little over an hour and half to attend the concert last night. Stevie did an amazing job. She puts on a wonderful show and truly is a gracious rock star. I have been to 5 other performances and Stevie always leaves me wanting more.

The venue in Va. Beach has to be the worst venue that she performs in. I was highly disappointed that my husband paid $100 a piece for 2 tickets and I still had to watch her on the large screen. I was sitting in the 103 section, 2nd row in and had awesome seats to watch the opening performance of Vanessa Carlton. When Stevie came out a group of 3 teenagers and a mom showed up to claim the one row of seats in front of me. They were all drinking heavily, standing, dancing, and waving their arms and beers around throughout the entire performance. Many people asked them to have a seat as our ENTIRE section was sitting. Two of the teenagers refused and ignored that anyone even spoke to them. One lady asked the security to ask them to sit down as there were elderly people behind us that could not see or stand and security refused to assist them. These two girls stood in front of the poor lady that was sitting beside them and mocked the deaf group of individuals in the section in front of us. Now there are the standard STAND up songs for Stevie and when the entire section stands up, there weren't complaints, but when the entire section is sitting to listen to a Stevie story or a slower song, these girls were just plain rude. There wasn't anyone in front of them so there was no reason for them to stand other than they were just going to be rude and inconsiderate of the people behind them that had also paid for a SEAT. At one point, they needed more beer and walked away to go get some and everyone in the section clapped as they walked away as we could finally see. The MOTHER turned around and shouted obscenties at the group and said they didn't have to sit if they didn't want to. These girls didn't look or act like they were 21 and old enough to be drinking beer. I sure hope they had alternate transportation because none of them were stable enough to drive home!

So although Stevie was awesome as ever, the experience at the venue was less than joyful and I will not be attending a concert at this location again since the security is unable to make sure that everyone has a good time. Stevie keep on rockin and we'll keep on listening, even if we can't see you!

Roger W.
Let me begin by telling you that I am a Stevie/Fleetwood Mac #1 fan since 1976. Never missed a show from the early 80's.

Saturday evening in Virginia Beach at Farm Bureau Live Stevie Nicks rocked the house for 2+ hours. I had missed the opportunity to get my usual front and center Orchestra Pit tickets for any Stevie show, so I settled on seats in the first section behind the Orchestra Pit. The location was better than I expected! I had a clear view of Stevie on stage and on the huge video screen above, so I wasn't disappointed. I'd preferred the usual front row seats so I could talk to Stevie, hold her hands and give her my gifts of roses (a few dozen) and a piece of my art made for her. Oh, well..not this time.

The opening act, Vanessa Carlton was beautiful. I was happy to see that she once again, opened for Stevie. She reminds me of a young Stevie from the early 70's. Stevie calls Vanessa her "little song child". She is the perfect performer to open for Stevie.

Y'all know what's next..a blast into Stevie's show with "Rock and Roll". Stevie sang with high energy and R&R dancing-perfect introduction for an energy filled show. After this, she didn't let up - "Enchanted" was next & again Stevie delivered an electric performance banging her tambourine and dancing like she was in her 30's. Secret Love followed with her trade mark rolling hand gestures as seen in the official video. This song has evolved from the sincere and so sweet demo from the early 70's to a real rocker... defining Stevie's own evolution as a Rock n Roll Diva. The crowd pleaser "Dreams" played next. Stevie brought enthusiasm to Dreams by altering the pitch in her voice from the well known version. A treat for a major fan but kept most of the crowd at bay was the next... "Moonlight-A Vampire's Dream"..She gave her little talk, as she does for each song, about the creation of "Moonlight". If you're reading this, you're a true fan & already know the story of how "Moonlight" came to be. I and other fans were thrilled to hear something out of the ordinary set list. Stevie explained earlier that this was not a Greatest Hits show.
The long prelude with eerie guitar from Waddy and tribal drums introduced "Gold Dust Woman". The new incarnation of the dramatic music and mesmerizing backdrop grabbed the attention of the crowd. I love the way Stevie now ends this song with new added lyrics & has kept the teetering wing motion/dance with Waddy as she balances on her heels. If you're a devout fan, you'll see how the added lyrics tell Stevie's history as a rising artist...listen. "Soldier's Angel" was incredible. Her song was almost sung acappela except for the heavy bass guitar. Stevie gave a long introduction about her time & intimate feelings at Walter A. Reed Hospital for injured soldiers. Her story was touching and brought tears to my eyes. A man in front of me, obviously a Veteran was ecstatic as he stood tall and yelled shouts of thanks to Stevie. I was sincerely moved by the moment. After the song I thanked HIM for HIS duty. It did & still does well my eyes with tears. Somewhere during the transition of songs, Stevie saw a young girl in the audience and touchingly and most "Stevie-ly" asked her if she was tired..."yes, I know".. She spoke to her like she was her guardian. So sweet.
"Stand Back" was a crowd pleaser with slower & less twirls from Stevie and even the well known high kick remained, but not as high!! "For What It's Worth" calmed the crowd to their seats and thrilled me to hear this song live. I may have been the only one standing & singing along, so it seemed..a beautifully toned down song relying on Stevie's well known story telling...a song for her die hard fans about traveling on the road. Next a beautiful piano intro began. "I don't know this song", I heard from someone behind me...I yelled "Rhiaaaannooon"!!!, but of course. I knew from the very first note! The intro is so beautiful & I'd love to hear Stevie "nix" the rock version that follows and to carry on with Rhiannon the way she was meant to be heard way back to the earliest demo from the early 70's. You're a die hard fan?.. you know what I mean! After the riveting conclusion of the tale of the Welch Goddess of Mares, "Leather & Lace" was a treat as Stevie was accompanied by her vocal coach for a varied pitched version. Right into the next, Stevie spoke of poets and her favorite & I knew she meant Edgar Allen Poe & knew what was next! She introduced "Annabellee" like the Poe character was standing just beside her. I then heard the first notes of one of my most beloved demos & studio version on IYD. My heart leapt as I love the lyrics & varied tempo of this song. Considering it's length, I wish it went on for several more verses. Stevie drew out the song by repeating the refraining verses of what seemed to be longer than the studio version.
Waddy ,especially, and the band started their instrumental intro to the next song. Waddy's pulsating guitar rhythm was interrupted by his wailing guitar before Stevie and the girl's chorus of a White Winged Dove. As Stevie sang I recalled her poetic meaning of this song..her Uncle's passing, as well as John Lennon's and the dove of the Swagarro Cactus in Arizona & the melding of the three. This ended with the "Edge Walk" as we all know. I was a bit disappointed that Stevie wasn't getting more flowers as hand shakes. But near the end I saw a book or piece of art was given to her. If I once again had those premium seats, Stevie would've received 3 dozen roses and my customized art for her as in the past. Next time I'll be in those seats again!
Stevie came back to sing a heart felt "Landslide" with the audience as her backing vocals. She wished us all the best with love and reminded us to love one another as she always does as she slips away and urged us to support and make donations to injured war heroes. This was a wonderful show and a chance to hear new songs from Stevie. Her energy is loving, sincere and amazing. See you soon Stevie next year Fleetwood Mac!!

Shane A.
To start the review I will say that the evening was all but perfect for the legendary songstress, Stevie Nicks. We were at her place, the ocean, the sun was going down and the wind was slightly blowing. Don’t get me wrong, it was hot outside but the setting seemed to be very mystical, a setting that Stevie herself would approve of.

Vanessa Carleton opened for her and she came out promptly at 8:00PM. Vanessa was great and really played the heck out of her piano and belted out some lyrics to some of her most recent songs as well as her most popular songs. She is a beautiful girl and her vocals are as equally beautiful. She sang 1000 miles and White Houses to name a couple.

Now……On to Stevie!

Stevie came out around 9:00PM and I was front row and center. I have had the honor of seeing her anytime she has been on the east coast since I was about 15 and I will say that she blew me away tonight. (As she always does)

She started the night with the Led Zepplin cover, Rock & Roll and let me tell you, her voice was SPOT ON! There were many reviews of the shows saying that she didn’t sound good, she was losing her voice, etc…. But I am here to tell you and everyone else, the woman sounds INCREDIBLE!! She lost her voice the week before rehearsal so for her to put these concerts on right after recovering from that and not being able to rehearse just preaches to her prowess on stage and in the business.

After Rock & Roll she carried on with Enchanted, a song not really well known to the masses but if you are a fan, YOU KNOW THIS SONG!! So excited to hear it and she rocked it!

In between most songs she would explain the songs or how they came about or what they are about.

The note of the night for Stevie was at the end of Soldier’s Angel when she sang….”No one walks away…..From…..This….BATTLE.” Battle was blown out of the park! She sounded like the classic 1970’s Stevie when she would belt and really growl and rumble. Chills were all over my body.

She did all the classics as well, Stand Back, Rhiannon, Dreams, Landslide and Gold Dust Woman. It was a pleasure to hear her new stuff as well including, Annabelle Lee, Secret Love, Moonlight, A Vampires Dream and Soldier’s Angel. One highlight was that she brought out her long time vocal coach to sing Leather and Lace with her on stage. He was incredible and so was Stevie. She even made a little joke after the song about how it would have been funny if he would have come out and she couldn’t sing. LOL

Stevie was in a great mood and seemed to enjoy playing all the songs and changing clothes, adding accessories for the song that she felt were appropriate.

Edge of Seventeen really got the crowds going and Stevie did her classic “Edge Walk.” Yes, I was front row and yes I got to touch and talk to her briefly. I will admit that I hogged her for a while. I just couldn’t let go of her. She is an incredible spirit and woman and I hope she lives forever.

So let’s see…..Stevie at 64 years old looked incredible, sounded incredible with no mixers, auto tune or anything. She sounds just like she does on her album. She is to Rock what Michael Jackson was to Pop.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t listen to her music. Literally, EVERY DAY of my life! There is just something magical about her.

I can’t wait until I see her again with Fleetwood Mac when they reunite for 2013.

Rock on Stevie…..Never stop singing and bringing joy to people’s lives…..God truly lumped a ton of EXTRA talent into this woman.

Rocky and Brett H. from Florida
My husband and I flew to Virginia Beach to see the show as we are not going to be home when Stevie appears in Ft. Lauderdale in August. First let me say, the people at the venue were very, very nice and we would go back there anytime to see a show.

Now, for the show – AMAZING, AWESOME, ELECTRIFYING, EMOTIONAL, MOVING AND A MAGICAL EXPERIENCE!!!! Stevie was phenomenal and very, very talkative with the audience about her new songs (which were great!) and her old songs! Another great show put on by one of Rock and Roll’s leading ladies!!!! There was a reference that she was having some voice issues, but you never would have known it. And if she wasn’t feeling well, you never could tell by how she interacted with the audience!
She definitely made all of us feel like we were close friends sitting in her living room by the fireplace telling us the story of every song! Wonderful!
I choked up during Soldiers Angel – my nephew was in Iraq and is now going thru some PTS from his experience. And of course, Landslide always gets me, especially since I lost my Aunt and Uncle within a year of each other and that was one song they liked to hear me sing.
I am so very glad we trekked to Virginia for this show! Stevie is someone everyone should see!!!!

Michael C.
I am 28 years old, and I attended my first Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac concert in 1998. I will say that this was by far the BEST concert Stevie has ever preformed in my opinion. The crowd was AWESOME, and I know Stevie knew it. Every song was full of energy, and emotion. I must say last year when I saw her in Atlanta that her voice was almost gone from all the press she had done for the new record. Stevie you looked AMAZING as always, but you had a special shine about you this year! I knew I couldn't get out of the concert without tears, and Landslide did it for me. I will be in Nashville to see Stevie, and Rod Stewart for a second time... I am so excited! I don't think it will ever be a show as great, or meaningful than this show at VA Beach. Vanessa Carlton was amazing also! I am so glad that Vanessa & Stevie teamed up together. Remember what Stevie asked us to do? We must donate to Wounded Warier Project... The men & women fighting for this country need all the support they can get ... It doesn't matter about agreeing or disagreeing with politics!!

Ember L.
This was such a awsome show! Stevie was so gracious and sung beautifully! The band was great! The thing I enjoyed the most was the stories Stevie told....Stevie you made us all feel so welcome and made it personal by sharing those stories. My husband and I loved the duet with your vocal coach...that was cool. You honored our military and that means so much to us here...most people here are military. Thanks once again for sharing your music and band with us and not letting the music business from sharing your gift!

Misty P.
Stevie sounded so good. Just saw her at VA Beach and last Sept in NY at Jones Beach. She looks exceptional. Especially for the recent loss of her mother. Quite a force of courage. Inspirational to all. Incredibly gracious!

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