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07/12/2012 Mohegan Sun Casino Uncasville, CT

At first I thought Stevie got caught at the airport.Her voice was there singing and no one on stage,so I figured she was fading out in traffic and would maybe show up by the last song of the evening.Because we were hearing Not fade away,lo and behold not fade away and she meant it because she appeared out from the shadows,go figure. I am glad she spoke to us,it was very touching.And gave a better perspective to her songs. When reading articles posted by folk certain some times they wish they had white out but there is none on the computer news. Even magazines can omit and add. My Mother said get it from the horses mouth.(figure of speech) So I take what she said. I recharged my battery I hope she was recharged as well. We all Indeed need inspiration. 1977-to date Stevie has been my tiger in my tank. And My Mother was born in the year of the tiger. My Sister attended with me and had herself a blast and a half. I had my son go too so He wouldn`t be wandering around at home and I wouldn`t have to wonder where are your children so he was with elders at the Poker tabel and got a good lesson.Cost a lot less than a lesson learned the harder way. Stevie is a few years older than me,many many lessons,each day by day. She has a website for disabled vets.Which I hope she billboards. If each of us send 10 dollars I am sure it would bless her heart that her efforts were not in vain.Right on Rock on...Her latest album" In your Dreams"..on Amazon as well.

Chris H.
I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Stevie Nicks at Mohegan Sun on July 12th. In all the times I've seen her, this was my favorite! I LOVED hearing her stories about how songs were written. Her version of Landslide, and the accompanying slide show, had me choked up. She has never sounded better!! I left there on a natural high. Now THAT'S entertainment!! Thank you Stevie!!

Cheryl D.
I attended the Stevie Nicks concert on 7/12/2012 at The Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville CT. I have seen Stevie a number of times early in her career, but this was probably the best show so far! She has never sounded better. We were wondering what song she would start with, and her version of "Rock and Roll" blew us away. It was wonderful to see her looking and sounding so good! Taking the time to talk to the audience really added to the intimacy of the evening. I loved the connection she obviously had with her band. Stevie's performance was nothing short of magical. I left there knowing I had just seen Rock and Roll Royalty.

Stevie Nicks Put On A Killer Performance Amazing Show At Mohegan Sun Arena in CT.Thursday July 12, 2012 Stevie was just on Fire at Mohegan Sun Arena, She was full of fire and never disappointed at this sold out show,great crowd. Vanessa Carlton opened for Stevie she put on a great show too love her style too. Stevie was amazing and awesome every song was full of energy and heart and soul as every performance of Stevie's I have seen thru the years live in since 1986, She is a true Queen of Rock n' Roll as she was crowned the Queen of Rock n' Roll by Rolling Stone Magazine back in 1981. A living Legend that keeps putting on an amazing show her new songs were fresh and amazing and just rocked liked her classic's timeless hits of her past.Every song at this show was a highlight for me. If you never seen Stevie Live you you must treat yourself to a show of hers and you too will be hooked on the Queen of Rock n' Roll Miss Stevie Nicks.Stevie talked alot in between songs loved it, she made you feel like you were the only person there and she is talking to you and this was a sold out show and she also mentioned at the end of the show God Bless you all. She was so appreciative of us supporting her a true legendary Queen of Rock N' Roll.
Favorite moment: The Whole show was amazing
Setlist: Rock n Roll, Dreams,Standback,Landslide,Leather and Lace, Love Is, Ghosts Are Gone,Enchanted, Soldiers Angel, Moonlight,Annabel Lee,Secret Love,Edge of Seventeen,Gold Dust Woman, Rhiannon ballad,Rhiannon rock version, For What it's Worth.
Opening act: Vanessa Carlton opened great performance by her too love her music.

When I woke up Thursday morning 07/12/12, I jumped up out of bed threw my Stevie outfit in my suitcase grabbed a coffee and hopped in the car. I was on my way to meet my mom and my cousin and head for Mohegan Sun. I saw Stevie in Boston just two days before on the 10th, I knew I’d be hearing the same songs and I couldn’t have been more excited. It seemed like the longest day ever! Finally we were in the theater watching Vanessa Carlton, just her and her piano, it was absolutely beautiful. When she was finished my heart skipped a beat knowing I was minutes away from seeing my hero, idol, and in my mind, my fairy godmother! She came on stage and opened with her fab version of “Rock & Roll”. Throughout the night she performed her haunting “Gold dust “Woman”, “Dreams”,” Rhiannon” “Stand Back” just to name a few. Her presence filled the room with a magical energy that seemed to swirl around everyone. Before each song she told a personal story about where she was when she wrote it, and the inspiration behind the writing. She really does make you feel like she knows you, like she’s letting you in on little secrets. The songs she played from her new album are wonderful, I love all of them, you can feel her passion in every one of them and I am so happy she made this record! She said to the audience that if she hadn’t made this record it would have been a tragedy for her, I hope she knows what a tragedy it would have been for her fans as well. For our sake I hope Stevie continues to “rock a little” she is truly the rock and roll queen!

Janice H.
To the Angel sent from above by the name of Stevie Nicks - an American musician who is legendary in the music industry!

First of all her concert was everything I expected...her lyrics to her songs have so many meanings that I cried repeatedly.

I attended with my 30 year old daughter Rachel who purchased the tickets for my Birthday present; she knew I was a loyal fan since the first time I heard her sing...I honestly know just above every song's lyrics by heart.

Her stage performance spectacular...she sang for over several hours...her show was more time then I experience at other name musician concerts. She is a true "giver" of music for the soul!

I was in the Air Force at Lowry AF base in 1979...I got to hear Fleetwood Mac in Colorado "outside under the stars" concert.

Stevie's trademark vintage style shows her inner heart for the music she sings.

Her concert this summer in CT was awesome...she told personal stories of her concert tours and fellow musicians such as Kenny Loggins and how they met...I even went to see him the following week in CT. He spoke fondly of her at his show!

The opening musician was...a talented compliment to Stevie - these 2 women will be remembered throughout the music industry!

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