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08/06/2010 Harvey's Lake Tahoe

The Tahoe Concert was Awesome, Awesome, Awesome !!!! Stevie-----you are the same as you have always been-----that Magical Lady with the wonderful voice and mesmerizing ways. You only get better in time. I am the same age as you and I felt like a Kid again just listening to you sing your songs. I went with my Sister and we just had the best time possible. The night was beautiful being outside under the Tahoe sky. I was raised there which is special but even more so since you chose to be there in that place and in that time. I hope that you come back again to Tahoe to grace us with your presence and to hear your beautiful songs. Thank you for being who you are-------a Soul Comforter.

It all opened like Red Rocks Colorado. And I think that this is an indicator of what her next album will be like. Stevie is full of energy. I couldn't believe how everyone was fired up together like we were all waiting for the same thing. Stevie has the best fans. The concert atmosphere was totally like some return to an old fashioned type of high octane rock and roll concert. It was great to see how the night sky was dimming when Mia was opening. It was like a return to one of those Count movies where the sun sets on Transylvania. How crazy was it that Stevie started playing when it got dark. My favorite song was If Anyone Falls in Love. But Stevie played the Edge of Seventeen and of course nothing is better than that! The fans brought bouquets and everything. I think that Stevie played this show with the fans in mind and how they love her songs. And there were times in the concert when I could see that she was reaching for some of those great solo vocal explosions that were in Red Rocks Colorado. Stevie reminded us of what it is like to listen to rock and roll and we will always remember that.

When I first arrived at Harveys I saw Jimmy!!! I was so happy to see him sitting there :0) so I said hello and chatted for a few. Tired to find someone to take a picture of Al,Taku, Jimmy which I did!!! it was so great to see them all again !! My room was on the 8th floor and looked directly down at the stage as they were setting up so that was really really neat to sit there and watch them practice before the show that night!!!!! I was so happy when I ran into Waddy at the store :0) gave him a hug and said hello....LOVE YOU WADDY!!! He said " WOW what are you doing here" and I said Im coming to see you silly.... lol everyone said what a long way from home i was BUT YOU KNOW WHAT STEVIE I LOVE WHERE YOU TAKE ME thank you for that...although casinos wouldn't be my first choice I love all the places you have taken me over the years!!!! Maybe some day you will say hello to me and give me a great big hug and say WOW SUMMER YOU HAVE BEEN COMING TO MY SHOWS SINCE YOU WERE HOW OLD??? and I said 5 when my brother use to take me to the BOSTON TEA PARTY I'm sure my mom wouldn't have like that i was there back then or in the combat zone..........Im from Boston...............ANYWAYS :) I loved the Lake !!! I meditated on it every day JUST something about that area I have never been to that took my breath away and just by its beauty I almost cried!!!!

Okay so like I said I was in my room on the 8th floor at Harvey's and first you can hear BOOM BOOM and i look and there's Jimmy who I had seen just hours before having coffee at starbucks, jammin then I saw AL and his big smile EAR TO EAR as they practiced then Taku....it was really really neat to see and hear them before the show. Then out came WADDY!! !! so cool to sit there and have wine in my room and watch from there I didn't expect that view from my window God is good!!! Intrinsic rewards over flow again as I have the BEST PICTURE OF ME AND ALL STEVIES MEN!!!!!!!!

Stevie started with FALL FROM GRACE the lady next to me didn't recognize the song said" you know all her words you sound like them stevie should hire you to sing with them " hee hee LOL so I told her it was from her TISL album and I helped her understand the words I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT SONG STEVIE!!!!!!! Hits home as a good friend of mine has become very ill with bin swagners disease; he met you stevie years ago.... you know him he has been in the music industry for years and years. and he is only 62 and my heart is breaking for him google that if you have a chance ..... so that song became even more powerful for me this summer thank you !!!! Outside the Rain was awesome then came DREAMS, YOU WRECK ME by her bud TOM PETTY, SORCERER, SO many times I jam in my car singing this song at the top of my lungs..............TIRED THIRSTY YEAH!!! GOLD DUST WOMAN WAS AWESOME and she had her usually shawl on I was so happy she didn't do as many changes to her wardrobe as usual it was nice to see her so happy!!! IF ANYONE FALLS IN LOVE is a beautiful song but something happened with the sound and the girls were off a bit which was weird.....I saw Lori shake her head and roll her eyes as if she had done something, it was totally the sound guy, which made me think Does Stevie use her own sound people or do the people at HARVEY'S do that part... at any rate they totally screwed up the sound squealing and ouch to my ears ....but I looked at LORI and she smiled real big, :0) I was trying to get Sharon's attention but she was way too focused I LOVE HER !!! She is so nice!!!! to talk to .....It was strange to not see JANA there and her voice was definitely missed during this song and much needed. FACE THE PROMISE WAS AWESOME LOVE WHEN YOU DO THIS TUNE STEVIE ; RHIANNON ANOTHER AWESOME SONG ,THEN STAND BACK I WAS RIGHT UP CLOSE AND SOME GIRL gave me her 5th row ticket I was standing on the outside of the floor when this girl said hey I'm leaving here is my ticket I said your leaving WHY???? and WOW THANK YOU !! INTRINSIC REWARDS that also went with the 700 bucks I won at the casino.....While Stevie was singing I thought for a moment she was wearing the shawl I had made her a few years back, I made two one for her and one for Sharon, but I was mistaken it was the regular shawl she wears for STAND BACK the one Kim makes for her......LANDSLIDE WAS NEXT always a great tune and then STEVIE introduce her whole band ....saying TAKU was the best percussionist in the world, she s right after all he came out of a college in BOSTON BABY !!!! HOW STILL MY LOVE, EDGE OF 17,ROCK AND ROLL and then Love is............................yes I made it to the stage so early in the night so I was there once again and wanted to say hello but the stage was rather high and I am kinda short so I reached up and tugged her hand a few times she didn't look down but thats alright I was happy to be there and when she sang Love IS and said OOoooooo the touch of your finger tips I knew she was speaking to her fans.........so nice STEVIE THAT YOU APPRECIATE ALL OF US !!! WE LOVE YOU TOO!!! YOU PUT ON A GREAT SHOW!!!! AT THE END STEVIE SAID " THE NEW ALBUM IS AWESOME!!!!" BIG SMILE EAR TO EAR FOR HER I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR IT ESPECIALLY A SONG I HEAR IS CALLED ITALIAN SUMMER :0) CAUSE I'M ITALIAN hee hee :0) and my name is Summer :0) I hope you enjoyed my review !!!! PEACE LOVE AND LIGHT and I will see you again in AC!!! God bless you all STEVIE YOUR BAND IS AWESOME !!!! LOVE THEM JIMMY YOU ROCK AND WADDY BIG BIG HUGS AND LOTS OF GOOD VIBES COMING YOUR WAY.....HAVE A GREAT TOUR !!! AND THANK YOU FOR COMING AROUND AGAIN AS I FEEL LIFE IS SO HARD FOR EVERYONE AND SO FAST PACED I CANT TELL YOU HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE THE PLACES YOU TAKE ME , THE PEOPLE I MET AND THE FUN I HAVE WHILE I AM AWAY GETTING RE CENTERED AND WHAT A GREAT VENUE TO DO MEDITatION AT THAT LAKE STEVIE WAS AWESOME AND I WOULD HAVE NEVER EVA SEEN IT IF IT WASN'T FOR YOU TOURING as I said you have taken me places I would have never gone to both physically and spiritually THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU YOU ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE MY FAVORITE ALL TIME SINGER....Love peace and light Summer

well,oh my my my...There is not a soul on the planet like stevie...we all love her sooo much...I too was in the front row with my daughter,son and husband.I am a florist and I made her an outrageous bouquet,which she grabbed at the edge walk...it is on you tube...when she did "Face the promise"she was rockin.....How old is she?63...she is still the same stevie I saw at the Bella Donna tour...older and wiser and as beautiful as ever.I dont think we even need to discuss her songs or how she sounded...everyone who was there already knows.I love Stevie for her humanitarian efforts,and all of her grace.She is my muse at my shop.There have been pictures of her everywhere in my store for 25 years.To have her notice and accept my flowers from my sign is something I will hold in my heart forever.cant wait for the new album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will never forget August 6Th 2010 because that is when i got to see my idol Stevie Nicks live for the first time! Stevie opened with fall from grace with very moving and powerful vocals. I was very excited when sang outside the rain because Stevie hasn't singed this song she hasn't singed this song live in a long time. I believe the best performance of the concert was my favourite Stevie Nicks song Gold dust women. I remember crying after i heard her sing gold dust women live. I will never forget this day and concert!!!! It was amazing!!!! I Love you Stevie!!!!!!!

The out doorshows are the best because the sound doesn't bounce off the walls and it was a very nice night. My seat, slightly stage left and we arrived 5 minutes before Stevie came out (perfect timing) and opened with "Fall from Grace" I had an excellent view and of course the band and Stevie were in excellent form. The tunes Stevie added were awesome. When Stevie was talking about when she wrote Landslide, she mentioned she wrote it Aspen, CO...and how Tahoe was cool cause we have the beautiful mountains and the lake! It is the 2nd largest alpine lake in the world, I believe. "Love Is' (the encore) blew me away as I finally got out of the row, I was able to get alot closer to the front. Then the Stevie introduced the band and let everyone know the new project is coming along great! I'm really glad I went. I wish I was able to get like 1st row center with an end seat but who wouldn't, right?. It was a great experience, the crowd was great too and I just loved the band and Stevie's energy level was amazing. She only took like 2 - 10 minute breaks!!! Keep on rock'in ...

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