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08/28/2010 Foxwoods Resort Casino/MGM Mashantucket, CT

This is my 3rd concert, and it was the best ever. I had great seats left side up front,isle seats. Got to go to the stage when edge of seventeen started. Got a wave from Lori, awesome. Then stevie did her walk, got a hand shake from her. The crowd on our side was great,stood up the whole time and danced. Can’t wait for the new CD and concert I will totally be there. Stevie thanks for the music. And the band and girls were awesome too!!!!!!!!!!! I have always been a fan of yours all these years. Peace and Love Always...

MS Nicks out did herself at this show. We were hard pressed to sit still. She has all the right moves a voice like an Angel with a soul to match. Her band rocked the stage as well. MS Nicks gets better as time goes by and she knows how to give her fans what they want. We are ready for her next show. I love the mix of old,new and songs that are not out yet. The shawls and clothes were fab and she is a lady through out. MS Nicks was right Dandelions and spoons are still stuck in my head.
Keep rocking your the best of the best!!!!

First of all Stevie sounds incredible, she was in a really great mood and seemed to be having a blast. By now most people know the set list, nothing really changed from the "Crystal Visions" set, opened with "Fall From Grace", went into "Outside The Rain/Dreams" etc. For her intro to the crowd she said "Hello Foxwoods! All you foxheads!!" After doing Tom Petty's "You Wreck Me" she said "We have officially replaced "I Need To Know" with "You Wreck Me", only Tom could write lyrics like that." Around this time she said how beautiful she thought the theater was, she said she really liked it. She would say this a few more times before the night was thru. It is a great place to see a show, the sound is near perfection in there. I just hate the casino.

The drums were REALLY strong and sounded great, having Taku back makes a huge difference. "Stand Back" was killer as was "Gold Dust Woman". In a lot of ways I think these were better than the Soundstage versions. She just sounded SO good. Before doing "Face The Promise" she said "This next song is one we do just for fun, it was written by Bob Dylan....Bob Dylan? No, not Bob Dylan, I mean Bob SEGER! Although Bob Seger is probably as weird as Bob Dylan, the Bob's!! Anyway this called "Face The Boss"....no, no "Face The Promise"!!!"

For the band intros she said was going to do this pretty fast, but it was still like a ten minute intro. She started off by saying she was working on a new album and "it was so surreal to be working in the studio, where you sit around, sing a little, laugh and then sit again. So getting out to do these shows is kind of like, did you see "Alice In Wonderland", it was like that, "come back...." or better yet it was like "spooooooooon" like that. So if I wander off just say "Come back Alice....spooooooon." She was really funny and Lori kept cracking up at this. When she got to Taku she said "This man is back with us, sometimes he's in the band and sometimes he leaves to go be with another band sometimes he be's with us. Be's with us!? Great English, hey I went to college for FIVE years, a communication major!!!" and laughed.

"Edge Of Seventeen" sounded like it was 1981 all over again. No flourishes, just the song straight ahead. Came back out for "Rock And Roll", I think she screwed up the last verse a bit, but fixed it nicely. Then came "Love Is". This is hands down worth the price of admission (which in my case was $125). The song was done with no intro, it started and she sang it. You could have heard a pin drop as she was singing, just her, the piano and Lori and Sharon. It was beautiful. After the song she told the story of looking for songs for the new album and pulled out the piano demo of "Love Is" and remembered what a great song it was. She said that she never liked the TISL version but loved the piano demo version which she said is pretty much what she just did. She ended by once again saying how great the MGM theater is and how she wished she had one of these in her town so she could play there all the time, she said maybe she should move to Foxwoods so she could be here all the time. Finally she said we won't see her again until next summer when the new album comes out, she said she'd see us then. I'm sure it will be at Foxwoods.

Overall, a great show and I'm feel bad for anyone who missed these shows. I've seen Stevie 12 times since 1986 and this was hands down one of the best shows she's done. I really hope that "Love Is" was recorded and is maybe a bonus cut on the new album, it was THAT good.

Really a beautiful night to see my Favorite girl ! She looked stunning as usual and was quite talkative . The songs were all her hits and some covers from Bob Seger( whom she called bob Dylan) then said yes I had 5 years of college. She was very excited about her new album which she said would be dropped in March . The theater we were in only held 4,000 people which is the smallest venue I have ever seen her play . She loved it ..I could hear the entire audience singing along with her .I was amazed at her comment at the end regarding LOVE IS she calls it her 3rd ballad , Beauty and the beast, has anyone ever written anything, and love is . She said she didn't like the way Love is came out on TISL. So she is doing it on the new album they way she wanted it . She said it was great to see us and we will see each other again , she is planning to tour after her album comes out .

Her voice was very strong and actually sounded more like old Stevie then new . I enjoyed seeing her as always she rocks my world. I wouldn't go to Foxwoods again , but I am hoping she does her normal BOSTON venue when she comes back ! Blessed be everyone that was there and Stevie as well . It was the highlight of my summer.

I was at Stevie Nicks Sold Out Show on Saturday August 28th 2010 on her last night of this Magical Mystery Tour as she called it on Saturday Night. Stevie was amazing Stevie was Flawless saturday night she looked gorgeous as always and she had the same set list as the previous 5 shows she did in the past 4 weeks so, Stevie set the Roof on Fire at Foxwoods MGM Grand Thearte she loved it here in Connecticut saying we have a beautiful thearte here at Foxwoods she loved it here and I was standing the whole time like I always do and sing a long with Stevie and dance had such a blast. Stevie was enjoying this show and had so much fun very talkative too making reference to the movie alice in wonderland saying spoon a few times in such a cute voice love her. Love Is was so beautifully done loved it the whole concert as whole was a highlight for me the band was on fire and Stevie was on fire casting a spell of rock magic in Connecticut at the Foxwoods MGM Grand. She kept too calling us Foxes here she was just having a ball and we all were pretty much everyone was singing write along with her thru the night. When I got there around 3:30pm walking thru the mgm grand I was walking into the casino part and I saw Waddy and his wife walking torwards the hotel and said hi to them and he said hi back and shortly after seeing him got to see Chris Nicks too saw him twice and said hi to him twice before the show walking around the casino and saw alot of other cool fans.

Had myself a ball. So glad she came to Connecticut on this special mini tour of hers cannot wait for her new cd and summer tour next summer she said so can't wait. I am sure Love Is will be the last song she will do next year so looking forward to the new cd and summer tour 2011. Rock on Gold Dust Woman Thanks again for a wonderful night Stevie a memorable night that I will not forget thanks so much.

I just got back from Stevie's concert at the Foxwoods Casino MGM Theatre and as usual it was a great concert. She looked great and sang great. She was very talkative. She mentioned she was dropping the m Petty Song " I need to Know" for her version of "Wreck Me". She introduced the Bob Seger song "Face the Promise" as a Bob Dylan song but apologized when she realized her mistake but mentioned they were both crazy so it didn't matter. It was a good rock and roll song and she really got into it with the tambourine. She got a standing ovation for "Stand Back" and "Edge of Seventeen just rocked. She talked about the new CD and how she would be back touring next year. She did not wear her trade mark platform boots at all.

She remarked about what a lovely theatre the MGM was. It is a small venue, probably seats about 3,000 people and every seat is a good seat. The acoustics were good but my only complaint is that we sat in the next to the last row and these were still $100 seats. The concert was marred by two fights that broke out two rows in front of and the section across from us. Foxwoods is a casino and you are allowed to bring your drinks into the show, they even have a bar when you walk in. Three drunks made complete fools out of themselves by standing up and yelling and carrying on so the people in front of them asked them to sit down and of course you get the " I paid for these tickets and I can do whatever the **** I want" response and the one guy ended up hitting the woman he was auguring with so security was called and it ruined the concert. Then on the other side 2 drunk chicks were screaming and singing every word and just making fools of them selves when some woman got into a argument with them and then her husband got into it with one of the drunks boyfriends and it was just annoying all together because you are trying to enjoy the concert and have to be distracted by all this drama. People should have consideration for others but of course they don't. Other than that it was a great show and I can't wait for her to tour to support her new CD.

The song, Love Is, simply the BEST! Stevie, you are great at what you do!
I bet that the drum solo could be heard inside the casino at Foxwoods.

It was a pleasure to see you again.

I attended Stevie’s show Saturday evening at Foxwood’s in Connecticut. It was all I hoped it would be and more. She was enchanting as ever. Her voice sounded very beautiful. As she entered the stage you could just feel the magic in the theater. Her presence lit up place. The beautiful songs she chose to perform were as always matched by her beauty. Her voice was strong and powerful as well as soft as a veil.

She blew the room away. She just amazes me when she sings Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll.” She rocked the place. Who could ever get tired of hearing her sing Gold Dust Woman……it was as great as ever and you could just feel Edge of Seventeen coming and she still brings a very powerful spirit to that song. The older I get the sweeter and more meaningful Landslide gets to me and by her performance I think it does for her too.

Every song was performed with beauty and grace and unbelievable spirit and energy. She was awesome. I felt so thrilled to be sharing the same space with her for one evening. There will never be another Stevie Nicks……she is truly one of a kind.

Danielle & Mom
Beauty, style, grace and a voice that is better than ever. The Queen lives on!! I have been to sooo many Stevie concerts I have lost count. I will say she was in top form at Foxwoods Saturday night. (or Foxtails as she called it :) ) These so called "rock stars" of today should Stand Back and take a lesson from Stevie. Her lyrics, melodies and entire band are what it truly means to create music.

As for Stevie, she ROCKED IT!! Still kicking her leg up as she rocks out. She was relaxed and talked with the audience, something she generally does not do. The audience was so into her as well. Standing ovations abound. I think is is phenominal that after all these years there are still people yelling out " we love you Stevie" It was great to see those that had lighters had them flicked up and glowing.

I thought I would miss not hearing "has anyone written anything for you" but LOVE IS just blew me away. With only the piano to accompany her it really allowed her voice to shine. YOU GO GIRL!!

I can't wait for the new album. Thank you Stevie for an awesome evening!!!

This was my first time seeing Stevie Live solo. I attended the unleased concert with fleetwood mac last year at mohegan and was in awe with the show.
But last night ranked high on the top of my favorite concerts I've ever attended. Stevie's set list was incredible, her voice sounded so amazing (cd like) just the whole energy of the MGM Theater (Fox Theatre) was amazing.

I'm still shocked at how she still after bella donna tour (wasn't born yet but I've read and saw footage) goes down stage and thanks all her fans with a handshake.

The whole time I was dancing in the nosebleed section. :-) Loved it. The show was a must for me being a Trouble in Shangri-la nut. (never leaves my car.)

Plus the T-shirts for cecilia were for sale and that was to me very touching. You can not replace stevie in my mind. She's a ledgend. I'm 22yrs old and I can happily say the first time I fell in love with her music was on my Rumours 33 1/2 LP.

I can't pick a favorite set from last night but if I had to it would be..Love Is...beautiful acoustic version. loved it. She really inspired me to go back to writing my music again and this time to be myself. One day I want to be on stage performing like her no matter what the struggle.

Truly an Wonderful :-) night.
Can't wait for next year!

What does one say with words,when a canvas as big as the entire sky would be needed to express the grace of Stevie Nicks presence.
Stevie sings from the bottom of her heart,unaccuseing,and set you so free you don`t know which direction to go in when it is all over.
So you begin again,in a web of your own she somehow has given you.
Better than diamonds or gold it is a gift that stays with your soul.
She introduces her band like they would wish someone would chizzle the words in stone.
Her beautiful face expresses each word she speaks and sings.
Her body dosn`t miss a beat to the melody.
She spins like a well balanced top.
She rocks like Lily hittin it.
Most children that sing only a Mother could love,like myself.
With Stevie Nicks everyone in the room Loves the voice of the Angel singing Peace on Earth in her very own way..."Love I would have to say"!~Peace Glenna~

Saw the show last night - it was awesome as usual! Stevie looked wonderful and sounded magnificent as did the band and "the chicks". The crowd was full of positive energy and when Stevie sang "Love Is" the crowd grew quiet and her voice filled the air. It was magical.

Ohhhh !!they had a pow wow there when we arrived I got a brand new skirt and a pair of shoes and a necklace ( thanks stevie i never buy myself anything) except tickets to go see you and YOUR amazing band!!! You are such a strong lady really taking charge tonight!!! nice and I love when you talk ... That was such an amazing night!!! The energy in THAT THEATER room tonight was amazing!! I think it was the best show of the run!!!! WOW! STEVIE COME BACK !! You held your notes so long and powerful it was amazing and soooo beautiful !!! THE SOUND for the girls was up and everyone was sounding awesome!!

The theater there was beautiful,big, spacious and cool!!! I don't know... I love the red in theaters, with the long curtains and the comfortable seating was so nice !!! The staff was pleasant and wonderful!!! Waddy looked great in his shirt and vest! My friend who had never been to a show loved that he came out in that. It was my friends first time !! , she is 67 and she just had a blast!! She thought the show was wonderful and we even met up with Ricky Peterson ( aka the b 3 hammond guy) and Jimmy ~on the way back to our room !! It was Tonys 45th birthday and we got our keys from the people there and it was room number 5126 :0) so that was so neat. Stevies birthdate. Tony was excited whiel dressing asking me if he thought Stevie would like his blue shirt or his pink one. He looked handsome in his pink shirt.

WADDY was amazing tonight !!! I love every note he plays ....Jimmy and Taku really just take away that moment and place you some where so great when they start tapping and banging their all their toys Up there :0) . We were in the 2nd row and a man named Michael from Italy was sitting next to me and he was like zoning out into peacefulness with Stevie's songs ... so I tapped him and he came to the stage with me and we danced together and had a blast;! his two friends were back in the room they were eventually coming, ( never did ) WE had so much fun!!! And she reached out for him for and squeezed his hand; and THIS guy was HANDSOME and I mean drop dead sexy, and I think he was around Stevie's age, OMG the nicest man I have ever met and we had a ball!!!!

Pretty soon Tony joined us from outta no where in his pink shirt and he was OH YEAH STEVIE with that boston accent! LOL He was having such a blast on his birthday. I love the change up on I need to know TO you WRECK ME .... Nice ...choice Stevie!!! You all looked so happy and well rested and just so excited to play in that room and all the nice people that were there with you !!! Robin and lisa ( people we had just met were in front of tony and I ) They turned and said, YOU GUYS ARE SO MUCH FUN, cause they were afraid that people were going to make them sit down... but we were behind them!!! :0) We didn't expect to run into them afterward but we did, at a club there right in there in that beautiful MGM @ foxwoods ;the middle of the place it was jamming and the DJ was awesome!!! We danced until 4 o'clock in the morning! and Judy,Tony and I giggled the night away it was awesome and I am so glad Judy got to see Stevie !!! At work Tony plays stevie all day on the intercom where we work on stevie's birthday.... :0) lol and this is a hospital , anyway ..... we had such fun stevie I didn't stop smiling all night I really needed the break, Ricky Peterson was great !!!! :0) Stevie always says the nicest introductions for her band, I love that she says Carlos is her light when things are dark, that's a good friend, and Lori and Sharon couldn't have look and sounded more beautiful it really took me back to years and years and years and years ago .... ( :0) ) and IT WAS GREAT TO SEE THEM UP THERE TOGETHER I had forgotten about those days.HI SHARON !! YOUR AWESOME!!!! But I was there then too WOW long long time....Al's too cute in his suite jacket and his smile and his hair all groovin as he plays the bass :0) Darrell's awesome on the piano and nice to see another master at his work BEAUTIFUL I remember when stevie did beauty and the beast that brought me to almost tears she sang it so beautiful one year that it drew me into the song, she did that again last night with her last and final song LOVE IS you guys this song was beautiful and I love the way she was sounding!

THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL STEVIE~~!! and the first thing tony said in the morning at like 8 o'clock afta not much sleep was DANDELIONS and although he had to explain that to me LOL on the way up to the room after the show, before we went out, lol to dance I had forgotten and when he mentioned it in the morning OMG I BURST OUT LAUGHING and we giggled hard for the longest time!! I DON'T THINK I HAVE HAD THIS MUCH FUN IN A LONG TIME!!! MY SMILE HURTS MY FACE EVEN NOW WHEN I AM WRITTING THIS so good to get away stevie from everything, u have no idea THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS SMALL TOUR it was so BIG in so many other ways. We walked away with new friends and I love love love your band !!! So nice to talk with and run into ... only thing missing sometimes is YOU after a show LOL but I get that. I hope you had fun too !!!! I love that you are excited about the NEW ALBUM!!! MAKES US SO CURIOUS AS TO WHAT LIES AHEAD instead of of the behind we all need something to look forward to ....It sounds like you had lots of fun making it and your enthusiasm about your new project ;I cant wait to get that ALBUM!! you know you are the only artist that I have to get more CD of every album because over the years they get worn cause i play them so much and I have to get new copies LOL :0) THANK YOU for a great show!!!! Waddy is amazing I love him the way he saunters around the stage so cool !!! I am so relaxed now, still smiling and I can so picture Michael there, sitting down with his eyes closed, zoning out to Stevie!!! Which is exatly what I am doing right now!! thanks stevie SUCH A GREAT NIGHT !!!! Peace love and light Always, Summer vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaroooooooooooooommmm

Stevie Nicks - you just get better and better. The show at Foxwoods on Saturday, Aug. 28th was spectacular. Your voice was as strong as it has ever been. Every song was delivered crisply and with passion, just a joy to experience. We made the trip from Long Island to see you on this "Magical Mystery Tour", as you so humorously put it. You are a true legend in your own time. From the "Fall From Grace" show opener, which was awesome, the tone was set for a truly special performance. We can hardly wait for the new record, and your excitement and enthusiasm about it was quite apparent. I've been a die hard fan of yours for 35 years, and you just get better all the time. In this crazy world of jaded celebrity, you stand out as a unique beacon of class, beauty and unbelievable talent. See you next summer in New York.

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