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08/27/2010 Trump Taj Mahal Arena Atlantic City

Dreams unwind.. love's a state of mind.....

So iv'e been waiting for this concert ever since my parents bought me the tickets. I had never been that close before, So floor row 14 was amazing! I got at the Taj around 6:00pm & Met up with my friends Vicky & Lindsay. My mom was like EAT! & I couldn't eat, so we waited for doors to open for about 35 minutes. & WHO WALKS BY US? Waddy!!! OMG, all three of us screamed his name. He just smiled & walked into the area. When the doors finally opened, I tried to see where my seat was, & such. Then Somehow all three of us were talking to some, 4/5 security guards. & the one guy was like since this is your birthday gift & your sitting not so close to the stage, I’ll let you go up. But before that, The secuirty brought out there Manager-ish guy & He took the letter that took me forever to write, backstage to Stevie, SOO i know for a fact she got it (and i cried alot for him doing that) ? Anywho ; The concert started ….. Stevie was amazing. Fall From Grace.... I have no words to describe. I've never heard her sound better. I was on my tippy toes trying to see Stevie because this guy was blocking my view. But I refused to sit down. Especially to Outside The Rain, I saw her do it once before but I was little & I didn't remember it.Then after Gold Dust Woman (A M A Z I N G), one of the security guards pulled me outta my seat and brought me FIRST ROW, CENTER STAGE, RIGHT IN FRONT OF STEVIE. I practically died. When I got up there I saw Lori doing her thing, & I waved & She waved back & Smilied :) If Anyone Falls came on and I practically fainted. I tried to prepare myself for this concert by watching Live In Chicago over and over and over, But that didn't help. It was so much more incredible. So im having a blast. & Then I realized the lady who was sitting next to Lindsay passed out & she was taken out of the arena. I mean how do you do that at a Stevie concert?! Then I guess the person who ‘left’ (whose seat i took) came back, So then I sat w/ Lindsay, Who was row three, centered. Still amazing!! So How Still My Love started and OH MY GOSH, was it amazing. I was like about to fall down it was so awesome! & Then Once Waddy started Edge Of Seventeen, EVERYONE tried, to get up to the stage. The security was HORRIBLE. They were rude and mean and way out of line. So I was afraid I wasn’t going to get out because there were SOO many people crowded in the isles, and security was trying to make them move. But apparently they didn't get the memo that, us Stevie fans will, trample you to get to the stage. No-one was moving & I was blocked in. So I pulled up my dress *so lady like* and hoped over two rows of chairs to get to the stage. (just in time) Then Stevie came out & Did her thing, You know the amazing breathing-taking singing thing she does? She did that. & I was in front of Waddy fooling around with him, saying i love you & such. Then He would start laughing. ….. Then came the edge walk :D Stevie finally got to me & Held both of my hands and called me “Sweet Heart” & at that point I died. And the flower crown someone made for her, one of the flowers fell from her and landed right in front of me. At the end of the song I cried (of course). So Rock & Roll started. I was so excited. I was jumping up and down like crazy. My excitement level was like on a million. & It came to middle of the song, and Waddy through his guitar pick, & I was so bummed. I really wanted it. I put my hands out for Waddy and did a sad face, & he knew exactly what I wanted…. And he walked over to me, bent down & Put his last guitar pick for the night! Then Love Is started, Talk about the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my entire life. It was amazing. & Of course I cried again. Stevie all together was outstanding. It was the best concert of my life, and my favorite Stevie concert. She was very chatty too! WHICH WAS AWESOME! Her talking is just the best. If Stevie ever stopped singing, She should def. have her own talk show. Anywho, BOYOHBOY! Basically I had THE best time of my life!!! ? I love you Stevie!

I have seen Stevie many times, and I have to say that this was one of the best! with her opening with Fall from Grace, you can see that Stevie is on top of her game, her vocals were phenomenal!!! I still get chills hearing Outside the rain/ dreams... nothing gets better than that! She does the Tom Petty song You wreck me justice!! While I love Tom, Stevie is just that much better. Sorcerer, one of my all time favorite songs was performed, and she was on the money once again. When Stevie came out to do Gold dust woman, the crowd erupted!! I was happy to see her perform If anyone falls, a great song, done wonderfully live... Stevie told us that was a hard song to sing, and if we sang Karaoke, we would know. I wasn't familiar with Face the promise, but she still rocked the song. Rhiannon is a song I will never get sick of live, it is the quintessential Stevie Nicks song, and every show it has a different vibe.The crowd went wild for Stand back.. how could you not??? Landslide is a fan favorite, and you can tell by the sing a long of the crowd. I was shocked to here How still my love, she was superb! Edge of Seventeen was AWESOME!!! She can still rock with the best of them, and she showed it right here.. the security was kind of tight, so many of her fans were unable to get to the stage for the 'walk'. Rock and roll is a fun song, and Stevie seems to enjoy it. For the last song of the night Love is... well, it is hard to put into words the amount of emotion that came over the crowd that night... a beautiful song, performed by a beautiful woman. Stevie will for ever be the queen of rock and roll!!!!!!

Saw Stevie for the first time solo at the Trump Tah Mahal - previously seen her three times with Fleetwood Mac. Stevie is unstoppable - she's so engaging, mesmerizing and truly the "Queen of Rock and Roll" - the band also rocks along with her singers!!! Fabulous group and this "not a tour" tour is worth getting to even in this tight economy. Give yourself a treat and spend some time and money for a memorable evening. Thanks Stevie!!! I'll always and forever be a fan!!!

I saw Stevie last night in Atlantic City, and I was blown away as I always am when I see her. She is an absolute legend. Her voice is as powerful as it was in the 70's. I am so glad that that she still tours and takes us away. For a couple hours you are just drawn in and forget about everything else in the world!!!! Stevie is and always will be the queen of rock!

Absolutely fabulous, She doesn't lose a thing over the years. Sounded as great as she did the first time I heard her in concert. She is awesome.

I took the opportunity to drive 4 hours to Atlantic City for the concert Friday evening. It was great to see some Stevie fans camped out at the door to the arena waiting to get in. It was great to see all the girls wandering around the casino decked out in Stevie wear. It was great to see Waddy, Sharon, and Lori by Stevie’s side and enjoying themselves after all these years. AND it was great to see Ms. Nicks looking and sounding great as usual. Great set list, I always enjoy when she works in material from other artists here and there, and I couldn’t get Bob Segar’s Face the Promise out of my head all weekend.

I’ve been to maybe 18-20 shows over the last 13 years. I took my older sister with me for the first time and I think she was more animated than me. Thank you Stevie for continuing to tour year after year. Thank you for putting Outside the Rain back into the line up, there’s just something about that song, made even better in tandem with Dreams. I’m looking forward to the new album, seeing you on tour again next year, and the next Fleetwood Mac project down the road.

This Is NOT A Tour Tour, Atlantic City, NJ!

Love IS!!! Love IS Stevie Nicks and her amazing band that came to visit all of us on the east coast August 27, 2010! The band was as strong as I have ever heard it, and Stevie was ON FIRE. I loved having the original ladies, Sharon & Lori, on stage full time, backing her Stevieness all the way— with the electrical Waddy Wachtel & his power charged band torching the venue with their sizzling heat!

Details on the music: First out, “Fall From Grace"—and what a powerhouse opening it was! Stevie’s voice came ROARING across the venue, and I knew we were in for a great night! I loved Stevie’s cover of Tom Petty's "You Wreck Me!" Stevie is a heartbreaker! She can do any Tom Petty songs as far as I'm concerned. “Gold Dust Woman”—that song can never leave the set list. Baby, baby, baby! Thank you for the long "How Still My Love.” When I watch you all up there, I have such a joy in my heart and feel so PROUD of ALL of YOU. I love Darrell Smith, and what he adds to “Edge of Seventeen.” I hope he somehow knows what he contributes to the whole sound, along with the brilliance of Stevie, Sharon and Waddy together. You are ALL so amazing. Jimmy Paxon on drums is KILLER, and it’s cool to see Taku Hirano in the mix (Lenny Castro was last seen backing the Lopez TV show band)—these guys are all highly sought after musicians, and Stevie brings them along! Jazzman Ricky Peterson delivered the SOUL, propelling our Soul Sister Stevie throughout the performance! The Men of String: Al Ortiz, Carlos Rios and my special favorite and friend, legendary Waddy Wachtel, weaved the show together, note by note. Landslide was just beautiful—and where we learned Vanessa Carlton was among us in the audience during its dedication. “Stand BACK” blew the ROOF off the TAJ! There is NOTHING like being there LIVE! There is some crazy energy exchange going on, because the fans were just as driven as this band!

We Wild Hearts love the stories Stevie tells when she is visiting us. I personally enjoy the introductions, even as some band members seem to be squirming in place—worried about what Stevie will leak out about them next! You deserve the ALL accolades Stevie gives. You are lucky Stevie wasn’t actually carrying your baby pictures—I suspect she would have shown them to all of us! It was moving when Stevie recalled the last time we gathered at the Taj, on September 15, 2001. I was there with many of the same people in tonight’s gathering—we will never forget how special that show that was. (Donald Trump, himself, came to the show that night!) Stevie referred to the USA flag hanging in the venue, and how it affected her—I saw a lot of heads turning and nodding in remembrance. “In your darkest hour, have you ever heard me sing?” Yes, we have. “Do you love me?” Yes we do. Love IS!

Of course no Stevie Talk was as anticipated as being updated on the new album. We’ve read the interviews—some weasel told Stevie to NOT “waste time” writing and putting out a new album since too many fans steal artists work via the “evil internet.” Check the facts: Stevie last album debuted at #5 in the Age of the Internet. Stevie’s fans will be there IN FORCE when this “Album that is not Quite an Album Yet” comes out!

[Speaking of “FORCE” Taj needs to reconsider its use of “Strike Force” linebackers at a Stevie Nicks gathering. A “Refrigerator Perry”/"Terminator" prototype was blocking some of the prime front row seats and was literally badgering the fans. We come in peace. Taj also needs to get its side screens in operation—entire sides of the venue could not see what was happening on the front of the stage! This venue is not comprised of graded sloping stadium seats. My friend Keith could not see—let along barely hear—the show in a seat right near the shirt vendors! Many came a distance to see Stevie—not just intra-state: I met a couple from Ireland!]

In closing, thank you, Stevie, for closing out this summer, and making it special for us! Thank you for “Love IS!” Thank you, in advance, for the new album! And nothing else matters! love, blackcat

Three friends and I road tripped from DC to Atlantic City just for the Stevie show. She was AMAZING. First, she sounded wonderful, probably the best I have ever heard her sound. Second, she looked gorgeous! Her band was fantastic (she said Waddy keeps this band running "like a red Ferrari!" and of course, Lori and Sharon were there and sounded perfect. Stand Back was probably my favorite of the night as well as If Anyone Falls. Stevie did a fair amount of chatting too. She said that You Wreck Me has officially replaced I Need To Know, and that has been "blessed by Tom." She was somewhat emotional at the end of the show, telling us that Atlantic City was the first place they came to after 9/11 and she was remembering how scary it was but how special AC is to her because of that. She also told everyone at the end of the night to go out and buy records and support the music industry, "this is your mama telling you." It was such a special experience to hear her sound so wonderful and sing the songs that have so many memories for me. It was like she was singing right to me. What a fabulous night!

Another Stevie show has come and gone. She is as always an incredible performer. Stevie looked and sounded great. Her songs never get old or tired! She and her band were just full of high powered energy. The song set was terrific! I really liked that she put "Standback" into the middle of her set again and that she brought back 'Outside the Rain". She told us how she official replaced "I need to know" with "You wrecked me". Some of the outstanding moments were of course Standback where Stevie gave us ten or twelve twirls ( I lost count!) and her trademark kick! "How still my love" was probably my favorite song of the night. "Love is" was the perfect closer.

The last time I saw Stevie perform at the Taj Mahal was Sept. 15, 2001, which was her first show after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. She had shows scheduled at Radio City that were canceled due to the events of 9/11. She shared a touching moment with us as she recounted that she was in NYC on that fateful day and that performing in Atlantic City was her first show after the 9/11 attacks. She recounted how she was unsure if she should have continued her tour.... I was at that show and nine years later it was one of the most memorable shows she has ever performed.

Stevie never looked and sounded better! This was the best version of Gold Dust Woman EVER! Loved every minute of this wonderful show!

Stevie is kicking at 62! The show rocked! It was breathtaking to hear the entire audience singing “Landslide” right along with her. As usual, Stevie continues to prove she is the ultimate songwriter and performer. Thank You Stevie...

I saw Stevie Nicks in Atlantic City at the Taj Friday, Aug. 27th and it was honestly the best Stevie show I have ever seen. She sounded and looked amazing! A friend (who had never seen Stevie) and I drove eight hours to see the show. I had a great time pointing out the people at the casino going to the concert by analyzing their outfits. Two ladies even dragged a giant suitcase into the ladies room so they could put on their Stevie gear.

This is the smallest venue I have ever seen Stevie at, and it was great. We were in the 18th row, but still managed to make it to the stage for Edge of Seventeen. The bouncers could have briefed on this tradition. They had no idea what was happening and began pushing fans and yelling threats. At one point Stevie put her hands in a prayer pose and begged the fans on the left side of the stage to settle down. One woman made her a crown of flowers and ribbons and Stevie put it on and finished Edge of Seventeen. I shook her hand for the third time, it was amazing!

Stevie did not wear her trademark boots and instead had black platform sneakers with boot tops - it was adorable! I can only hope that I have as much energy and class as her when I'm 62! She said Atlantic City held a special place in her heart as it's the first place she came four days after September 11, 2001. Many fans in attendance were at that show as well.

I can't wait for the new album next year! I will see Stevie as long as she is on tour - she is one act not to be missed!

Tracy & Keith
My husband and i travelled from Ireland to see Stevie, i have bn a fan for over 20 yrs and have only ever had the chance to see Stevie along with Fleetwood Mac, when i saw the dates on the website i knew i had to go, i picked Atlantic City. I have never been so excited in all my life as i was going to this concert. Stevie was absolutely amazing, her voice sounded better than ever, she looked amazing too, although for the price i paid for the tickets i really did not get a good view , it was only when quite a few people in front of us had left before Stevie came back out to sing the last 2 songs that we actually got to see her. We have now returned home to Ireland and we are more than glad we went all the way to A.C to see her.

Had a GREAT Time! Danced My Butt Off!!!
GREAT Setlist too!
SO GLAD Stevie Is Recording A New CD & Tour For Next Year! "I Can't Wait" Gold Dust Woman Was My Favorite Song Of The Nite! GREAT Jamming At The End! Stevie Looked & Sounded Great too!
LOVED Sorcerer too!!
The Crowd Was REALLY Into The Show Too!
Ran Into A Friend That Weekend Who Toured With Stevie ( The Hooters), & He Said She Was GREAT To Tour With Too!!

The Stevie Nicks show last Friday night in Atlantic City was absolutely fantastic! The set list was the same as opening night and Stevie rocked. After seeing Stevie with and without Fleetwood Mac many times, I can say that she was never better!! She was in great voice and ruled the stage. At one point I looked over at my best bud Mickie during Landslide, and tears were streaming down her cheeks. What a show. It doesn’t get better than this.

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