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08/25/2010 Turning Stone Resort & Casino Verona, NY

My friend Melissa and I went to see Stevie at Turning Stone in Verona, NY. This was the second time I had seen Stevie, same venue, and the first time for Melissa. She loved the show!! Stevie sounded fantastic. I think she used her upper register more and was in great voice once again. She really belted out the songs.Her voice was strong and if possible, getting better! I have to say the highlight of the show was the very last song, "Love Is". The harmony between Lori, Sharon and Stevie was just beautiful. It was a magical night, great fans! I even had the pleasure of meeting Stevie's brother and talking to him for a while. The only thing that she did not do, was put on her top hat with feather for Rock and Roll. I also wondered why Jana wasn't joining Lori and Sharon this tour, really missed her background vocal.
Again, phenomenal show. Hope she will be back again soon, and look forward to her new record!

I wanted to thank Stevie & the band for coming back to Verona!
To say it was an awesome show would be a total understatement.
Stevie you looked so beautiful and sounded amazing!

Landslide has held many different meanings for me over the years and I am sure to many of your fans. To hear you sing particularly that song live and dedicate it to the people you love really means so much. For me personally, my mother is battling breast cancer that has turned to bone cancer and to hear your clear, tender voice brought many tears to the eyes.

Thank you for your heartfelt, sincere performances of your incredible songs!!

I am really looking forward to the new album and seeing the tour to follow.
Please come back to the Syracuse area Stevie!

Thank you!

Todd S.
Last night I went to the Stevie Nicks concert in Verona, NY with my 8 year old son. This was a special night for me because I too was 8 years old when I first discovered Stevie's music. For me her music was an escape from a troubled childhood and the one constant for me. I would escape to my room with my records and art supplies for hours on end and her music has been there for me ever since through good and hard times. To be able to share this night with my son and wife was a thrill.

Our seats were great, we were 5 rows back from the stage. I made a collage of a bunch of the artwork I have done of her over the years to give to her. Before the concert I asked one of the security guards up at the front of the stage if I could come up during Edge of seventeen and hand her my collage of art work I had made. He didn't know, but, was impressed with my work and a few minutes later came back with management. They asked if I wanted to keep the work and have it signed or give it to her? Of course give it...so they took it and went right backstage with it. I was stoked!

The concert started and Stevie rocked it as usual! She looked and sounded amazing. She's like a fine wine sounding even better than she did years ago. She was playful and seemed energetic when talking to the audience and the crowd loved her. She rocked through Fall from Grace, Stand Back, Face The Promise and Edge of Seventeen. But the highlights for me were my all-time-favorite Landslide and Love Is. Stevie shown through with her true talent and vocal ability on these ballads. The legendary Queen of Rock gave an awesome performance and watching the awe and excitement in my 8 year olds eyes at the talent on the stage was totally worth it! Once in a million years a lady like her rises...

After the show we were standing around the casino and the woman whom had taken my art collage back to stevie was rushing by, spotted me, and shouted out as she rushed by "She Loved it! She really loved it! She said it was amazing!" I hope she got it and liked it because her art has inspired my art more than she will ever know.

Had the awesome privilege of seeing stevie in concert 2 nights ago - My 4th time sharing an evening with her and she was just amazing! 'Love Is . . .' hearing her sing that song live for the first time ever - how your poetry is able to reach in and touch one's very soul is magical and a treasured gift, stevie. you're the poet in my heart - never change and don't you ever stop. Thank you so much.

Stevie Nicks is such a gifted Artist...exceptional concert by stevie and the band.It's always an honor to be able to see her!

Saw Stevie in Turning Stone, what a great treat it was to have one of her stops so close to home.... She performed and looked wonderful. Set list had all of our favorites a new tom petty song and her rendition of face the promise by bob seger.... she did a great great job...

Not as much chit chat with the audience as I''ve seen in the past., she kept the songs moving.. But it was a magical two hours ..... I would never give up an opportunity to see stevie in concert, and i cant wait till the tour next year with some of her new music.

My husband was actually the fleetwood/stevie nicks fan, I knew the songs, but not necessary the people. I took him to see her the first time in Pittsburg, PA for the opening night of the tour of Shangra-La. I have been spinning my way around her concerts since. I became a huge fan that night... and truely cant get enough of hers/and fleetwoods music.

If you ever get the opportunity you have to see her in concert.... I''m looking to get those front row seats once, I wont be satisfied till I get to touch the magical stevie's hand... I think its cool to this day she still does that for her concerts!!!!!!! Stevie's fans are very loyal.... you can tell when she walks on stage!!!!

Just for starters, I want to begin by saying that very few artists make me cry. I was bawling all through the show. I have never seen a more beautiful show or a more beautiful women that Stevie. I was blessed to have 4th row seats and a great view of everything. I was so excited, I was shaking. Surrounding me were hundreds of people who were just as nervous and excited as I was! The beginning of the show, as all of her shows, was full of energy. I like the fact that she does a few cover songs as well as her own stuff. Sharon and Lori also sounded fantastic. I was also honored to have met Stevie’s brother Christopher. I have loved Stevie and her music since my youth and the most fantastic thing that has ever happened to me was when Stevie did the walk, she shook my hand, accepted the rose I had grown for her, and smiled at me with her angelic face! I was in tears! But I was also so very honored to be face to face with my idol. The show was absolutely fantastic and I hope that she will be back in this area again soon! I love you, Stevie!

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