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Stevie Nicks 2008 - FAN REVIEWS

6/08/08 Ford Amphitheatre - Florida State Fairgrounds Tampa, FL

The rain set up, in Tampa, moments before Miss Stevie Nicks took her place on center stage at the Ford Amphitheatre. With a cool breeze arriving at the same time, our mystical beauty emerged. It was as only, she can, her angelic haunting voice could not have been more perfect. Her attire only contributed to her wonderful aura. She truly is a storyteller, full of all good things and trials of not only her life but touches her fans as only we know. If there is anyone out there that has yet to listen, her lyrics are that of life, and love. We all have our ups and downs in life. With Ms Nicks to guide us through I believe, in a brighter future, If only the two hour concert would never end. We all could appreciate life and what we have, and bless those less fortunate. Her force of light is not to be taken lightly, only absorbed and then released to a one in need. We shall always have our high priestess as she is our keeper, our angel visible on this journey. Thank You for all you are, and all you do. Forever in your debt.

Diana Kaufman
just got home from seeing nicks in tampa,has to be the best concert that i have seen. Stevie was as good as she ever was. Loved it,thanks so much...dee

Brett Pettyjohn in Lake City, Florida
Just got back from the Stevie Nicks concert in Tampa, FL at The Ford Amphitheatre. This is my fourth time seeing her and she's never sounded better. She did change the set list from the opening night. She opened with Stand Back, went into Outside The Rain & Dreams, then If Anyone Falls. Had a piano solo that went into Rhiannon. Then did Crash Into Me. I believe she did Sorcerer next, then Face The Promise. I believe next was Waddy Watchel's solo that led to Gold Dust Woman. Then Fall From Grace & Landslide (an emotional tribute to her father), then Still Of The Night. Next came a long drum intro into Edge Of Seventeen (which of course included her shaking hands with the front row). Then the encores of Rock & Roll & an emotional Has Anything Written Anything For You. I think a lot of the audience was surprised there was no opening act considering people were just getting there towards the end of the show. She took the stage about 7:50 and did a good two hours. I do hope that she enjoys touring & performing and this isn't something forced upon her, because she is one person I would always see whenever she comes to Florida. I'd happily make the 2 1/2 hour trip everytime! And I was glad to see the cover songs she did. Hope she continues to change things up.

To all Stevie is still the best! Enjoyed concert so much again. Hope you all can get to her concerts.

John Tamara
dear stevie and group, you really rock'd at your show. you stevie brought back some wounderful memories from back in 1976 and 1977 with songs from rumors. my high school sweetheart had gotten married in 1976 and the LORD had taken her from me only several month's later and we both love your voice and music have remarried since.most of all thank's for the memories. a huge fan for ever your's truly john e.day jr.

Scott,Sarah and Dan from Tampa
Went to the Tampa show last night with my wife and a good friend. Miraculously, when the show went on sale my wife got tickets in the second row ( I am still thanking her for that). We took our seats and then security allowed some fans to come down in front of the stage so we walked down and a few minutes later found ourselves a couple feet away from Stevie enjoying an unbelievable show. I've seen Stevie live about 8 times now and I have never enjoyed a show more. if you have never been to see her live show then do yourself a favor and go. Thanks again Stevie for another great show!

Ann Dodd
We went to see Stevie Nicks on June 8th at the Ford Amphitheater in Tampa Florida. This was my second time seeing Stevie. This time I was front row and right at the stage in front of Stevie. She was amazing. I can't even find the words to explain how wonderful she was. My best friend and I had the time of our lives. Not only did she sounds wonderful she also looked great. I can't wait for her to come back to Florida, which I hope is soon. Thank You Stevie for the great night and for the best birthday of my life. I don't think my wedding day will be that exciting for me.

Buffy Isaacs in Punta gorda Fl.
The Tampa show was better than I ever had hoped for. Come back soon, Stevie Nicks is the best!

Chris Phelan in San Francisco
Chris Phelan, San Francisco Great show in Tampa!!! The best only gets better. A powerful thunder storm charged through the Bay Area that afternoon.

By show time, it had past, leaving a cool comfortable night for an outdoor show. No warm up act. As the band took to the stage, just before 8:00pm, Destination Unknown by Missing Persons was played over the p.a. system. The lights dimmed and she walked out from center stage and opened the show with; 1. Stand Back She looked stunning with long wavy locks, a red shawl and a high cut black dress to showcase her knee high black platform boots. (About half way through the show, she switched the boots to beige). 2. Outside the Rain 3. Dreams Both with graphics of falling rain drops. 4. If Anyone Falls She said that someone once said to her if anyone falls in love, it should be one of us and she wrote it into a song. The graphics were the dance sequences from the video. 5. Crash She introduced this song by talking about the Sound Stage taping, and how she invited a bunch of friends to play with her. No one came due to babies being born etc. But she had a great time doing it anyway. 6. Rhiannon 7. Sorcerer As usual, she introduced this song by saying that she wrote it at the time after releasing the Buckingham Nicks album. She and Lindsey thought we were in and then realized that they were not in and went back to their regular lives before joining F.M. 8. Face the Promise Wile introducing this cover she said that she decided to do this Bob Seger song just a few weeks ago to mix it up a bit, because it was the same show over and over. Then she made a very funny reference to late night talk show host Craig Ferguson. I know! I Know!! The graphics were cool, the effect of driving fast on a highway. 9. Gold Dust Woman 10. Fall from Grace 11. Landslide She talked about her dad and showed pictures of her dad and family mixed in with the Sometimes its a Bitch video. 12. How Still My Love My favorite song. Thanks for doing it Stevie! She rocked out, then got slow and sexy. 13. Edge of 17 No stage rush. Security was tight. Although it was amusing watching the security try to keep up with people running past them from every direction during the drum, percussion and guitar solos. 14. Rock & Roll With graphics from Woodstock. 15. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You? With graphics of a graveyard with an American flag waving to the piano intro. And then photos of our soldiers wile she sang. It was very hard not to cry. "Poets" "Priests of nothing" "Legends"

What an awesome show on 6-8-08 in Tampa. Can't believe I am 46 and this is the 1st time I have ever got to see her. I hope she comes back to SW florida soon!!! Buffy Isaacs, Punta gorda Fl.

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