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Stevie Nicks 2008 - FAN REVIEWS

6/07/08 Hard Rock Cafe Seminole Hollywood, FL

Lenore Carfora-Nye in Orlando, FL
My husband and I were at the show last night in Hollywood, Florida. We drove all the way down from Orlando and it was well worth the trip!!! Stevie was awesome! I've waited so long to finally see her. I've been a fan for, well it seems like forever and have not yet had the opportunity to see her live so this was a dream come true for me. We had great seats and when she came out she was radiant. I had tears in my eyes for the first three songs and then again during "Rhiannon" as this is my daughter's namesake song. Her voice was strong and better than ever. I especially loved the video footage of her life she had playing on the backdrop during "Landslide". I also was most impressed with her rendition of Dave Matthews "Crash". She sang this song like it was written for her. Stevie is a true poet and storyteller, like no other. She looked gorgeous...her long hair as flowing and beautiful as ever. So much so, she's inspired me to grow my hair long again. She really has been such an inspiration my whole life and for this I just need to say "Thank you, Stevie!" You just keep on rockin!

Nuala Molloy Moran in Fort Lauderdale FL
Hello Friends! I've been a fan of Stevie's since the 70's. I went to the awesome concert and loved every minute of it. Stevie is very special to me and I thank her for touring. The band was so perfect and rocked that place like no one else. I wrote the poem below for Stevie. I was hoping you could give it to her--pretty please? Instead of gambling at the casino I bought a poster, t-shirt, hat, and CD. he he. I LOVE the Crystal Visions CD and the DVD is a definite treasure. Thank you so much! Here's the poem...

Kicking it Up

I was telling him of her
And how she sang and I listened
On those nights when I was alone
I learned every word I heard

Flames danced in her midnight eyes
On the covers of the vinyl I played
And the cassettes and the CDs
I listened to them over and over

She seemed to protect her fragile heart
With the capes she wrapped in
And the tambourine in her hand
Calls forever to the gypsy in me

Her distinctive voice of beauty
Captivates and touches the soul
And her special golden lyrics
Beckon this poetess to her world

Kicking it up in skirts and boots
She hits the stage twirling
And rocks as the queen she isó
It could only be Stevie!

Gene Cirillo
Mt g/f & I attended the Stevie peformance @ Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, FL on 6/7. Stevie was fabulous both musically & aesthetically. Her voice is still crystal clear & powerful, radiantly beautiful @ 60 and musically still very relevant. Stevie truly enjoys performing for her fans & appreciates all of us.

The sound system could have been a little better, but it didn't detract from Stevie's performance. She sang for a good 1 3/4 hrs and everyone wanted more. The audience ranged from 8 to 80, and everyone we saw & spoke to were greatly pleased.

I hope Stevie comes back to South FL soon and am greatly awaiting the news of a Fleetwood Mac tour in 2009. I will most definitely be there if South FL is lucky enough to be a venue. Again, thanks Stevie for a memorable evening!

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