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Stevie Nicks 2008 - FAN REVIEWS

6/29/08 PNC Bank Arts Center Holmdel, NJ

Peter Cincotti was the opening act. I wasn't really familiar with his work. After his performance, my wife and I decided to buy his CD. Very good opening act with lots of energy.

Stevie came out roughly at 9PM. It's pretty much the same set list as previous shows minus Fall From Grace. She was especially talkative this show. She really appreciates her band members and that really shows on stage as well as from her Tour Book.

Highlights from the show - Crash. I came into this not knowing if I was going to enjoy her performing this song. She actually did a very good job on this song. Face The Promise was another very good choice. This is a very "rockin" song which she did an excellent job. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You was off the charts. With the tribute to the troops in the background and her "all white" outfit it was an incredible ending to a very good show.

Lowlight is the venue - We had 6th row center seats and we were told from the word go "per artists request no cameras." Security spent the majority of the night fighting with others to stop taking pictures and go back to their seats. This was extremely distracting. People charged the stage after HSML and boy oh boy did security push them back. Again very distracting. I've seen Stevie roughly 15 times since 2001 and I don't ever remember a venue handling people as poorly as PNC Bank Arts Center.

Great Concert - Terrible Venue.

Once again Stevie ROCKED the house!!!!!! Thanks Stevie for another incredible night of music!!!

Steve Wagner in New Jersey
She came onstage at just about 9:00pm and opened with "Stand Back", which was a particularly tight and vocally wonderful rendition of this fan favorite. Stevie then thanked "The Rain Gods" for the break in the rain and then went on to say that since she started touring way back in 1975, she has never had to deal with so much rain while on a tour as she has this past 4 weeks.........................well, the "Rain Gods" came through and kept the rain at bay for Stevie, and for us, for the entire night!

No need to go over the songs as she pretty much stuck to the set list on the Nicks Fix main page, but I will say that she was superb both vocally and energy-wise. She made note that this was the final night of this portion of her summer tour and that she'll be taking a 3 month break and will be staying at the home of a couple named "The Muellers" and thanked them.......................as I thank them for giving our Stevie a place for rest and for preparation for more tour dates!!!!!

I must say that I have been to all but 1 Stevie and/or Fleetwood Mac concert tour since she first sang "Rhiannon" with Fleetwood Mac way back when.............Stevie may sound different from the younger woman that she was then, but her voice is richer and more layered now than it ever has been. She has really evolved into the true legend that she is today. She is absolutely a unique artist with a sound and style unlike any of the other artists out there....................and she is incredibly loved and held in the highest esteem by this fan! Stevie, you just keep getting better and better..................................

The entire show was wonderful, from start to finish................................and I must add that Stevie's incredibly tender and moving version of "Has Anyone Written Anything..." that was quite obviously dedicated to the US troops, was a perfect way to for us to end our night with Stevie..................it left us something with to think about, especially with the 4th of July holiday fast approaching. As Stevie asked, please remember the USO and send them some money as they do so many wonderful things for our troops!!!

And to Ms. Nicks, I want to say THANK YOU for sharing yourself and your songs with me (well, us!) again. I look forward to next time!

Shannon - Denville in New Jersey
Me, my sister and my best friend went to see Stevie Sunday night. We had lawn seats but we got a free upgrade, so we had a better view of the stage.

Stevie's voice was amazing, she looked beautiful. She sounded better than I have heard her sound. I have attended her concert every time she has come to New Jersey. We all cried during Landslide and Has anyone Ever Written Anything for You. They were amazing, the pictures in the background of Stevie and her father added such a personal touch to her music. My Mother had the opportunity to meet her at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. They spoke for about 15 minutes and she said Stevie held her hand and was such an angel. She said she was flawless. She wrote me a beautiful letter that I have framed.

I can't pick a favorite song that she performed, they were all excellent. I did love, If Anyone Falls and Sorcerer. She puts on such an amazing show and is so sweet and sincere. I absolutely love her and will attend every show as long as she is performing.

Blackcat in Philadelphia, PA
Once in a million years a lady like HER rises. If you love Stevie Nicks, you believe she is ‘Rhiannon,’ she is ‘Sara,’ and she is most certainly ‘The Gold Dust Woman.’ Seeing Stevie at the PNC Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey on June 29th, 2008 was a joy! If you’ve been seeing Stevie’s recent interviews and photos, you know she is looking “fabulous,” and if you have heard her sing, you know she’s a total knockout.

Stevie’s ‘final’ 2008 solo show was packed with all the emotion and love this powerful little lady can show her fans, along with that very special band of hers—on a day of SUN, finally! We craned to listen to every song, and Stevie’s every word—and talk she did! Stevie shared mini stories of the people on that stage that had been with her from the very beginning of her Bella Donna Solo career dream. Stevie emphasized how much each member of this band meant to her—Lori, Sharon, Carlos and Waddy, in particular, along with MASTER percussionist Lenny Castro, drummer Jimmy Paxon, the man who brought back the sound of Christine McVie and Benmont Tench: Ricky Peterson, a beautiful playing pianist Mr. Scott Plunkett, and the ‘no longer new’ but lovely vocalist Jana Anderson. This is one tight knit group. Stevie lived with Sharon Celani for a few years. Lori Nicks is not just Stevie's sister ‘in law,’ but a sister in love, and you could feel the emotions these gals shared as you watched the tears streaming down their faces. Superman, disguised as the not quite mild mannered Waddy Wachtel, managed to propel the band onward despite the on going lovefest. This is one powerful band!

Stevie talked about her songs and where they came from . . . a whole lotta angst in the beginning! She spoke a bit about Landslide and Sorcerer in particular. At other shows we had heard that Stevie wouldn’t look back at the slide screen during “Landslide” as it brought too many emotions to the surface. Lori Nicks couldn’t bear to be on that stage during that one particular song. At PNC Stevie dared to look back at the screen. Stevie allowed herself to feel all of it—her past, her family, her moments as she danced across the stages of the world. Stevie was 'in the moment.' Stevie was showing those feelings with the lucky fans that got to take it all in.

This time Stevie didn’t say, “Take care of yourselves so we can do this again in the near future.” Stevie did say she was taking a long and much needed vacation to Europe, and she would be staying in the home of people that were actually among us at the show! She told us to be on the lookout for Soundstage, which would be hitting the airwaves in July, 2008. She sang the beautiful, “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You,” with the lines “I want you to remember.” The backdrop was the miliary of the United States. Stevie, we will NEVER forget you. Thank you for "Crystal Visions." Thank you for "Edge Of Seventeen" with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra! Thank you for making us a new video (Soundstage) to keep forever. Thank you tearing up “FACE THE PROMISE!” Thank you for so many great and wonderful songs! Thank you for an amazing show! Thank you for reaching out and shaking our hands. Thank you for loving us—we love you back! Enjoy your time off! Visit Chartes! We’ll all be waiting and hoping for ‘the talk on the town’ to say you’ll be with us again! love, blackcat

Stevie really picked the best place to end a tour! PNC Arts Center is my favorite place to go see concerts. We were worried about it raining, but the weather held out. She even commented about that when she opened up the show. Her performance was like it was the first show, lots of energy, and her voice was right on the money. I especially was touched when she introduced her band, it looked like Sharon was crying. The hair on my arm was standing up for the whole duration of Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. I can't wait to see the special on PBS in July, if it's any thing like this show was, it will definitely be a must see!

David Coffin
Review of stevie nicks hole cristal visions tour the tour she just finished, Stevie nicks has finished her solo tour it was a wonderful tour, dureing her tour she made lots of people happy and bought pease to there live's, one such insudence was a girl in pain at the edge of the stage when mis nicks went to the edge to touch hands with her fan's mis nicks noticed this young girl in pain and held her hand and convayed to her "it's going to be alright im here sweetie, although sweetie is my line i use to address younger ladies i meet, im sure the passage mis nicks used came from her knowing me! it made this young girl heart sore and gave her hope made her better, mis nicks has this uncanney way of healing people with her music and her presents around people, i David Coffin understand this much better them any of her fan or her famley does, i know the work she does heal's many heart's, id never ask her to stop what she does for people..! cause i know the good she does, my prayor's go out to this young girl in the wheel chair from stevie last show, and i say to mis nicks thank you for what you do for others, fleetwood mac has no idea of what stevie is all about and thay hold her back from her healing of the fans, ive talked and read most of the reviews and talked to her fans and i find most all of her fan's say stevie should stay solo cause fleetwood mac hold's her back from being herself on stage there to contoling and most say that stevie is the mac with out her fleetwood mac is nothing and well be nothing, i agree with the fan's on this! im makeing it a fact cause someone has to step up to the line and tell it like it is, and who eles could be better for the job then stevie's man friend me! stevie is now on vacation over sea's, visiting friend's and resting up.

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