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Stevie Nicks 2008 - FAN REVIEWS

6/28/08 Jones Beach Amphitheater Wantagh, NY

Saw Stevie tonight @ Jones Beach. All I can say is she is amazing! I've been through alot on this journey, as I'm sure we all have.. and she has helped carry me through - no surprise there. I would absolutely Love to meet her in person- really a Dream come true... I lost my mom and dad at such a young age- that I'm so grateful I've had Stevie. God Speed...Namaste.

Alan Tobin
Stevie was radiant as ever. Her voice never better. For my 55th concert I was looking forward to the Dave Mathews and Bob Seger songs as well as the last song. She did not disappoint. My son and I danced and sang throughout the two hours. She had an ongoing story through her changes which involved a bee in her hair. I thought that was cute. I hope the story of a Fleetwood Mac album and tour will be a reality. That would make for a very exciting 2009. Maybe by then Jones Beach will reduce their outrageous concession prices.

As always, Stevie sounded fantastic and looked beautiful. I've been going to see Stevie perform for over 20 plus years, and I believe Stevie, Waddy, the girls and the rest of the band are like a fine wine; they get better with age.

Lisa and Joe
Jones Beach, June 28th. A miracle night and dreams come true. The night started with a thunderstorm as we left our home, and when we got to the theatre, they would not let anyone in due to the lightening. So we had to stay in our cars and watch the bolts in the distance. Before long it stopped and we were on our way inside. The show did not start at 8 because of this, but when we finally reached our seats a ray of sunshine broke through the clouds. Nightfall came and as always, the ocean breeze that is always a gift from Jones beach came over all of us. Everything was still and then the moment arrived. Stevie came out and started the show with Stand Back in a beautiful red shawl. This night was extra special for us for many reasons. I surprised my wife, whos birthday is June 18th, with tickets to see Stevie with the closest seats we have ever seen her in. Fourth row center, right on the aisle, seats 1 and 2. Stevie spoke to all of us after Outside the Rain and Dreams and said " This is just how I love it, Like all of you are in my living room". She did a phenomenal show for us all. The songs that were so special to us, even more so was hearing Sorcerer and Fall from Grace because at the darkest time our city has ever known, when 911 happened, the TISL show was cancelled. So that was a very special moment. Landslide was extra special because of the film in back of her of her and her dad Jess. I dont think there was a dry eye in the arena. Lisa told me what we all already know, that she is the stongest woman in this universe but to be able to do this song night after night with her memories on that screen takes all the strength in the world. Gold Dust Woman, Stevie said herself after to her band members and the audience was the best New York version ever and we all felt that. The vibe was like an incantation and a mantra. There was a magical atmosphere we could not even describe in words. But like Stevie said in the Bella Donna song "its just a feeling" like a wave from the ocean so near to us. it was so deep that the electricity from her on the stage to us in the audience, the connection was profound. There was a very funny part where stevie went backstage and told us "there was a bee in my hair, and I keep thinking its still in there". And then everyone on stage was teasing her by feeling their own hair and shaking it out. She made us laugh and cry. My wife first saw Stevie when she was just 15 when her brother took them all to see Fleetwood Mac at Madison Square Garden for the Tusk tour and she has always told me that nobody ever moves like Stevie and no one could ever create that magical atmosphere that she did for those Tusk shows in 1979. Well that feeling has remained all through the years. Her voice was extraordinary and as strong as its ever been. She never changes, but only gets better with each passing year. When Stevie introduced her band, she said to all of us "they are all I have in my life, i really have nothing else" and a silence fell over the audience but as it did we all screamed, you have us. there has never been a more gracious, real performer in this world than Stevie. She loves her fans as much as we love her and that as we all know is as genuine as we get in this life. How we thank god for her. I started this review with a night of miracles and dreams come true and it far surpassed my own deepest wish for my wife and was more than I ever could have hoped for. There were three angels at Jones beach last night, Stevie, my wife Lisa who has been in a very fragile state because of her muscles and the intense pain that makes nights like this a miracle in itself and a challenge to even get there. this has to be meant to be. The third angel there was a woman named Stacey, who was sitting in front of us. A beautiful woman inside and out. A fellow sister that took us under her wing and literally took Lisa by the hand before the edge of seventeen started and helped her to the front of that stage. she was right with us helping me hold onto Lisa and she sacrificed herself to allow us to have that magical moment with Stevie that everyone dreams of and Lisa has since she was 15. There is no one in this world like Stevie fans. Everyone saw the trouble she was having and they banned together to help us as well. Lisa's hand was on one of the speakers and while she was looking at Stevie she could feel the vibration of her voice penetrating through it. When Stevie made her way down the stage we had brought her 3 white roses, a garland, and a pink antique teddy bear. The security guard took everyones gifts for her because she needed a point to have that contact alone with her fans. The moment came when she go to us. I was standing right behind Lisa afraid she would be crushed with my arms over each side to protect her. then it happened. Stevie got to us. i wanted so much just for the two of them to shake hands but I got much more. Stevie looked into Lisa's eyes and from the look on her face she could sense Lisa was in pain. She reached down and took both our faces in her hands and said to lisa.'its alright,Im here". Then she took each of our hands. her gloves smelled so good. Lisa collapsed in tears. it was the happiest moment of her life and mine. This was my biggest wish for this to happen for Lisa. Lisa has always told me Stevie isnt from this world. Well let me say this. I locked eyes with Stevie, and when I did i got a special feeling that I can only explain as mystical. It was like looking into the eyes of a fairie. The security girl from Jones beach brought Lisa's wheel chair for us and she while she sat in it for the last two songs, some of the fans that were with us knelt down beside lisa and comforted her as she was hysterical at that time. And even though i was told to put away my camera at the start of the show, I got 50 great pics of this wonderful woman doing Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. we are over the moon. Thank you to our tiniest angel Stevie for the greatest night of our lives and to all the fans who came together to help us, especially Stacey who made it possible for us to have that moment. You are all forever in our hearts and will never be forgotten. We will share our photos here and everyplace we can. With all our love Lisa (Windchild) and Joe

The show was amazing- as always!! Love you Stevie!! All the songs were great but I would of loved to hear all Stevie songs-I'm a huge Stevie fan ; ) Sweet Girl, Garbo, Wildheart, Nightbird, Beautiful Child, Rooms on Fire etc etc Lol Led Zep song was great of course and Crash into Me & Face the Promise but would love all Stevie songs. Stevie you are beautiful - Truly an Angle of the Universe! = ) Cannot wait to see you again!! Hope you tour again really soon!! I never want the show to end!! Those 2 hrs go SO fast!! Lol
God Speed XOXO

Peter K. in New York
I have seen Stevie Nicks in concert many times over the last 25 years. Her June 28th show was one of the most enjoyable, and emotional ones, for me. Enjoyable because more than in any concert I have seen, Stevie talked to the audience, smiled, and joked around. It was so heartwarming - I have always wished she would talk to us, her legions of fans, and I got my wish on Saturday. She talked about what was going on in her life when she wrote some of her iconic songs, the state of the music business and how it needs our support, her father. She told us a funny story (well , funny for the audience) about how a bee got in her hair backstage during a wardrobe change break (The bee! The bee! The bee! she laughed, comparing it to lost dog toy scene in the movie "Best in Show"). She even apologized for talking too much (saying that she could be a school teacher). I hollered out "we love to hear you", but who knows if she heard that. It was so nice to see her smile and laugh - I remember a few concerts from the 1980's when she had an expression on her face that would make me be afraid to meet her in a dark alley (and I am 6'6" tall!).

Her voice was in great form - strong and clear, conveyed by a very good sound system. She looked wonderful, and was very energetic. How she still brings that depth of emotion and care to songs that she must have sang a thousand times, I will never know. The band was terrific and in great form. There were slight nuances to some of the arrangements of older songs that brought freshness to them. Being a long time fan, it was very refreshing to her do some out and out rockers (like Led Zeppelin's Rock 'n Roll, and Bob Seger's Face the Promise), and to do another cover song, of Dave Matthew's Crash, since we haven't had any new solo material since 2001 (I'm glad that Sorcerer was in the set!). Of course, I would love for the concert to be another hour and hear some of her many beloved album cuts that don't make into her set list, but I can't quibble.

I said it was emotional for me , because although Stevie sounded and looked as good if not better than ever, I did notice some things that have changed over the years. The stadium looked to be about 1/2 to 2/3rds full, and I barely saw one audience woman dressed up as a Stevie wanna-be. This would not have been the case in the past. The current economy and price of concert tickets, the changing music business, and the passage of time, have taken a toll on the audience. So my emotions were from not taking a Stevie Nicks concert for granted, as I have for so long. We, her fans, are so lucky to have her, that we should take advantage of every opportunity we have to hear her and enjoy her now. I am hoping that her upcoming Soundstage PBS concert will re-invigorate the masses and remind them of the Stevie that us NicksFix fans know and love so much. Stevie, keep singing, keep talking to us - you voice, personality, and emotions are what make you so special! May we have many more years together!

Jennifer Murray
First of all let me start out by telling you that I won 4 tickets to Stevieís 6/28/08 concert at Jones Beach from Maria Milito on Q104.3 in New York. I never win anything! In fact I may have to worst luck in the world! I was shocked to say the least! I decided to take one of my best friends April, and our two 12 year old daughters Savonna & Patricia who are also best friends and had never been to a concert. The day started out rough Ö we were a little hungover and didnít get much sleep the night before, but we pulled through and drove to Jones Beach in the thunder, lightening, and pouring rain. Strangely enough, as soon as we arrived at Jones Beach the rain stopped and a huge rainbow appeared right over the theater Ö again I usually donít have any such luck! The kids were amazed already and the show hadnít even begun. Then it got dark, the lights came on, and Stevie appeared looking fabulous in a black dress & red cape, which was stunning under the bright lights. She opened the show by welcoming everyone and telling us how much she appreciated everyone coming out to see her and how she appreciates things more as she gets older. She got everyone going by saying how much she loved NY and how tonightís show would be nothing less than extraordinary. She did her usual line up of songs from this yearís tour Ö Stand Back, Outside the Rain, Dreams, Rhiannon, Crash, Face the Promise, Sorcerer, Rhiannon, Landslide, If Anyone Falls in Love, Gold Dust Woman (my personal favorite), Fall from Grace, How Still My Love, Edge of Seventeen, Rock N Roll, Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You Ė in no particular order because I really donít remember! LOL! I was so jealous of all those front row people who got to shake her hand during the edge walk, but my day will come! Maybe next year! She talked a lot, which was great because all true Stevie fans love to listen to her little stories and jokes. She was in great spirits & great voice and kept the audience rocking the whole night. Needless to say a good time was had by all. The kids had a blast Ö they were dancing and singing the whole night. As for me, I still canít believe I won anything at all no less Stevie Nicks tickets! LOL! I absolutely adore Stevie and I think Iím an even bigger fan since the show, if thatís possible!

Julia in Long Islang, NY
The show was amazing. Stevie was as incredible as ever. I'm 18 years old and this was my first time seeing her, but I'd totally go back another time. I've been a fan since I was about 13 years old and it was just so amazing to get to see Stevie live. It was wonderful when she sang "Landslide" and since it is my favorite, it brought a tear to my eye. The show and Stevie's music and her voice and everything made me feel so happy...the happiest I've felt in a long while. Thank you so much Stevie!

Royal and Joan
This was so good and compared to last year at Jones Beach when we were in the "water" and it was very windy and cold. I even remeber Stevie thanking us for staying through the show, but this year the Gods were with us and the weather was beautiful. My husband and I had a great time. We enjoyed listening to Stevie tell her stories and sing like never before. You go girl -60- and just perfect. I can see how much you love to perform in front of your fans and they love hearing you. I hope to see you next year - maybe before then if you are in our area, maybe with some luck with Fleetwood Mac again. Its time for a reunion!!! Thank you again and see you soon.

I took off from my life and headed to Jones Beach! Left all my problems at home and headed off with NOONE!!! Told no one NO MORE DEMANDS from friends and family of me...just me on the open road toward JONES BEACH!! I left at around 10 and got there around 2 in the afternoon!!! When I got there I met John and Chris, easy to remember there names,they had tried to go to two other shows but they got rained out so they left those shows and gave there tickets away. Hoping it wouldn't rain today!! Which it did NOT. The weather held out. I sat at the beach there and around the same time I arrived they began to practice and do a sound check ...I could hear Jimmy and Waddy practicing....and then I heard SHARON AND JANA....and then STEVIE!!! They practice all kinds of songs DREAMS,IF ANYONE FALLS, CRASH,FACE THE PROMISE,SORCERER and some others ! It was so nice to sit there and take everything in. I was NOONE to ANYBODY !! IT WAS A WONDERFUL RETREAT!!!
I met Meghan with the most beautiful tattoo of Stevie on her back she was front row center. I was off to the side where WADDY and AL and SCOTT were!! Had a 4th row seat!! Sandra Bernhart was there I guess someone had said she was there I didn't see her but a women after the show needed a drink of water,fumbling for change near the vending machine, having trouble collecting enough, I asked her if she wanted one my car was out front, so I gave her one from my cooler and her friend. Thats when she said Sandra Bernhart was there GOOD FOR YOU SANDRA YOU HAVE GREAT TASTE IN ARTIST!!!!
It was a great night and as the lady kept walking me closer and closer to the stage I was so happy I was there! I saw Al come out and he smiled at me as he walked over to some friends. Lenny did as well !! and said hello to his friends so that was so neat he gave me a wave and a cool hello !
I met girls at the front of the stage during the edge walk and I asked them, feeling funny about standing there, something I never got to do when I was younger. Had I known way back then 36 years ago that you could get right up front I would have. So I asked the young girl is she could read how many photos I had left as i couldn't read that fine print anymore. In excited me she told me " I can't believe I am at the stage" I said," Well, Stevie comes by here and says hello to you " the girl named Katie said "Really?!!! and told me I had fifteen pictures left..LOL So, I said" I feel kinda funny, do you mind if I stand in between you and your friend? How old are you ?" Katie said, " I am 26" I said, " WOW you are the same age as Stevie was when I went to my first concert at age 15"
Stevie did CRASH said it was through a womens eyes LOVED IT STEVIE WAS FANTASTIC!!! LORI WAS AWESOME !! THEY BOTH WERE! Sounded like ROOMS ON FIRE kinda same kinda message. Then the walk and she stopped at Katie and then I was there feeling all old until Stevie took my hands letting go of one and keeping the other, she kinda pulled my hand back to hers, as I knew others were waiting for her to hold theirs but she kept holding on. Her guard took my purple gift bag, which with the weather I thought was neat It had a high heeled shoe on it, said , this is no time for sensible shoes. Which I thought was perfect cause of all the rain Stevie was having during this tour. so Katie taps me Katie she said,"You were right she looked right at me!" Katie was a beautiful girl with the prettiest eyes and the best blonde hair and so young! I turned to her and said " Are you crying? Stevie wouldn't want you to cry, she's saying Hello and thank you for coming :0)"
Al was all excited to do the Zepplin song Waddy was smiling at Al I think because they got to whale out on another song a famous song by a well known group.
It all ended and I headed home there was no one left and I got lost coming out of that state reservation with an empty tank. As, I found my way to a gas station an hour later I was safe and fueled up.
As, I left I thought back to Stevie keeping my hand in hers it was so neat I started to cry I was really touched STEVIE don't know if you do those things at random and your so use to it or if you knew it was me once again at one of your shows. I can't tell YOU how many shows I have been to countless my friends on the island laugh and say I swear you have helped her by the left wing of her house. LOL I don't thing so maybe a faucet or two :0) I have a GREAT TIME alone OUT THERE AT JONES BEACH !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ANOTHER GREAT TIME AND A GREAT BEGINING TO THE SUMMER ;0) Thanks for holding this orphans hand it was much appreciated !!!!! peace,love and Stevie Nicks.........................

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