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Stevie Nicks 2008 - FAN REVIEWS

6/26/08 National City Pavilion Cincinnati, OH

Randy Perkins
I saw Stevie last night at the new National City Pavilion. What a wonderful show. Had 12th row seats and a great view. Stevie looked great and sounded perfect. And the band, as always, didn’t miss a beat. Stevie was pleasant and talkative, and mentioned that the rain has followed her around the country this tour. We were lucky, since the rain stopped as Stevie began (all the seats were under cover anyway). Stand Back was a great opener, and Outside the Rain a perfect follow up. While Stevie doesn’t rock out as much as she did on previous tours (very few twirls), the emotion is still so strong. Each tour seems like the entire band is having more and more fun being there!

Highlights for me were Gold Dust Woman (the crowd was almost as loud as Stevie!), If Anyone Falls, Landslide (another crowd sing along) and HAEWAFY. Very glad to see it back in the set as the closer. After the song, Stevie encouraged everyone to donate to USO, saying our soldiers need our help and support! What a class act! Unless I missed it, I think she dropped How Still My Love from the set.

Stevie’s crowd always amazes me. The place was virtually full (surprising considering that the cheapest tickets were $75), loud and on its feet the entire show. She must be so pleased to see that people still have such a strong connection with her music. Between the great performance and the great audience, it was a perfect way to spend a Thursday night. Stevie showed the love and she certainly got the love!

Her opening act was the best in a long time as well. I’d never heard of Peter Cincotti, but what an amazing pianist/singer the guy is; and he has a great band as well. A great warmup for Stevie. The crowd loved his show. If you go, get there early enough to hear him. You will not regret it!

Until next year.

I first saw Stevie in 1978 with the Mac, the tickets were a high school graduation gift. Last night I celebrated 30 years of Stevieness; Within those years I have seen her at least 19 or 20 times, I have taken my daughter, her namesake to see her; to return the favor I took my mom to see stevie for her 50th birthday, that was 17 years ago. GLORIOUS,was last night,it was uncomfortably hot, but when Stevie got to the stage like magic, a cooling rain & a wonderful breeze swept over the pavilion; Stevie's voice has gotten better over the years, she was delightful, talking to us like she was speaking to us individually. The ladies & waddy were enjoying themselves as much as the crowd did, and for that 90 minutes when they did what they do best, all was right in the world & time stopped, then Stevie snapped us out of it with a proper salute to the troops when she closed the show with a reminder of the honor that we have being AMERICANS; the friend that went with me, has a son overseas & it meant a great deal to her. The entire evening was magnificent, it was a privlege to be in the presence of such talented wonderful group of people, thank you for coming to Cincinnati, & lets do it again, soon Much love

Shaheen Miro
My name is Shaheen Miro and I saw Stevie in concert June 26, 2008 in Cincinnati Ohio.

I am 18 years old and I have been a Stevie fan for my whole life so I was extremely exited to go and see her in concert. It was my first concert and so of course it was my first time seeing her. I was not sure what to expect, but I knew that I was very happy to be attending and I had great seats! I hoped and prayed for an amazing night and Stevie didn't disappoint.

I was blown away when she walked on to the stage because it was so surreal. I was blown away by her beauty and presence, not to mention that her dress was awesome. She came out in all her glory and sung one of my favorite songs Stand Back. Before the show I was really worried about how to act....didn't know if I should dance and sing or what, but it was almost intuitive how I just danced around and sang along.

Every song was great. Her voice was amazing and she really worked the stage. I couldn't believe that I was actually watching her sing...I wasn't just singing with the radio this time, but with the real Stevie!!! I met some great people while I was there, Stevie really has a lot of people who love her and a lot of people who's lives she has touched. I know that I was touched.

When she came out and sang landslide I cried because that is my song. I have always loved it and it was the first song that I heard of hers as a child and my mother loves it. Watching clips from her own life and thinking about mine made for a very emotional and nostalgic moment. I loved the sexy appeal of crash into me and I also liked the very magical feel of Sorcerer. The best part of the night was when I thought it was all over and she came back and sang Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You...I was so psyched! I cried on that one also because of the power and passion in her voice. She is not just a singer she is a goddess! Rock on!

I hope that I can see her again in concert and I know that if I do I will not be disappointed. Anyone who has not went needs to go because she can really rock out! My friends think im crazy because I love her so much, but they didnt see all the other die hard fans there. I hope Stevie got my journal! I hope that I get to go again! Loved the music and I love you Stevie! Thanks

Lisa Fussnecker
I atteneded the Cincinnati concert 6/26/08, Stevie was excellent! She sings and looks as great as she has on my previous attendance to her concerts. She had the place "rockin" all night long. LF.

Patricia Holt
It was a hot time in the old town Thursday night. Just before 8:00 the rains came & broke the heat and humidity somewhat anyway. The new National Bank pavilion is all under a roof thank heaven. Our seats were great--dead center, 1st row back of pit. They let a whole lot of people stand up by the stage all night--big surprise. Anyway, great show--Stevie was very relaxed & chatty. She said the rain is following her around. The band was sweating like crazy, but I don't think she ever sweats! Loved the Bob Seger tune--"Crash" can go. No "Fall from Grace' either. It's too bad this tour is so short, the band is so good & so tight now & only 2 more shows. Stevie looks very beautiful & sounds wonderful. Keep on rocking & see you next year! Pat h

Chrissy Bowles in Lewisburg, WV
I have seen two shows- the Reading, PA show and the OH show. I had an awesome time! I'm in my twenties, and my husband, best friend and I loved the shows. Stevie has a broad fan base, I hope she knows that she reaches people of all ages. I wish I could have attended shows in the 80s, but I was just a kid. Stevie is incredible and her band is out of this world. I love the percussion opening to "Stand Back", when you hear the guys jamming, you know what's coming. I check the website everyday for new tour dates. At the show, Stevie shook hands with the people up front. I was one of them! I can't believe it. We plan on going to another show if one is close to home.

Thank you, Stevie and the Band for a great time.

Stephanie in Dayton, OH
I feel like one of the luckiest people alive, I stood about 15 feet from Stevie's microphone for the entire Cincinnati, OH show! She was gorgeous, and I don't think that woman ever hit a sour note! I've seen her twice before, and I can say she just keeps getting better with age!! I loved her version of Crash into Me, and of course I went nuts with Rhiannon and Gold Dust Woman. The highlight of the night was getting to shake both of her hands at the end of Edge of Seventeen, and at the very end of the night (of course, I was jumping around and screaming like the psycho fan I am), Stevie locked eyes with me, laughed, and waved! What an amazing night, and an amazing performer! It has been my dream for a decade or better to be so close to Stevie, and this is a night I wil never, ever forget. Thank you Stevie, I love you!!

Chandra Chaffin in Richmond, KY/I>
I saw Stevie at National Pavilion in Cincinnati on June 26th. This was by far the most exciting concert I have ever attended. My friend and I spent our very last pennies to purchase pit seats – 11th row center. We were thrilled with our seats only to find out when we arrived that anyone in the pit is welcome to stand at the front of the stage. I literally spent the entire concert mere feet from Ms. Nicks and her wonderful band. Every song was perfectly executed - the costumes, the band, her voice, her hypnotic twirls...everything was flawless. She sang all of the old favorites including Rhiannon, Dreams, Gold Dust Woman, Landslide, and Stand Back. My personal favorite was her cover of the Dave Matthews Band's hit song Crash. She brought the crowd to tears with Landslide and the nostalgic pictures of her and her father on the screen behind her, as well as, with Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You and her heartfelt dedication to the troops. Personally, no moment in the show can compare to her performance of Edge of Seventeen because I was fortunate enough to reach up and shake her hand during the Edge Walk. It was my charmed hour. Let me take this opportunity to say how unbelievably beautiful she remains at age 60 and her voice has never sounded better. She truly remains ageless. Style and grace simply radiates from this Rock 'n' Roll goddess. "Once in a million years a lady like her rises..."

Finding Waddy's guitar pick seemed like the perfect ending to my magical evening...but it wasn't over yet. I got autographs from over half of the band backstage and got to chat with Jana Anderson who could not have been kinder. Stevie must surround herself with thoughtful kindred souls because everyone I encountered who had anything to do with the tour was helpful and friendly. In fact, most of the fans were also helpful and friendly. (Thank you to the kind gentleman from Versailles, KY who moved a chair to allow us a spot front and center.) It was my most perfect and enchanted evening. Thank you, Stevie, for allowing us to intimately share in your magical realm and for sending us back into the world bearing your message of hope and love. Thank you for the strong and positive example that you set for women of all ages. Your songs are the soundtrack of my life…and I am grateful.

All I can say is Wow! Opening up the show Peter Cincotti was amazing himself; He got Stevie's crowd in a great mood ,everyone was dancing and bobbing there head,amazed when most of us never heard him.Then there she comes the Queen herself, Looking absolutely gorgeous. She twirls, she dances, It was like hearing an angel sing.Stevie Nick's band looked amazing their selves, great moods, you can tell there was definitely magic in the air. Stevie sang perfect version to her Crystal Visions CD, What a talented woman.This memory was special to me, beings it was my first time at stage, I got to shake her gentle hand and thanked me, Not only to top that off she took the Lilies I gave her, I have waited 30 yrs. for this.I am truly blessed.

Cincinnati June 26, 2008

This was my fifth time seeing Stevie, and this time I got pit seats! It was amazing! And of course like always she knows how to give a good concert! She did a great job!

She told us a lot of stories too, about where and how each song was written, said that she wrote Sorcerer on guitar and that she would walk around the apartment playing guitar and singing Sorcerer, and Lindsey would say, "what are you, nuts?" She had everybody laughing several times! She also said how she had been in Ohio for 4 days and not a drop of rain until that night! But it only rained for a little while. That's Ohio for you!

Anyway, we had a great time and I hope she comes back soon! At the end of the show when she was shaking hands and waving to the audience, I waved my arms and screamed, "STEVIE!!!" SHE LOOKED RIGHT AT ME, SMILED, AND WAVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stood there frozen like, oh my, what just happened! I was torn between tears of joy or fainting! ;o)

Chad Harmon Newark,Ohio
Stevie rocked everyone in Ohio.Some say 60 i say better and better.The price of tickets were well worth the honor to be near our songstress.Stevie please continue to tour. Hey Kaline Luv Ya!

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