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Stevie Nicks 2008 - FAN REVIEWS

6/20/08 Borgata Hotel Atlantic City, NJ

Stevie Nicks was in amazing voice and looking better than I have seen in years . She rocked the house at the Borgota and she was just as strong with her ballads . Loved her tribute to her Dad w/ " Landslide" photos and all displayed behind her. She also sang a wonderful poignant version of " Has Anyone Written Anything for You " dedicated to the soldiers .

Loved the show SO MUCH want to see her again in Holmdel,NJ .


Stevie is just looking better and better each tour I see her. "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You" Best version I have ever seen her do live. I loved the tribute to the troops. I also loved the little speech that she gave about being back in the United States and how there is nothing like it. The crowd was the best Stevie crowd I have seen in a long time. Not one "Hey Sit Down" my only complaint and it had nothing to do with Stevie and anybody who had the pleasure of sitting on the right hand side of the stage where the backup singers were will know what I am talking about. I don't know about anybody else but I had 5 of my friends with me who paid way over $100.00 for our tickets just so during Edge of 17 we could go up to the front of the stage (knowing that is a tradition) at a Stevie show why would we think we were not going to be able to do that? When it came time for that to happen there was this he/she guard who was not letting anyone come near that stage and when you did she went off on the people even using curse words and was complaining the whole time how she hates her job and was told not to let anybody past the two rows up there which was kind of funny because the whole left side of the stage had the whole first 10 rows or more up there not to mention two girls who were sitting in front of us in the 4th row were now up in the center of the stage (they had to be friends with this guard because they gave her or him) whatever it was a high five when they left. Now everyone who was trying to get up to the stage was all well into their 40's (so we are not talking drunken little teenagers) and when this lady was cursing there were elderly people there that were a little taken back by this guard. Also Lori Nicks turned to us and wanted to know why that side of the stage was empty so we pointed to the guard to let her know that, that was why. If anyone is reading this and sat in that section and knows what I am talking about I put in a complaint to head of security at The Borgata and also the head of security who was hired by the Borgata I hope others do the same. That just was not right how the fans were treated that night and I know if Stevie still feels like she did back in the day when security would give her fans a hard time she would be furious at what was going on at that show.

Tom G. in NJ
This was my second time seeing Stevie (although a fan since the 1970s) and all I can say is Stevie rocks! The voice, the stage presence, the music, the lyrics: all of it adds up to the quintessential rock 'n' roll performance. Sharon, Lori and Jana are sheer perfection. The band is powerful and professional. What more can you ask for? The boots, the lace, the twirling, it was all there. But there is so much more to Stevie. She is truly one of rock's most enduring and talented musicians. I am so happy to see her performing at her peak and only getting better. Thanks Stevie...we love you. (And you have a new fan...my partner of 14 years attended the concert with me and he can't stop talking about the show!)

Kristin Patelmo
I wanted to start this off by saying that I love Stevie Nicks, she rocks. I am a new fan and will be one forever definitely. She is flawless, her voice sounds like her records do. Her outfits are amazing, she is just simply amazing. I was at her show on June 20th with very good friends of mine. One of my friends who I went with got me into her music and I thank her so much for that. I loved Stevie from the first song of hers I heard. The concert was just mind blowing. Her band is awesome, her back up singers are great, it was the best time I had in a long time and I never wanted the night to end. I give Stevie tons and tons of credit because for her age she still is true to her fans go on tour and blows people away, that is what I love so much about her. She opened with one of my all time favorites Stand Back and sang it awesome. I was jumping up and down and singing the songs all night. I was just so taken aback but the fact that Stevie Nicks was in the same room as me. I couldn't believe it. However I was upset that night at one point, during the Edge of Seventeen walk where Stevie goes up to all her fans and holds their hands, a security guard or more like the event staff, held me and my friends back from going up to the stage which was fairly empty on our side. She was very rude and not someone who wanted to be there at all. She threatened me and my friends several times and was using foul inappropriate language. I mean regardless I still love Stevie and her concert was one of the best I think I have ever been too, but it was just the simple point, we are fans we all deserve a chance to be near Stevie and get to just touch her hand or let her know she has tons and tons of people who still love her music and support her. If we are all not allowed to be up there then nobody should have been allowed. Anyway I want to end this review with saying that Stevie is one of the best performers around, she was great and always will be. As a new fan I felt honored to be at her show and can't wait until she comes to my town again. Her tribute to the troops at the end gave me chills. I love her and I am very very happy to call myself a fan. - New Fan Forever !!!

Athena Throckmorton
The weekend of the 20th - 22nd was by far more wilder than I could have imagined. My husband Randy and I saw the lovely Ms. Nicks from the 5th row center stage on the 20th. She was so enchanting and breathtaking, and was in great shape both vocally and physically. It was the first time Randy saw her in concert and he was floored at how this 60 y/o gypsy lady could captivate him as she did that night. I myself have been a fan of Stevie's since the late 70's when I was in high school, and I have seen her both with and without the Mac, and I must say, she gave us one of the best shows I have ever seen her give. Her choice of set list was absolutely perfect, opening to closing and even the encore! All the images she used on the backdrop helped us enter her world especially during Landslide when she honored the memory of her dad with pictures of he and her family throughout the years and during Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You when she honored the soldiers in the war. She poured her soul into each and every song she sang and she looked so amazing in every outfit she wore, my favorite was the top hat and the cream colored outfit she wore for the encore, she so looked like an angel. Well of course we were up at the stage during the Edge Walk and I held her hand and she smiled at me, there is nothing like that moment in all of the world when Stevie locks eyes with you, it feels like you can do anything. Randy almost caught one of Waddy's guitar picks as he threw them out into the audience, but alas someone else got it instead. At the end of the concert, Stevie made a request for all of us to send any money we could spare to the USO for the soldiers because they needed it desperately. This really shows the kind of woman she is, and how she cares about others. Now if all of this sounds cool, this next paragraph will freeze you as you read it!

We had been planning this night since last year when Stevie came to the Borgata for the Crystal Visions Tour, and nothing I could have imagined could have come close to how everything came together that Friday night. Randy and I were able to make a few key connections to get back stage to meet Stevie and that is just what happened! We were given back stage passes and escorted back stage to a little section and we were told by security "please wait here and have your camera ready." My heart was pounding like a million drums, I was about to meet the one person that I have always looked to and identified with. We only waited a few minutes but it seemed like an eternity. I thought what do I do? what do I say? I have been planning this night out for months and when it came right down to it, I forgot everything I had rehearsed or planned to say. In a moment a tiny woman with blond silky hair, dressed in a cream colored outfit came through the door in front of us surrounded by about 10 security guards. The liaison said "Stevie I would like to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Randy Throckmorton!" She walked toward us and held out her hands to me, I took her hands in mine and looked in her eyes and said "Hi Stevie, I just want to tell you how much you and your music has meant to me throughout the last 30 years. I have loved you and what you stand for so long and I want you to know that everything you have been doing for the wounded soldiers is just so great." She said "thank you so much." I then said "I enjoyed the show so much and you looked and sounded so beautiful, and I thank you for who you are and I thank God for your gift."

I handed her a musical belated birthday card that I recorded a small message on for her as well as a little printout of a little about me and my family, and again she said “thankyou so much” At this point Randy chimes in and says "My God you are beautiful" as he reaches for her hand and kisses it, yes, my husband kissed the hand of Stevie Nicks. She graciously said "Thank you very much." He then asks her if she will be enjoying a spa treatment to relax tomorrow and she responds "Oh no, I will be relaxing all alone in my room with my little yorkie because you know I am doing another show tomorrow night and another on Sunday night that I have to prepare for." I told her how lucky she was to be able to bring her dog with her and that I wish we could bring our little frenchie Misha. Then she said "Well lets get this picture taken, lets put the handsome man in the middle." and Randy says "oh yeah! two pretty girls on either side of me, I like it!" And just like that, we say thankyou and goodbye to Stevie and we were escorted back to the concert hall doors. We thanked the liaison for the opportunity to meet this wonderful lady and poet and that it was a dream come true!

So we went back to the casino and couldn't stop talking about our surreal experience meeting the First Lady of Rock and Roll to everyone. I went up to our room at around 2:30 am or so and who do I see standing at the elevator? Waddy Wachtel on his way up to his room. I said hello to him and as we got on the elevator I told him how much I enjoyed the concert and everyone did such a great job and how beautiful Stevie was and he said, "Ahh Stevie, she's my girl!" At this point the elevator doors opened and I hugged him, thanked him for an awesome performance, and said goodnight. Well I couldn't in my wildest dreams ever hope for more than I got that night! But believe it or not, I got to see stevie again the next night as well! This time I sat with the high roller who gave his tickets up for us the night before and I got to thank him as well! Needless to say, Stevie outdid herself on the 21st too!

Thankyou Stevie, Waddy, Lori, Jana, Sharon, Lenny, Carlos, Jimmy, Ricky, and Al for a wonderful night of enchanted music and memories!

Saw Stevie in The Borgota in Atlantic City on June 20th This was the second time for this tour. She did not move on stage as she has in the past. Maybe because she had her high boots on the hole time. From Landslide on, my friend and I stood at the stage. She always shakes hands at the end of Edge of 17, so my friend and I shook her hand. What a get night!

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