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Stevie Nicks 2008 - FAN REVIEWS

6/18/08 Casino Rama Orillia, Ontario, Canada

Grant mckinay
Great show keep up the good work.

Jim Templeton
The show at Casino Rama at Orillia ON, Canada was great again. I met Waddy again, who did remember me from last year. Talked with some of the band, got a cool picture with Sharon, who is such a sweaty. Stevie was once again in excellent form. She dedicated Landslide to her friend from CHUM FM. She sounded great again. I only wished she would have done 2 shows their like last year. I was at the stage and Waddy gave me one of his guitar pics. Held Stevie's hand at the stage walk in Michigan and again at this show. She will always be the best in Stevie fans hearts. A great show, wish I could go to the other in the U.S.

Just saw three great shows;
Casino Rama, Orillia, on the 18th, &,
The Borgata, Atlantic City, NJ, on the 20th, &, 21st.
All three shows were awesome, (front row tickets for each).

Stevie was in Excellent form, with superb musical, &, vocal support from the "band".

Between shows I had the pleasure of meeting a few of the band members, so;

Thank you Lori,
Thank you Lenny
Thank you Waddy,
Thank you Sharon,
Thank you Carlos,
Thank you Jana,
Thank you Jimmy, &,
Thank you Al.

Looking forward to the next time we meet.

Also, hello to Norma, &, Gia, &, as Stevie says, " Thank you God, for Gia~ ".

Stevie looked incredible and had great vocals throughout the concert.

At one point her microphone fell from the stand – the way she reacted to it was pretty cool. She remembered that the last time she was at Rama the stage attempted to have an intimate meeting with her ? Stevie said ”Is there something you want to tell me about this building”? ?

Maybe it’s all the good vibes coming your way from your fans Stevie? Last time (although a little scary at the time) we can joke that you fell for us and this time you rocked so hard that it took the microphone clear off the stand.

Thanks for continuing to include Canada on your tours. You obviously appreciate your band and your fans – a total professional.

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