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Stevie Nicks 2008 - FAN REVIEWS

6/15/08 DTE Energy Music Theatre Clarkston, MI

Terry A. Meyer
I just got home from seeing Stevie perform at DTE Energy Theater in Clarkston Michigan. The concert flowed with a high energy of rock n roll. Despite having a hoarse voice, Stevie sung with passion and strength. I enjoyed especially her performances of "Sorcerer", Bob Seeger's "Promise land", "How Still My Love" and "Has Anyone Written Anything for You". As always I enjoyed her stage presence. You can see her love of music each time one goes to see her in concert. I especially enjoyed her top hat and her new boots with rhinestones located on the back of their heals. Thank you for the music Stevie!

Stevie Dore 13
Just went to DTE Theatre in Michigan. Stevie was illuminating. With her voice being so pure, it sounded as if she was a mother to the whole audience. It was awesome to be surrounded by so many people who were all there for one reason, Stevie. This was a special show because it was Fathers Day. Stevie really reached out to those in need of comfort and love, and we all felt it. That's why I love Stevie so much, and I'm very glad to share a name with such a special person. Thank you soooo much for a light in my life. I'm so glad that I have had the opportunities' to see you as many times as I have, and the many times that I hope to see you in the future. This summer I am competing with dance solo to Rhiannon [Just Stevie singing with a piano] It's an awesome version of Rhiannon. I will be competing with it in Chicago, I dedicate it to you, Stevie. My mom just loves watching me dancing to Rhiannon because Stevie Nicks gets cranked in the auditorium. She gets to hear and see her two favorite Stevies' at the same time. I would love to dance for you sometime. If you ever need a dancer, please give me a call. Waddy, I ABSOLUTELY adore the guitar pick you handed me. I will always remember the second you looked at me and smiled while your guitar solo. Thank you Sharon, Lori, and Jana for great backup vocals. It's always great to see you girls. Have fun on the rest of the tour! I wish I could go to every show. Thank You so much.

The greatest impression of this Stevie Nicks admirer happened after the last note was sang, but more on that later. The Detroit area show at DTE Energy Music Theater was a classic rocker's dream. Dubbed Dougfest 2008 after the rock station that sponsored the show, Boston opened the evening with a super charged set of classic sing along rock. Minus long time lead lead singer Brad Delp who tragically died last year, the group has reinvented itself with two dual singers sharing vocal time and between the two sound similar to Delp['s distinct vocals. Of course having Tom Schulz on guitar powering his way through such classics as "Don't Look Back", Forlong Play/Longtime" and More than a Feeling added to the good time feel of let's say mid 1978. Their two hour set complete and a suprising number of hard core fans going wild, Boston cleared the way for Stevie. Now I have seen Stevie on EVERY tour whether it be Fleetwood Mac or solo with the only exception being the Wild Heart tour in which I was hospitalized. I have seen her up front (Yes, the "Edge of Seventeen" from row one was a completed bucket list to do!) and from the back (broke college years).. This time out I was planning to join a large group on the lawn as to take advantage of the great Summer weather in Michigan. I brought along my 18 year old son as it was Father's Day and before the show I had him fill out a prize entry form at the radio station table in hopes of getting a tee shirt. SOME TEE SHIRT....He won the grand prize which was a MEET AND GREET after the show with Stevie! We were informed to go to the side stage during "Edge of Seventeen" and we would go backstage during the encores. As for the show, well it was classic Stevie at her very best. Recording the show for PBS Soundstage she changed up the show a bit by opening with "Stand Back" and moving "Outside the Rain back a song or two. Classics followed with the only blip being some nut jumped on stage during a very moving "Landslide" where Stevie was featured with pictures of her with her dad. Stevie admonished the fan from the stage and moved on for a show stopping "Gold Dust Woman". As the chords of "Edge of Seventeen" started I grabbed my son and said "It'S TIME"! We gathered with another young couple who won a meet and greet over the internet and were joined by various radio personel from DOUG FM. Backstage I could hear Stevie tearing through Led Zep's "Rock in Roll" . One more song to wait....Was she in a good mood and would she do the meet and greet? Did the fan jumping on stage make her upset enough to just leave? Everyone in the greet line speculated. I just was hoping to tell her how much I appreciated her and that her music has been a soundtrack for a large part of my life. "Has anyone ever Written" was reaching the end as the crowd was cheering and the band came off first. I cheered for Waddy and he came over and gave me a very genuine double grip handshake and thank you. THEN we were told here she comes...no cameras...autographs....just QUICK well wishes. Stevie emerged and greeted each person INDIVIDUALLY asking our name and THANKING US! When she approached me I said to her everything I had ever wanted to say very quickly, but most important what a thrill it was to finally meet her. I gave her a kiss and strong hug. It was affection you would exchange with a long time friend, not some bum rush. She approached my son next and asked his name before hugging him. He kissed her also. UNBELIEVABLE....Going to the show with lawn seats and not much expectation beyond a great show. Why can't other performers learn from Stevie? She is one of the few people I had hoped to meet and in these days of overpromise under deliver...WOW...I hope you are reading this.Stevie...I will never have a better Father's Day....I Love you!

Jim Truszkowski
OK, I just got home from the show! Stevie was AMAZING!!! It was a packed house, maybe due to the fact that Boston was the opening band??? But she Looks and sounds amazing, Her energy was great, I cant believe she's 60!!! She opened with Stand Back, which I still dont like, it was still daylight outside, so you just dont get all the energy with the lights, etc. The setlist was the same, the only song missing was "Fall from Grace", which I was sad to have omitted. She had the black boots on all night, thank god, hopefully someone burned them "Frankenbocks" LOL!!!! She had a kewl black dress on, the hem seemed abit odd on it, the she only changed from the red shawl, to the "Rhiannon shawl, to the Golddust shaw, The edge dress and then white outfit for HAEWAFY, with the light boots! She seemed in great spirits said she prayed it wouldnt rain (the weather was abit stormy looking but held off.) There were 2 drunk blonds sitting in front of her, acting crazy all night, right before "Landslide" one of them ran up on stage and wanted to take a pic with Stevie with her dad? It was abit confusing and I must say, Stevies security sucked! There were 2 woman who finally came to take her off the stage, but the girl had already turned around and jumped off the stage, and one of the girls was working the soundboard?!?! WHAT?? Might want check that security Stevie?? But then she sand "Landslide" with the ruckus of security(from DTE) getting that girl out. Which to my surprise didnt make Stevie Happy, she basically said that "Wasnt cool and she just wanted a picture with her Dad, then the ruckus, just ruined her tribute to her father?" I mean come on thou, what if she was a sicko John Lennon sort of fan? Anyways, She rocked the night away, The girls (Lori, Sharon and Jana) looked GREAT and seemed to be having a blast, I am just glad Lori's back!

The background stuff on the screen is new or updated, very cool! My favs tonight:Golddust Woman, this version just blows away any other!!! HAEWAFY is just AMAZING!!!! Glad its back as the closer! She rocked the Bob Segar song and really seemed to enjoy that one the most!!! I think the 2 songs that really lost interest was "Sorcerer and How still my love" those were really the 2 major moments were everyone sat down, other the that it was AWESOME!!! I will see this woman everytime I can Live, she can sing the phone book and It would be amazing!!!! Go see her if you get the chance!!! Its so worth it!!!

"Turn to your guardian Angels..."

Stevie put on a great show at DTE (north of Detroit) last night. Her cover of Bob Seger's "Face The Promise" showed that she still has a great, strong voice and can really rock! Her tribute to the troops on the video screens during "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" was a beautiful reminder of the sacrifices being made and the generosity of the troops.

Curtis Helmus
Hello All,

I attended Stevie's Doug Fest show at the DTE Energy Theater last night. It was my 19th Stevie concert. She looked and sounded amazing. Looking forward to a 20th time seeing her perform. It is always a thrill for me at her concerts.


I came in from Toronto to attend the show, which I had front row centre! She was truly at her best once again! During the show and fan sitting to my right (named Diane) had a photograph of her and Jess Nicks. She told me a story about the photograph. She indicated the photo was taken during a FM show yrs before. She said although Jess was sleepy for most of the show, he did however wake and glare at his daughter each time she sang. It brought tears to my eye’s just thinking about how proud Jess was of his daughter. During Landslide however, Diane jumped up on stage to show Stevie the photograph. While two security personal grabbed her, another three were waiting for her at the bottom of the stage. She was escorted out. Stevie did make a comment about the photo and it being Fathers day weekend and how she felt the fan should not have been escorted out. I’m sure seeing the photograph brought a tear to Stevie’s eyes. I know it did mine.

Sharon, Jana, Lori, Waddy and the rest of the band put on an outstanding performance. Thanks to Stevie and the band for such an enchanted evening! I look forward to seeing you once again tomorrow night at Rama!

Update to Kellie's Review
Sitting front row centre, I was the blonde girl (which you [Jim's review above] indicated was “drunk” in your review) sitting on the left. I was not drunk or acting “crazy” as you stated. When did dancing and singing deserve the label “crazy” and imply that one which shows any form of enjoyment must therefore be drunk??? I did not know the girl that jumped up on stage until she cheated her way to the front from the lawn section. I just met her that night. I being a nice person did not call for security to have her removed back to lawns even thou she was in my boyfriend’s seat. I’m appalled at the slanderous label you gave me. Please get your facts straight and try to have a better/positive attitude the next time Stevie comes to perform. ?

All I can say is she ROCKED! I hope I am that beautiful when I am 60!


-- Warm Hugs

Cassie in Michigan
This was such a GREAT concert!! I took 2 friends from work and then my little cousin who is 12yrs old. This was her VERY FIRST concert and Stevie is her all time favorite artist. Thank you for the great show and not only making me smile, but my cousin has been on CLOUD 9 ever since. I promised her if there are more concerts, that will be the " her and I day". She was in tears for "Has anyone ever written anything for you" because of the armed forces in the background. are grandfather who played a HUGE part in our lives was in the Navy. THANK YOU so much Ms. STEVIE NICKS!!!! It means so much to me to see that little girl smile.

P.S. she kept say in my ear "If only I could meet her" I thought it was so sweet and at the same time said " What about me ...I want to" LOL


Eileen Churchill
The June 15, concert in Detroit was great Stevie looked great and sounded better than ever. I was lucky enough to be in the front row . She opened with Stand back it sounded great she had a lot of energy. She sure does not look 60. When she started landslide, one asshole in the front row jumped on stage just to give Stevie a picture. that was very disappointing. I hope she got arrested. Gold dust woman , How still my love, Edge of seventeen and many more were great , She played for 2 hours with a few clothes changes. After Edge of seventeen Stevie walked along the edge of the stage to shake our hands, Stevie looked into each one of our eyes and gave us a second of her night . When she came out for Rock and Roll she had on that big hat with feathers in it ,looked great. The only disappointment was the DTE energy theater would not let us take in flowers that we brought with us. Why? I did sneak in one flower with me and Stevie did take it from me. I have been to about 10 of Stevie 's shows and this one was wonderful ,can't wait to see the next show. She Rocks!

Jim Templeton
I drove with a friend from Toronto to the Clarkston, MI show June 15. Boston opened for Stevie and put on a good show. Stevie was in amazing form, and smiling song after song. I was in the 3rd row, and had a great view. It was a great Fathers Day show. A lady from the grass section had made her way down to the front row, and was beside a friend of mine. She had a picture of herself with Stevie's Father, and was trying to give it to Stevie before Landslide. Not having any success, she got on the edge of the stage, standing up reaching out with it to Stevie. She took a couple steps closer, and Stevie took one step, and got the picture. By then the lady was back down, as security moved in. They took her away, but I don't know if they took her out or back to the grass. Stevie showed how she was upset with security taking her away by saying so. The show was great. Some guy behind me said come on Stevie step it up a notch, well I would like him to try at 60. Obvious not a Stevie true fan. Well great show, and then off to Casino Rama in Orilla, ON Canada for show #2.

Pam Potgeter
Thanks for touring this summer Stevie! My best friend and I hit the road everytime you come around! I've been going to FM/Stevie concerts since 1980, so I estimate that I've seen you at least 30 times!

We love the venue at DTE. Outdoor concerts are the best. We arrived just as Boston was going on stage. Since we're not Boston fans, that was a good time to wander around and "people watch" before the show started. Wow... what a mix of people of all different ages. It sure is a tribute to you and your music Stevie. We got a kick out of a mom and her daughter, who had to be about 8 years old, with their Stevie "Stand Back" matching shirts on. Coincidentally, they sat a few rows ahead of us and never sat down, were dancing and singing along all night long!

Stevie came out during the intro to "Stand Back." She was all smiles, and seemed to be in a very good mood. The band was TIGHT. Love to watch Waddy play guitar, and the girls were in beautiful outfits as always. they certainly have an eye for style.

I was glad that "Outside the Rain" was in the set, but missed "I need to know." However, I loved rocking out to "Rock and Roll" at the end. The percussion solo by Jimmy Paxson and Lenny Castro was great in the intro to "Edge of Seventeen!!!!!

Happy belated birthday Stevie! We got down front during the edgewalk, but couldn't get close enough to shake your hand. You'd think after 28 years I could get close enough! HAHA! Anyway, looking forward to the Fleetwood Mac tour in 09, and much love and blessings to you. I dont' know what I would actually say if I had the chance to meet you, so I'll say it here. Thanks for the music. I started listening to you at age 18, and I just turned 50 this year. You've been there for me through both heartaches and happy times, and continue to do so today. Thanks again!

Alexis Davis
This was my third time seeing Stevie, and she just gets better every time I see her! I was standing and dancing the entire time, got yelled at to sit down from the guy behind me, and loved every minute of the show. If there's a Stevie concert in Michigan, you know I'll be there! What a great way to kick off the summer. I can't get enough of hearing songs like Rhiannon, Edge of Seventeen, and my mother's favorite, Sorcerer live. Keep being fabulous, Stevie! Thanks for the inspiration you brought me this year, and in the years to come!

Dean and Linda Martelle

Show: DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston MI What an amazing show! Linda and I were able to take our friend Rhiannon (named after the book character just like the song) to her first Stevie Nicks concert and what a time she had. She got up and danced to her namesake song and spent the most of the show just drinking in the words and music. The show opened with a rousing Stand Back with Stevie managing some twirls and a waist high kick. Then Stevie apologized for being hoarse and said she would ride that horse and make it work. She did! She delivered powerful versions of every song. Face the Promise deserves a special note. Stevie is the only female singer in the world who can do a Bob Seger song justice.
Set List:
Stand Back
Outside the Rain / Dreams
If Anyone Falls in Love
Crash Into Me
Face the Promise
Gold Dust Woman
How Still My Love
(Drum and Percussion set)
Edge of Seventeen
Rock and Roll
Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You.
On the bad side a woman climbed up on stage on got in Stevies' face. She was taken away by security. It hardly fazed Stevie but she did admonish her between songs. A true fan would be happy with the stage walk of Edge of Seventeen. Stevie is really doing well on this tour. She's pacing herself well and has great energy on stage. Our friend Rhiannon remarked on her warmth and sincerity. She looks amazing! If this show comes to your area don't miss it!

Devin S.
My friend Robin & I had a wonderful night! The in-climate weather stayed away so it was a gorgeous night @ Pine Knob (aka DTE!). The parking lot filled early with pre show revelers whose musical choices were predominately Stevie and Fleetwood Mac tunes (of course). The shows was supposed to be some sort of a Birthday Celebration for the local "Doug" radio station but thankfully, the stations presence was very low key.

We opted out of watching/listening Boston but stayed outside the pavilion sitting by one of the waterfalls, people watched and talked about the upcoming show. Soon as Boston left the stage we headed inside and took our seats. Stevie looked great and tho she admitted to being hoarse, it didn't seem to effect her voice greatly. Was thrilled to hear "Outside the Rain!" Stevie talked about trying to locate Bob Seger to join her onstage for her cover of "Face the Promise." What a duo that would've been! The crowd would've went wild! Maybe next time! "Gold Dust Woman" was KILLER! One of the best I think I have heard. The visual accompaniments onscreen add much ambience to the music! I will be honest, Robin & I were so entranced with watching the video montage during "Landslide" that we missed the drama at the side of the stage at that time. I'm still not clear what really went down.... The images of Stevie's Dad as various times in her life was especially touching since it was Fathers Day "Rhiannon" was very well done too! (Again back drop art work was stunning!) During "Edge of Seventeen" a fan handed Stevie a Red Wings Jersey (they recently won the Stanley Cup), I don't think she knew what to do with it, :) but she added it to the rest of the things she collects during "The Walk." I happen to love Stevie singing "Rock and Roll" and am glad it is in the set! We fully expected to be admonished for standing up and dancing thru most of the show but luckily that didn't happen.

Loved seeing the black top hat with the white feather! Was this the hat worn during her time out with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers?

Waddy was in fine form. So glad he is back for the past shows I have seen. He actually came out in a nice white shirt and black vest that was quickly discarded. He then was in his "traditional" white tee and jeans.

What I don't understand is people who get up and leave in the middle of "Edge of Seventeen." My friend Robin asked, "What is that all about?" The shows not over! Is getting out of the parking lot that important?! Again the accompanying video montage, this time during "Has Anyone Ever Written" added to the intensity of the song. The series of images of our soldiers in Iraq, here in the States, in action and recovering was especially moving.

Thanks for a wonderful evening Stevie and band!

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