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Stevie Nicks 2008 - FAN REVIEWS

6/13/08 Chaifetz Arena St. Louis, MO

Nancy in Belleville, IL.
Nancy in Belleville, IL. I attended Stevie's concert tonight (June 13, 2008) at St. Louis University, Chaefitz Arena, in St. Louis, MO. It was truly the most enchanting experience of my life, that I will always remember. Stevie was fabulous, beautiful and the band and her back up ladies were amazing. Her voice is flawless. What amazed me the most was Stevie's compassion for her music and fans which generates a feeling that she is performing for only you. There were times during the concert that her songs brought tears to my eyes especially "Landslide" and the tribute to her Dad and sharing pictures of her family. And the song "Has Anyone Every Written Anything for You" with a tribute to our troupes. I am in awe of her persona and graciousness towards her audience. Stevie is truly someone you wished you had the pleasure of knowing on a personal level. I have the utmost respect for her stamina and talent. Stevie I certainly hope you always keep St. Louis on your tour schedules in the future. You are greatly loved in the Midwest.

Amy Elliott in St. Louis, MO
I'm a 23 year old fan of Stevie's and have been head over heels for our songbird since I was old enough to know what music and mtv was. To this day I can remember the first time I heard Rhiannon off of the double live album. I was mesmerised.

Last night I was also mesmerised. I'd had chances to see her before but either she cancelled or something happened and I was unable to attend. Well my heart goes out to any St. Louisan whom was unable to attend.

Stevie's voice was so crisp and beautiful. She looked fabulous, and the way she moved made me forget for a few hours all the troubles going on in my world and the world around me. For one night she made me feel like it was just me and her and some of the best musicians my ears had yet to behold (way to go Waddy!!!) And the girls also sounded great!

We didn't have very great seats,( I took my dad for father's day.) But we had more room to dance with her. I was so surprised to meet even younger fans than me and one man even doubted my age because I was so Stevie-wise as he put it.

The whole night was magickal and as if she didn't have my heart before, she now holds it in her hands (along with my other young dancing buddies from last nite ; ) ) You are truly timeless Stevie and I love u more than ever now!

went to the june 13th concert in st. louis missouri and it was wonderful. stevie looked and sounded better than ever. great show

Gerri Wade
I'm a huge fan from St. Louis and was at the concert June 13th. Great concert.....Stevie looked and sounded amazing.

Deb B.
Just like the white winged dove Stevie Nicks arrived in St.Louis,MO at the SLU campus for her concert. I was there waiting ahead of time. I love the time she gives to those of us who love her,support her, pray for her and her family, and live to hear her sing her songs of inspiration. I will cont. later.

Joseph Leonard
Before I attended Stevie's concert in St. Louis on June 13th, I had visited her nicksfix website to see if any setlist had been posted. It had indeed. At first, I was disappointed that some of my Stevie faves ("Gypsy", "Rooms on Fire") were not included, and I resigned myself to the fact that I was probably going to see a "C+" concert. How wrong I was!

Stevie's band entered the stage, and I immediately recognized the great Waddy Wachtel on lead guitar. Each instrumentalist joined the vamping, until the introduction to the rousing "Stand Back" rang through the hall. Stevie entered stage center, draped in her familiar red shawl, and it was obvious that I was going to see no "C+" show! After her first song, Stevie greeted the crowd, and promised that fun would be had for all. "Outside the Rain" was followed by Fleetwood Mac's only number one hit, "Dreams." A backdrop screen was cleverly used all through the show, depicting graphics that fit the current concert number.

As usual, the show-stopper of the night was "Rhiannon", which has become more of an event unto itself over the years. Beautiful images of Welsh women graced the screen as Stevie and the band perfectly performed her signature tune. I wondered how many of the drawings were done by Stevie herself?

Other highlights included "Gold Dust Woman", "Edge of Seventeen", and her encore "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You", which was dedicted to our troops serving in Iraq.

I've seen Stevie before, twice by herself and three times with Fleetwood Mac. The girl is not getting older, she's getting better. While I love seeing her perform with the Mac, she seems to be more in her element doing her own show. I flew all the way from Austin, Texas to see this show, and it was worth it. I left giving the show a clear "A".

Becca in Missouri
Even though I'm only 17, I have been hooked on Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks for quite a while, and Stevie's concert in St. Louis was both the first rock concert and the first Stevie concert I have been to. The show was AMAZING, starting with the opening act done by Peter Cincotti. He had a nice overall sound, even though it was hard to make out some of the lyrics. I did get kind of restless, though, during his performance, because it seemed to last a long time, and, after all, I was really pumped up to see Stevie! It was nice to be exposed to an artist I had never heard before, though. Anyway, when Stevie finally did come on stage I was amazed. She looked awesome in her chiffon and shawls and boots. I loved all her costumes and the dances and movements she did during her songs (I especially loved the shawl dance in Stand Back and the dance in How Still My Love). And her voice! She sounded fantastic and I was singing along with her most of the time. I did think that her voice sounded a little mellower than I've heard in some of her live recordings, but I really liked her rendition of Dave Mathews' Crash (to tell the truth I'm not real crazy about Dave Mathews and thought Stevie did better than he on the song even though it's really written from a man's point of view). I really loved Stand Back, Landslide (my favorite song since I was little), Rhiannon, and Gold Dust Woman. Gold Dust Woman was actually my favorite performance of the night. The instrumentals at the beginning were stunning. Stevie's band was sure rocking, Waddy Wachtel especially. He is a beast! I really loved his guitar intro to Edge of Seventeen. All in all I was mesmerized by the atmosphere on stage. My only complaint about the evening was the price of T-shirts at the souvenir table--I thought $40 was a little much for a T-shirt, especially since I am a teenager! Anyway, Stevie is one of my all-time favorites, always so gracious to her fans, with music that reaches out and grabs them, and I hope I get to see her again in the future!!

Roger B.
I was at the St Louis show {The one in the tall top hat up front} and I am just amazed at how Beautiful Stevies show has become. It is now the little world that she always wanted us to come into for awhile,It was wonderful. Stevie ROCKED still got it ,always has ,always will. This was my 27th Stevie ,Fleetwood Mac show ,and have been a serious fan for 30 years. Been along for the whole ride . Hope there is many more Stevie worlds to visit. Love ya Stevie ROCK ON . priest of nothing

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