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Stevie Nicks 2008 - FAN REVIEWS

6/10/08 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park Alpharetta, GA

Marie Hallup
I am a lifelong faI just got home from an enchanted eveing with Stevie Nicks!! She really put on a good show tonight but that goes without saying.. When we first got there it started raining and before the show started it quit and got breezy, it was perfect.. We had very good seats ORC1 row H the secruity guys said we would not be able to go to the stage at all tonight but I had to deliver an ornament I made to Stevie and I just had to get up there.. It took me a couple songs but I finally made my way! Edge of seventeen came on and she started making her rounds, greeting and shaking hands with her fans.. she made her way right in front of me and I got to hand her my ornament and she shook my hand and thanked me but I couldn't hear everything she said it was so loud and I was in aww! I just wish I could have heard what she was saying to me.. But at least I got to hand it to her and shake her hand! That was all I was hoping for, last year I made an ornament but had to hand it to Carlos which is fine but I would've liked to hand it to her.. I'm still so excited about this and will be for some time.. It is my dream to meet her, and just shaking her hand and hearing her say "thank you" means so much to me! I'm looking forward for her return already :) And I don't think that women ages at all!! She's amazing.. I'm so glad she is still touring and sharing her wonderful music with us and hope she doesn't stop anytime soon! I love you Stevie!!!

Marie in Brandon, MS
AWESOME! Absolutely fabulous. Stevie is both an icon and legend! I have loved her since the 70’s and she just gets better with age. I have seen her several times, however, I had never heard her sing If Any Falls live. That was a dream come true. If you get the chance to see her during her summer tour, DO NOT miss it. It is well worth the wait. I hope she continues to tour for many years to come because I will continue to go every chance I get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff & Jo Alexander
WOW! Words can't describe what an amazing awesome concert Stevie & Band put on for us. We were very fortunate to be there! If you get the chance to go............. GO! Even if your seat isn't all that great, the sound is excellent and this band rocks.! We saw people of all ages watching a legend in music. Thinking about taking a trip north to see her again! MAN! YOU GOTTA GO SEE HER !

I loved the show Stevie. However, I was a little disappointed. Silver Springs holds a close place in my heart and we didn't get to hear it. I was also hoping to hear a few of your duets. I loved your energy and I can tell you're a beautiful person. I took my mom to see you tonite. It's my 44th birthday and we had a great time. Thanks

Tom 13
It was absolutly AMAZING!!!!!! Stevie was awesome as usual!!!! I don't really know what to say because I'm still in awe!!!

Colleen and Gregg
We went to Stevie's concert here in Atlanta, (Verizon Wireless Amp), and it was fantastic!! The weather here was extremely hot and humid, but as always Stevie came out in her trademark stunningly beautiful dresses, shawls, and of course, her BOOTS! We had seats in the pit, row BBB, but I got lucky, and upgraded to row AAA! There was a opening act, he was good, but we were all excited to see Stevie! She came out, and did not disappoint, the entire crowd was captivated by her presence!! I must also say the Stevie fans were extremely kind to me, I had triple heart by-pass operation done 8 weeks ago, so when we went up to the stage for "the walk", they all helped make sure I did not get hurt or crushed, and they also got Waddy's attention, (my husband helped me greatley also), he came over and gave me a pick!! Waddy is an extremely talented guitar player, I was blown away by his playing last night, the entire band was simply on fire!! Stevie made a comment on how hot it was, but you couldn't have asked for a more AWESOME CONCERT PER- FORMANCE!! Stevie seemed very moved (as we all were) during the singing of Landslide, her Family picture's in the background, very emotional and moving! I am always amazed at how humble, down to earth, emotional, kind, caring, and thoughful she is. At this day and time, not many performers are anywhere near her in the talent department, not to mention the caring factor! If you have not gotten tickets to see her Concert, by all means, get some!! It does not matter where you sit ( I like up close, have some vision issues), you will not be sorry-this was a KNOCK OUT SHOW! Stevie came out and sang her heart and soul out, the background pixs were also great-and again, the crowd was a mix of young and old. I met some young Stevie fans up at the stage, and they were very CRAZY ABOUT STEVIE!!! Stevie, please keep touring (as long as you feel like it), BECAUSE YOU BRING A RAY OF LOVE AND PEACE TO US ALL!! I always feel HAPPY, HOPEFUL,EXCITED AND CONTENT after a Stevie concert-please keep on giving of yourself to us, we really do LOVE AND APPRECIATE you, and YOUR BAND!! You guys ROCK please come back to Atlanta, (or surrounding locations) so we can be ENCHANTED BY THE LADY FROM THE MOUNTAIN all over again! STEVIE KEEP ON ROCKING, LOVE YOU AND YOUR BAND!!! FOREVER A FAN,

Niemiec, Craig
Stevie and group did an outstanding job and we truly enjoyed the concert. Only disappointment has nothing to do with Stevie but it was “hotter than hell” and it is a shame that a new outdoor theatre in Georgia does not have enough fans or air circulation to make it even bearable to enjoy the concert. I can only imagine how hot it was for the bandmembers under the lights on stage and, it is only early June here in Georgia. July and August are truly going to be a disaster. Great job Stevie and your backups and band.

Rocky and Brett
Another wonderful, vibrant, exciting, enchanting show that Stevie and her band put on for the crowd! I loved her singing the song Crash by Dave Matthews! She did a great job and I was able to sing right along with her. It is always so exciting attending a Stevie show because you never know who you might meet or see in the crowd, but you always know you are going to see fans who love and adore Stevie just as much as you do though you always believe you are the biggest fan!

My husband and I were both brought to tears during Landslide because of her video of her Dad. My husband lost his Dad a month after we were married 6 years ago and I am very close to my Dad so to see how much Stevie was close and loved her Dad makes us teary. Also, her tribute to the troops during Has Anyone Written Anything was teary! I love that song, glad she put it back in the set list (though I did miss Beauty and The Beast which really shows Stevie’s vocal talent!) We truly enjoyed the show and the whole crowd seemed very enchanted, bewitched and Stevie lovers!!! Thanks Stevie for another Great Show!!!

Stevie Nicks put on a great stunning show at the Amphitheater Venue with all the magic that was in the air. Beginning her set, the crowd went wild and rose to their feet as Stevie performed with her magic awe that fell over the audience. As the show went on, Stevie would comment more on her songs and what events in her live led her to wrote and compose the songs. I think the audience became more aware of the things that Stevie had endured the hardships in the beginning to the point that her and Lindsey had to make the decision to joing Fleetwood Mac.

When Stevie performed Landslide, there was a more visual look of Stevie in pictures that appeared on the screen behind the band that gave the audience more of a look in to the world of Stevie and how she was influenced by her family members.

The night was magical to the audience in many ways as they heard more from Stevie Nicks then they have in past concerts as she commented more on the introductions of band members and even commenting of there commitment to her through her years on song writing.

It was great after going to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac concerts for a little over 20 years to see a more open person as she commented on her song writing and the changes in her life.

Chris Frye in ATLANTA, GA
We had the best time ever last night at Stevie Nicks Live in Atlanta GA!!! We love you in ATL Stevie!!! This was a b-day gift for my sister, we did this last year in Vegas. The show was so good, The set list is the same one listed for opening night with 2 or 3 in a different order. We had a great crowd of people around us (Tanner Rocks), everyone was singing and dancing, just having fun, it was still a little hot out. She looks and sounds better than ever! Can't wait for new music!!!!! Very Happy to here some new covers she doing on this tour!!!! A+++++++++ show!!!! 6 weeks ago I fell and broke my right leg and ankle, I was on crutches the whole show and I would do it again tonight!! ROCK ON STEVIE

Jerri Phillips
My friend Sam and I attended the concert June 10, 2008 in Alpharetta, GA. We have been best friends for 25+ years and Stevie has always been one of our favorite singers. To finally see her in person and experience it together was one of the best nights of my life. The Verizon Amphitheatre provided a fantastic atmosphere, even though it was very hot, the wind would blow magically around us. Stevie's music and aura can touch so many lives and as she said during closing, "Peace and God Bless". Hope to see her again in 2009!! Keep Rocking

I just saw Stevie in Georgia, It was the best concert I have been to. She puts on a fantastic performance..She is awesome..I love her..You have to go see her you wont be sorry...Stevie Rules...

Derek Conner
"Inspiration is a wonderful gift to give ourselves each day, to nurture our spirit, to be reminded of the power of life flowing through us, to be inspired, to manage our power with great awareness. Words, ideas, and music can heal the mind and nurture the soul. Alive with energy, they have the power to uplift, to enliven, to enchant, and transform..." DEEPAK CHOPRA

Tuesday night, June 10, 2008, I was fortunate enough to see the Stevie Nicks concert at Encore Park. It was Magical.

Before I elaborate, let me give a small preview of pre-concert events. My brother, Chris, who was a very talented song writer, singer, musician, and human being in general, died in November of last year with lung cancer. That has changed my life and my perceptions profoundly. I still can't believe he's gone. He was a friend, and though he was younger than me, he was also my support ~ the person I could call any time or talk about anything with. Here is the good part ~ THREE MONTHS after his death, in February, I received a package from UPS that was a Stevie Nicks T-shirt I had wanted from The Crystal Visions Tour. He had ordered it before he died, and it was on back-order. The package read, "A gift from your little Bro...Love Always, Chris" I had chills and knew this was a magic shirt that I would wear to the next Stevie Nicks concert I attended. I knew Chris would be with me there in spirit.

I rode to the concert from South Carolina with my friend, Julie. We have been to see Stevie consecutively for the last four years....Oh, but I have seen dozens of show all over the USA. It was about a three hour road trip to her parent's home in Atlanta, where we dropped off her two month old son. Her parent's live in a beautiful southern home. They are great baby-sitters and have watched Julie's children before while we attended Stevie concerts. They are also great host and allow us to stay over after the concerts. Immediately upon arriving at their home, one of their pet cats Julie had grown up with, was run over and died. She was devistated. I thought the evening was ruined for sure. To my amazement, Julie pulled herself together, and off we went to Encore Park, another hour drive.

When we arrived. our parking was upgraded from lot N - for will call tickets - to lot A, which is VIP parking. My youngest brother, Brian, and his girlfriend, Ashleigh, had given me tickets to the show in May for my 41st birthday. Our seats were in section 101, which probably were great, because Encore Park is such a small intimate setting...BUT big enough for the huge sound of Stevie Nicks. We never even saw the seats ~ I gave them to a couple sitting in the grass ~ Because; some man was there, an angel, who we spoke to about things I have mentioned. He told us he hoped the night got better AND handed us two 2nd row center stage tickets! Now things started to make a little bit of sense. This was the show I had waited for all these years. I am alive...I am strong...This is a good night.

I had read the opening night set list where Stevie opened with Outside the Rain , "Well Mick says Stevie, this is just one more link in the chain...and do not break the chain please....and I say, Well I believe him this time" , classic and always appreciated. To my surprise, she opened with Stand Back, and I was immediately dancing. The song was HOT. Outside the Rain and Dreams followed. Then Sorcerer, love it. " If Anyone Falls was right on. Landslide was beautiful and powerful and dramatic ~ I believe Julie and I both shed tears. Next, Stevie did a Dave Matthew's song, Crash Into Me. Ofcourse it was good...it was Stevie Nicks doing it...but, I would rather have heard No Spoken Word or Rose Garden or Blue Denim, something totally Stevie. Fall From Grace, one of my favorites, was powerful...the end of that song always sends electric energy through me...."Well, maybe I fought this long and this hard just to make sure you survive." How Still My Love was nice to hear. It wasn't in her show for several tours. Next, she sang a song, another cover song, called, Face the Promise. I don't know who's song it is, But this one I'm glad she did. It was inspiration in it's purest form. Then the unmistakable drums and guitar opened Gold Dust Woman. At the end of the song, she stood behind Waddy. She had on a gold cape, ofcourse, with tassels, and she moved her arms around like wings around Waddy. It was quite a vision. Then she went back to the microphone and said something like, " gold dust...you can't feel her...you can't touch her...you can't catch her." Unforgettable. I believe I have mixed up the order of a couple of songs, forgive me...It was the exitement. I took a pocket notebook to actually write the set list down, but I couldn't take my eyes off Stevie long enough to write one word. Rhiannon was flawless. Then The Edge of Seventeen .....what can you say? The song remains the same. The intensity and drama and passion were there.....her expression....her attitude....her poetry....what a gift. Has Anyone Ever Writtin Anything for You was the final song. Stevie changed into a pearl white dress with a jacket. The music was beautiful....Her voice was unbelievable...classic Stevie Live. It was a vision, a moment in time, a memory I will never forget. Her beauty and grace, intensity, and stage-presence get better with age, although she looks younger than I have seen her look in years. I was five feet away from her. She was thin and alive, flawless skin, flawless voice. I was lost in the power and energy from the show~ the pure light and loving energy that flowed from her~ right into the very hearts of her adoring fans.

Thank you, Stevie, for being that light, for caring enough to come back again and again. Thanks for the memories and inspiration...and the music that makes me dance. Thanks for 28 years of fun ~that's how long I've been chasing you around. Thanks for the magic. Ofcourse your fans will continue to support any endeavors you pursue. If you are a fan, reading this review and thinking of attending a show, please go. You will not be disappointed. If you are a huge fan, this is a show not to be missed. If you've never seen her live, this is the time to go. If you were at Encore Park, I was the one center stage, 2nd row, dancing like I was at a nightclub. If you were near me, you know what I mean.

Thanks to John Kinney for all of your effort. We love you. And last, but not least, to my brother, Chris, thanks for the magic T-shirt. From me, this show and all of the memories are dedicated to you...in loving memory...so many loving memories. Love is Forever...connerfoundation.org

Love and Peace to All

M. Bryant in Atlanta, GA
I Saw Stevie In Atlanta On June 10th & She Was Breath Taking! She Also Looked Amazing- Stevie Whatever You Are Doing Keep Up The Great Work Because You Are A Queen! I Live In Atlanta, But I Will See You In Boston, MA Also! Keep Rocking, And We All Will Keep The Music Playing Like You Said, And The World Will Find PEACE-

What a beautiful night for Stevie's show!!! The people in georgia were really kind it was a bit different than boston and I was so glad to have my guard down for three days in this beautiful state. I stayed not far froom the venue. Went alone as usual and I had the best time!! Stevie was full of life and energy and she was wicked happy !! I loved when her and lori sang CRASH together it was awesome!!! Stevie was happy that her god children were there!! A girl with a beautiful name. I beleive this is the same women, once the baby that helped Stevie get on stage during her tour of bella donna. Matthew was there Robins son and I thought that was fantastic no doubt they went out after the show and hung out together. Stevie was ready to party and have a good time!!! She came out wearing a beautiful red shawl!!!! Waddy talked to stevie alot during the show and they seemed so attached to one another!!! I love the Stevie did FALL FROM GRACE. I was in the PIT section having a blast for myself with some much needed MUSIC THEREPY!!!!! FACE THE PROMISE one of SEGARS tunes was out this world and the whole band JAMMED !!!! before the venue right inside there was a dance contest and some people won a t shirt. after that there was a singing concert so I sang LANDSLIDE and won that contest I won a cd/dvd of cystal visions ( I have a copy two infact ) so I gave it to this women who really wanted to win and then took off for the show!!!

THE OPENER WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Stevie has a few changes in her set and some new changes in her wardrobe but I don't want to wreck anything for anyone STEVIE YOU LOOKED GOERGOUS LOVED THE ENDING STEVIE ASKED IF WE HAD EXTRA MONEY TO DONATED IT TO THE USO....SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC SHE STATED ONCE AGAIN !!! AL LOOKED WICKED HAPPY not that he doesn't usually but more so this time. I always feel so much better after a show!!! DONT YOU !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH STEVIE NICKS AND LORI,JANA,SHARON,THE B3 HAMMOND GUY, SCOTT,JIMMY AND LENNY who by the way were like FIRE CRACKERS during there solo,WADDDDDYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyou rule YOUR THE BEST!!! Carlos!!!!! fantastic as usual love the way you play!! THANKS SO MUCH !!! HAVE A FANTASTIC REST OF YOUR TOUR pEACE AND LOVE

White Deer
On June 10 th, my oldest daughter and I drove 215 miles one way to see a musical legend...Stevie Nicks in concert. If anyone ever has the chance to go see this wonderful woman in concert ...please do. I promise it is well worth the money for the concert. For over two hours we sat and stood watching in amazement along with listening to her never changing voice. As she sang many of her favorites from times long past to ones not long ago heard by all. It was like stepping back in time for many there. I know I have been listening to her since I was a teenager in the 70's when she started on the music scene. And even when she was with Fleetwood Mac, I still followed her music. I really got into her music heavy when serving in the Air Force. I followed her career and wanted to learn all I could of this beautiful soul.
She has written most all the songs she sings and is very gifted in this.area. She has truly been blessed by the Goddess for bringing to her fans throughout the years the wonderful shows and music she has done. Her live shows are beyond words and will not be soon forgotten by the one watching. She started the show walking up on stage in the middle as the music begins to play. She stills wears the black or white and even black and white dresses on stage. On her microphone had ribbons of black, white and purple hanging from it. Along with several stands of white beads. Time from time she would tell the fans of several different things that happened within her life. Just the inter reaction with her fans are something beyond this world. With her on stage she introduces her backup singers, which one happens to be Lori Nicks, her sister-in-law who has been with her since 1983. Her base guitar player who has been with her since 1974 when they started playing.
Yes she did sing her one song "Landslide" which she told of the story behind that. When she wrote the song her father always thought she wrote it for him. Even though he has passed away several years now she still sings it for him. Saying " This one is for you daddy" then sings the song. This year she also dedication to her two god children. She stills feels him on stage with her when she performs and that he is always with her. The song Sorcerer was first written in 1973 when she was with Lindsay Buckingham started and the album never got off the ground. And was brought back to life on the cd ..Trouble in Shangri- la with Sheryl Crow. But I think the best was the last song she performed that evening. Behind her was the American flag and on that flag was being shown pictures of our soldiers from the Iraq war with children from that country. As this was showing she sang "Has Anyone Written Anything for You. As the show ended they all lined up to thank everyone and to give to the USO and to thank the troops for all they have and still do.
As the next to last song was being played and song, she took a break and shook hands with her fans. As her fans gave her gifts and flowers she took them from them and thanked them for them.Yes she is truly a legend in today's world. And we are blessed to have her.

For a beautiful soul that she has and just reaching her 60 th birthday on May 26 th, she is timeless as her songs.

Peace to all

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