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Stevie Nicks 2008 - FAN REVIEWS

2/02/08 Honda Center Indio, CA

Hello Stevie!
All I can say is about your show is, WOW and AMAZING! It is the next morning after your show last night in Anaheim and I allready need another Nicks Fix! I can't get enough after last night. It was my very first time seeing you live, yet have loved your music, lyrics, voice and energy for a long time. Yet, last night, I couldn't believe my ears and eyes. My husband had gotten free tickets by attending Cal State Fullerton as a Graphic Animation Student and he is also a fan, so we were very excited to see your show, but we didn't expect to be so excited and hot after your show. It was funny because during the show I was thinking to myself that I am in love with this woman, because of how cool you were, and how strong and beautiful the energy you sent to us, and after the show, my husband, told me, " I think I am in Love" and I said "Oh my God, me too!" But we were so in love with each other during the show, it was great. Anyway, we appreciated your music so much last night and thank you for such a Romantic and Spiritual night. You are sincerely the coolest Rocker Woman ever, I mean COOL! (next to Janis:)) I will never forget your show and look forward to seeing you again.

Keep Rockin and God Bless you Too!


What a great show THANKS!!!!!!

Don - Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.
The Honda Center was very cool, Stevie opened with Stand Back, then Enchanted and on to If Anyone Falls, Crash, Rhiannon, Dreams, Gold Dust Woman, I need to know, Landslide, Edge, and closed with Rock Ďní Roll. Fall from Grace and Sara from the night before were left out. Stevie looked and sounded great. She also seemed to be really enjoying herself. The crowd was really into the show. I had a great time as always. Looking forward to the next dates.
Claudia Messier
Hello Stevie!
I was fortunate enough to see your show on February 2 at Honda Center in Anaheim. My husband surprised me with the tickets as an early Valentine's day present. We both had an awesome time. Stevie, you looked so beautiful and sounded even better! This was my second time seeing you live. The first time was a few years ago when it was called the Arrowhead Pond and you performed with Fleetwood Mac. I love your music and your beautiful energy and spirit. Thank you so much for giving us this awesome show! God bless you and your musicians.
Dianne McGavin
How lucky am I? I live in Maryland, but had to be in Long Beach for work and happened to see that Stevie was doing this event in Anaheim, which is only about 1/2 hour away from LB. Got tickets and my partner and I were able to attend. Stevie looked and sounded great and she was in such a playful mood - very happy to be there. Stevie looked the most rested we've seen her in years, her voice was strong, and she was very energetic. So glad we got to be a part of this once in a lifetime evening!
Saturday night, Feb. 2, 2008, I had the good fortune to attend Cal State Fullerton's Front and Center benefit event featuring Steve Nicks as the headliner for the entertainment portion of the event. As a guest of the Orange County Small Business Council members, I was seated in the Silver Circle tables dead center on the floor of the Honda Center. Following the champagne reception/black tie affair where I met the Dean of the Mihaylo School of Business, Dr. Anil Puri and his wife, among other fascinating and prominent Orange County academic and business leaders, we were served a lovely dinner where the wine flowed freely all evening. Many folks passed by our table for brief introductions including Steve Mihaylo, the CSUF alumnus who recently donated $30 million to the School of Business and Economics.

The entertainment began at 8 p.m. emceed by another CSUF alum, Marc Cherry, the writer of hit TV show "Desperate Housewives". Students from CSUF's School of the Arts entertained us with dance and song including a hilarious parody number of "Desperate Housewives" sung to the tune of the Eagles' "Desperado". There were speeches by Milton Gordon, CSUF's President, awards given to Orangewood Children's Foundation and spotlights on the school's President's and Guardian Scholars, all of whom were seated in VIP seats at the event. Just prior to the appearance of Stevie Nicks, the students did a retrospective of her illustrious career complete with photos on the big screens and a beautiful rendition of "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You". The students themselves exhibited amazing talent and put on an entertaining and respectable show. But, alas, the audience had waited long enough for the rock icon gypsy and finally, after much adeui, she appeared in all her mystical glory.

Long blond hair flowing nearly to her waist, dressed in black leather pants, high heals, and a black top accented with a gold and black shawl, she hit us with a rockin' version of "Stand Back". Her set also included covers of Tom Petty's "I Need To Know", and Dave Matthews' "Crash". Several costume changes later brought us "Gold Dust Woman", her signature ballad "Landslide", as well as "Dreams". These songs and her very presence took me back to the 1970's when I first saw her with Fleetwood Mac on the football field at Cal State Chico just after she and Lindsay Buckingham had joined the band.

The years have been a friend to her blessing her with lovely skin and a figure anyone half her age (she's 59) would be happy with and a voice showing no signs of wear and tear. She engaged the crowd with her stories about how the songs came into her repertoire whether they were hers or covers. She clearly did not like the teleprompter and chose to acknowledge the dignitaries, the audience, the donors and give high praise to the students who opened the show. She spoke from her heart when she said she was touched by the tribute they did for her and at the end of the show she made a point of how important it is that art and education be supported.

"The Edge of Seventeen" brought many of the college kids to the front of the stage. God knows I had to restrain myself from joining them being the seasoned rocker that I am and a long-time Stevie fan. They flocked to her singing along and reaching out to touch her. She reached out to as many as she could touching hands, blowing kisses. It was quite a thrill to see one of the beautiful poets of my youth connecting so intenesly with today's encouraging them to vote and pursue their dreams. Who better than the purveyor of poetic dreams than she? She is an inspiration to young and old. Rock on, Welsh Witch.

Hi Stevie,
Saw you in Anaheim last week! Although Iíve heard most of your recordings since the 70ís, I had never seen you live until your Honda Center performance. It was refreshing to see that unlike other popular female artists, you can rock and still be classy and feminine. I donít care much for the Madonna (or as I call her, Moronna) style. Youíve got it all over her, woman! Keep on rockiní! We love ya!!
Hi Stevie!
Thank you so much for putting on such a wonderful show and agreeing to play for CSUF's Front and Center benefit concert. I grew up with your music and I must say that it was an honor to see you perform. I have always admired your musical talent, but after seeing you in person I have a deep respect for you as well. You were completely at ease with the crowd and gracious to everyone. Just truly an inspirational woman. This was the best time my family and I had all together in a long time. Thank you for sharing your talent and happiness.
PS Crash is my new favorite.
Diane Burkhead
I wanted to say that I saw Stevie at the Honda Center on Feb. 2nd. She put on a great show as usual. Her voice sounded beautiful! She gets better everytime I see her. The crowd was getting restless though and were screaming for Stevie when the opening singers from Cal State Fullerton were performing. She appeared and the crowd went crazy! It was another memorable evening, and I hope there will be many more of her concerts. She is a true artist and I have been a fan since the beginning. I even have her Bukingham/Nicks ALBUM (Yes I said album, not CD) ha, ha. Thanks for the beautiful music!
Mike Ritto
There were a lot of preliminaries at this show, with Marc Cherry, Cal State Fullerton alum acting as Master of Ceremonies for the 'Front & Center' celebration that took place before Stevie took the stage. It went on a bit long and it was strange seeing about a thousand well dressed people on the floor sitting around tables having a lavish formal dinner- this was a rock concert?

Still, it was interesting and good to see Stevie support such an event.

The show really piced up speed, with Stevie's voice as good as ever, Waddy Wachtel doing his inspired guitar virtuoso show, and nice touches like an astonishing if brief piano solo by Scott Plunkett and even a drum/percussion solos!?

Nice to hear Stevie mention her 'favorite rocker' Tom Petty and wish him luck on his Super Bowl gig, she also did a convincing version of 'I Need To Know' and when finally enough people rushed the front of the stage, it went from a celebration of education to a celebration of music.

Stevie spent plenty of time being personable, introducing songs, the band, and grabbing hands with those in front of the stage. If I did not know better, I would say she is still in her early 30's, with all of the energy, stage presence, and amazing talent we all discovered in the mid 70's still there, perhaps even better than ever.

K. Fierman
My husband, our daughter and I attended Stevie's show on February 2nd, at the Honda Center in Anaheim. My husband and I had previously seen Stevie last July in Paso Robles. This was a benefit concert put on by Cal State Fullerton. It was stated on the tickets that doors opened at 7:30pm, and that the show started promptly at 8:00pm. About an hour and 45 minutes later, Stevie finally came on. The audio system overwhelmed her voice at times. Her performance was exactly the same-minus only a couple of songs left out-than it was in August.
Granted, the content of the entire show was up to CSU-Fullerton. But we found ourselves disappointed in this show. Stevie, as always, was in great voice and we wouldn't hesitate to see her again-in a different arena setting. I think the disappointment lays more with the university than it does with Ms. Nicks group. Our feeling was just that with the money we paid per ticket, we really didn't want to see the university's students perform.

Diane Liddell
Hi Stevie
Thanks for a fun performance at the Honda center benefit for Cal State Fullerton. My daughter is a student there and my youngest daughter soon to be entering the college arena. My late husband and I grew up together in the bay area and your music really spoke to us. It was fun reminiscing our life together thru your music. We lived in Hayward....and I think we new Lori Perri way back then. Thanks for the great times.
First, I have to say that I have been a Stevie and Fleetwood Mac fan for as long as I can remember, which is over 30 years, but I have never had the chance to see either in concert. It was worth the wait. This show completely blew me away. Stevie is definitely the queen of rock. She sounded amazing and looked great too. She did several outfit changes which I was not expecting. This show was a fund raiser for Cal State Fullerton so the entire "show" included performances from the student musical theater group as well as a performance from the master of ceremonies, Marc Cherry. The crowd became quite anxious after the president's speech, the award presentation, and the many student performances. But they eventually calmed down when the students did a tribute to Stevie and concluded with a really beautiful version of "Has anyone written anything for you." By the time Stevie came on stage the crowd was quite ready for her and she did not disappoint. She opened with "Stand Back" and it was powerful and awesome. Her band is also quite amazing. She gave a little story and introduction to many of the songs and her version of the Dave Matthews song "Crash" is worth the price of admission right there. It was perfection and sounded like a song that she could have written. The songs that were especially powerful were "Rhiannon" and "Gold Dust Woman." They were really long versions and had amazing intensity from her and the band. "Landslide" was beautifully done and was similar to the version on Crystal Visions. Then the inevitable set closer, "Edge of Seventeen" was incredible. They let some people in the stands come down to the floor for this song, so that she had fans to greet during "the walk." There is just something about her intensity in concert that I was just not expecting. She closed the show with "Rock and Roll" which was really fun. The crowd for this show was great. I was sitting at a table about halfway back on the floor and dead center. I thought it was going to be a tough crowd because it was a fund raiser and black tie for those on the floor, but that didn't seem to take away from the show. Her set list seemed a little short, but that is probably due to the nature of the overall program. After finally seeing Stevie in concert, I feel that my life is coming closer to being complete. What an amazing show.

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