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Stevie Nicks 2008 - FAN REVIEWS

2/01/08 Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino Indio, CA

W. Pender - Cathedral City, CA
I had the pleasure of attending the show on Feb. 1 at Fantasy Springs. This is my 5th Stevie Nicks concert and I must say, one of the best. The special treat of the evening was 'Sarah' which Stevie readily admits she doesn't do live and wasn't even sure she could do it. Always my favorite Stevie Nicks song, it was the highlight of my evening and she had no trouble pulling it off. In her spiked heels and flowing wraps, Stevie clearly displayed that she has not lost her ability to enchant an audience. She went through her usual set, including 'Stand Back', a rousing opener; Dreams, If Anyone Falls, I Need to Know and the most intense production of Gold Dust Woman that I've ever heard her do. She included a special segment dedicated to her father there was a slideshow of Stevie from a baby up through her thrilling career to present. All the while she is singing Landslide with emotion that no studio recording can reproduce. The sold out house was electrified. From her early days with Fleetwood Mac, through last night, Stevie Nicks is my choice as top female entertainer of all time. I would not have missed this evening for anything. Thank you Ms. Nicks! I wish only good things for you.
I just got back from seeing Stevie Nicks at the Fantasy Springs casino in Indio, Ca

It was a FABUUUUULUSSSSSSSSSSSS SHOW!!!!!! The woman still has it. The fans still love her. It was so apparant at the concert.

My wife and I went to the concert at Fantasy Springs Casino in Palm Springs, Ca. It was outstanding Stevie sounded and looked as good as ever. This is first concert we have gone to in about 20 years. We picked the right one to see. She put on a great show, could not have asked for more. Please come back again we will be waiting. Soon please!!
John Seger
I have seen Stevie Nicks, well over 30 times in concert, and this performance was one of the best I ever attended. Stevie is truly entering into her peak, because her show was perfection, from start to finish. Waddy is an amazing guitarist, and he really showed his stuff at this intimate venue, which sold-out with 3,500 Stevie fans in attendance. Stevie truly emotes true star power, as she twirled, kicked, and danced around the stage, and the concert really kicked into high gear with "If anyone falls" with Waddy's really intense guitar riffs, propelling the song to a harder edged rock song vibe, with Stevie's voice deivering some really amazing vocals, which continued throughout this 90 minute show. Stevie announced she has indeed filmed a special for PBS's Souns stage, and sang a song she said they producers asked her to do, "SARA!" Even though I've seen Stevie live many many times, last night was the first time I saw her perform "Sara" (except on VHS or DVD), and this version was amazing. Stevie also did some amazing "trade-mark" Stevie moves including twirls, a dirty dance with Waddy, and she wore her platform boots all night. The only strange thing was she closed with "Rock and Roll," the only encore!! No "Has anyone" or "Beauty and the beast." Odd. All in all, it was a fantastic concert that was well worth the drive of 2 hours from L.A. to see Nicks rock the Palm Springs area!!!! John Seger Los Feliz, California
Stevie put on a awesome show, first time I have had the chance to see her perform live, I plan on never missing another performance.
Amy in Santa Barbara
My sis-in-law and I went to the Fantasy Springs concert the other night, and WOW did Stevie rock! She looked better than I have ever seen her, and sounded so amazing! We have seen her 7 or 8 times now, and this by far, was the very best! I can't get over how great this concert was. Stevie appeared to be in awesome physical shape, better than this last summer, and she was so entertaining and spoke with the audience quite a bit. She seemed to really enjoy herself, and was just simply beautiful. Her voice was strong, and we were treated to "Sarah" which I have never heard live before, and it just about made me cry! All I can say is...Rock on Stevie! I'm hoping for a tour this summer! Love you all ~Amy
Mike Krupinski
Hello.. My partner and I drove from our home in Las Vegas for this show and again.....it was worth the trip. Even tho I had the flu, I was not going to miss this show. I have seen Stevie live in concert over 75 times since 1977 and every show keeps getting better. We decided to stay overnite at the Fantasy Springs Resort so we could just walk over to the show. The rooms were alittle $$$, but it was worth it. The show was totally awesome. Bootylicious started on cue, but after they played that song, I expected to hear the disco version of Dreams like the usually play and then go into the set. Well, they teased us and started to play other music for about 15 minutes. Much to my surprise, they did not play the Dreams remix and just started the show with Standback. The video screen behind the set was a little small and one could not really see the photos. I guess we are so spoiled by the large screen here in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. Crash was pretty good. I have never seen Stevie sing it live before. Sara was the ultimate treat. The security was pretty tight at the stage and they would not let people up to the front for the Edge walk. So when Stevie came to the Edge, there weren't alot of people up there and at one point, Stevie just walked from one edge to the other. Damn security.... The dedication of Landslide to Jess Nicks was touching.. There are new photos that Stevie plays in the backdrop of her Dad. I remember meeting Jess at several concerts and once in his home in Scottsdale. What an awesome person he was. All in all , Stevie made 2008 great for me. I can only wait until Stevie comes back to Vegas for another week or so. Now that Celine Dion is gone, Caesars is filling the spots with Elton John, Bette Midler and Cher is supposed to do a few weeks as well.... I REMAIN ENCHANTED... Mike Krupinski...
Anna of Los Angeles, Ca
These are the only words to describe the mind blowing concert on Friday at Fantasy Springs: A sensually, seductive, sexual experience without physical contact. Its Tuesday now and I still cannot get over the experience from Friday night.
Itíll stay with me for the rest of my days.
Stephanie Lynn Ice in Palm Desert, CA
I attended the Fantasy Springs Casino concert. Stevie you rock!!! You have acomplished what most people only dream of. Not only do your songs and lyrics mean something to you , but they mean something to others who were not given the beautiful voice that you have. Thanks for sharing. Don't stop being you.

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