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12/4/2013 Barnes & Noble store at the Grove in Los Angeles

On December 4th, 2013 Stevie signed copies of her newly released DVD video of the In Your Dreams Documentary. Fans began lining up early in the morning to get a chance to talk to Stevie and get an autograph

Shannon R.
The lines began for the most die-hard fans at 3:00. They brought food, warm clothes, blankets, party supplies, and Stevie Nicks CD's galore! They told stories of efforts to meet Stevie in the past that had failed, and excitedly swapped ideas of what they would say if they were able to speak at all. It was a common fear, lightly laughed off. But these lucky few knew that today was going to be their day. They were going to be standing before The Queen, Stevie Nicks!

They did just that and more! While waiting on their turn to speak to their Idol, low and behold, Sharon Celani strolls by! A great and unexpected bonus to a fabulously exciting day! Pictures are taken, autographs, and hugs are given aplenty. Sharon is exactly as many fans always imagined. A charming, gracious, witty, and lovely lady. Such a pleasure to be around that you find yourself regretting that you must leave.

But, Stevie awaits, so move on they must. Nerves on edge, stomachs fluttering, and tears of joy being held in check as the signing table comes into view. Then it happens! The first glimpse of Stevie Nicks within just a mere 10 steps! The few in front of you have their moment in the sun, and finally, your turn!

DVD and CD in hand in front of the table with the beautiful smile, flowing locks, and those incredible eyes! This is Stevie Nicks, and you can speak to her, and she says "Hello." Even the fact that she just said your name doesn't immediately register, but this is the moment you've dreamt of! And before you know it, you've talked like old pals! How'd she do that? Another gift of hers, making you feel welcome, loved, and appreciated! It's just her way, nothing tricky or witchy by any means. It is just Stevie, and when you leave her behind, you realize that your life has changed.

I know, but it's true!

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