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Entertainment Weekly
March 16, 2001


Hear & Now

This week on the music beat

by Rob Brunner

Artwork from the EW article ‘TROUBLE’ IN MIND If you don’t remember her last solo album, 1994’s Street Angel, Stevie Nicks won’t hold it against you. “Obviously, it wasn’t a very good record,” she says. “I went into rehab right before that came out…I didn’t feel good, and if you don’t feel good, it’s really hard to make good music.”

Seven years later, she’s apparently feeling a lot better. Her upcoming disc, Trouble in Shangri-La (due May 1), which includes appearances by Sheryl Crow, Macy Gray, Sarah McLachlan, and Dixie Chick Natalie Maines, finds Nicks clearly reinvigorated by the success of the 1997 Fleetwood Mac reunion and her 1998 boxed set Enchanted. Can she keep the streak going? “I’ve never thought about where I fit in pop culture,” she says. “If I did, I’d get paranoid, and then I’d be afraid, and I don’t do well with fear. I have to believe people will like this record, because it is my heart and soul, everything I’ve wanted to say over the last 10 years.”

As for rumors of a new Fleetwood Mac studio album, discussions are ongoing. “I want Fleetwood Mac to make another record really badly,” Nicks says. “I’ll go out on tour at the beginning of the summer and I could be done in December, when I could go right into Fleetwood Mac. Lindsey [Buckingham] and Mick [Fleetwood] and I have been talking. We’d like to do it.” Christine McVie, however, is another story. “She wants to live in her beautiful English castle with her dogs and her garden. She doesn’t want to do this anymore, no matter what.” The band recently performed at Bill Clinton’s goodbye party sans McVie. “Everyone keeps saying, ‘Oh, we can talk her into it.’ I know this woman. When she left, she really left.” No biggie. After all, she can go her own way.

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