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Entertainment Weekly

May 1, 1998, issue 429
Stevie Nicks

Outtakes from Entertainment Weekly's photo shoot

STevie Photos At some photo sessions, the photographer calls all the shots. And at others -- like the April 4 session with Stevie Nicks and photographer Matthew Welch -- it's more of a collaboration. Nicks arrived at the Smashbox Studios in Culver City (outside L.A.) with a stylist and her own wardrobe of stage outfits. During the four-hour afternoon session, she had plenty of input as Welch photographed her. "She has a specific way that she wants to be portrayed," says Welch, 29. "She knows how she wants to be lit, and she's aware of how she's recorded on film."

Stevie Photos Welch, who has photographed the Fugees, Lili Taylor, Coolio and Steve Buscemi for EW, was pleased with the final results. "Whether I'm photographing Stevie Nicks or my grandparents, I prefer to show the real side of people instead of the glamour side," he says. "With Stevie, it ended up more toward the glamour end -- because that's what she wanted. But I also got the pictures that I wanted too. I tried to walk the line, so we'd both be happy."


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