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Entertainment Weekly
Issue #511, November 5, 1999
Article in Entertainment Weekly

Mac Daddy: Is Stevie Nicks getting jiggy wit' it? The witchy woman is recording her new album " Trouble In Shangri-la" with Dallas Austin, the Photo wunderkind producer behind R&B players TLC, Micheal Jackson, Boyz II Men, Monica and others. " Stevie was in Hawaii listening to the TLC record and went,' Wow whoever did "Unpretty" should produce my stuff. He had to have some Fleetwood Mac influence in him somehwere.'" says Austin, who aims to free the gypsy's inner homegirl. " The things about her music is she always did have a core R&B feel going on. Even the older Fleetwood Mac stuff like "Dreams" and Rhiannon" had more of a groove to it than what was happening at the time." The 27 year-old studio whiz adds the album, which MAY include some early tracks Sheryl Crow produced before he signed on, won't send out old-school fans running for their Rumours vinyl. " We're keeping her dreamy mystique. We've got candles, dragons. Buddahs, and a huge photo of Jimi Hendrix in the studio"

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