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East Coast Party '98

On October 18th, a Stevie NIcks Fan party was held at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Atlantic City boardwalk/Taj Majal. Here is a review of the party.


That what this was...from the first moment to the last goodbye, it was so enchanting. I couldn't have tried to plan it better; everything just fell into place. It was the most unbelievable time of my life...and well needed might I add!!!

Taking you from start to finish, isn't even describable in words, but here's my attempt to try...

Well, from the moment I woke up, it had finally set in...

TODAY was the day that the Stevie party was on, it had finally come. Just hours till the moment that I had planned for. After over 70 replies, here was the defining moment of who was going to show up and be part of this, and I couldn't have picked twelve more perfect people to come and share this with me.

After missing the tours and concerts, this was MY chancce to connect with all the Stevie fans I have talked to, and have kept in touch with through Stevie's music. A chance to put a face with a first name and a screen name. A time to really just absorb all of what Stevie is, and what she means to each one of us! Knowing nothing ever works out the way it should, my goal was to be there an hour early.... of course, that didn't happen...I got there thirty minutes late!

I had the best intentions to be there early and greet everyone... mostly everyone had gotten there before me! Of course that became the ultimate, meet everyone, sit down and eat! Several of our guests arrived later so I wasn't the only one.

party photo
Elena (MTV FANatic), Jackie, Meredith, Michele, Mollie, Julie, Kathy and Peter

I was in such awe that this had happend... that this had finally come to be a reality. I was actually shaking, and just taking it all in. The Hard Rock had even played Stevie's songs and videos from the "Dance" for us!

One of the best highlights of the event was that not only did Elena come, (from MTV's Fanatic)...but she was my personal guest, and had come from hours away to stay over-night and attend with me. She was just so sweet, and everyone loved sharing her Stevie/Fanatic stories and pictures!

We had Julie from New Hamshire, (she spent almost a whole day traveling)...and Michelle came from the Pocono area, so it wasn't all of us locals!

As we introduced ourselves to each other at the bar... (by Stevie's TUSK tour boots encased in glass)...we were starting new friendships that will last a lifetime!

Finally...tables!!! We all sat down and ordered something so we could get started on this wonderful journey of Stevie's life, and how it affected all of our lives at the same time!

From the moment we sat down it was...''what did Tracy bring in her big bag of Stevie stuff''..and ''write down who you are so we can remember for later''...and my dear friend Kathy brought her video camera so we got everyones name on tape and now we can look back and remember a time when screen names were the only way to define one another.

During the eating/drinking/socializing time of the party, I was trying to make sure that we had everything together and that everyone was settled and making sure that the surprise coming up was going to be a surprise. I have to thank Kathy again for that as she was a major help in that secret.

During this time, one of the hosts yelled out "FLEETWOOD MAC", and we all screamed and clapped in recognition of what we had accomplished!

Meredith was the youngest fan from Long Island, Peter came as a friend of Kathy's, Michelle had traveled far and was planning to hit the casino's from the start, Donna came with Jackie and Ted and they had a little table of their own which they shared with Tracy who brought her collection of books, audio and video tapes to share with us, Julie brought her pictures too, and Steve and Mike joined us afterwards.

No one was sitting still as everyone had to get up and talk to Elena about her dream meeting with Stevie, and she shared her pictures with us all! Even though I had heard the story before, I still get excited hearing it again and again!!!

During this time it was a one on one, with everyone sharing stories and Stevie experiences. I had asked everone to bring a favorite "Stevie something" to contribute to the booklet, and it was just wonderful reading how Stevie has affected someone else's life besides our own!

Time flew by and before some of us had to leave, I had decided that this was the perfect time to thank Elena for all that she went through, meeting Stevie and arranging the time to come and share her Stevie moments with us. Being Elena's friend, I had the knowledge of her birthday coming up....so while she was telling her stories and not paying any attention to what I was planning, Kathy and I had the video camera and the regular camera ready to "surprise" Elena with a THANK YOU!

I wish all of you could have seen her face when they came out with this dessert, and made her stand on the chair, and the whole cafe yelled "Happy Birthday"... I will never forget that moment as long as I live! (and it's on tape to so I can watch it over, and over and over again!!!)

As the party settled down, we were all involved in whoever we were talking to, and trying to make time stand still! As for me, I was taking care of collecting money for the guest check and going over what had happened so I could remember this night forever!

Top left to right: Mike, Jackie, Tod, Kathy, Mollie, Michelle, Julie, Tracy, Meredity
Bottom left to right: Donna, Elena, Pater, Mike

Slowly, time did give us the reality that we all had to depart, and off we went to go back to our lives and our Stevie Nicks dreams!

I can't speak for anyone else, but as for Elena and I... we started back home with Stevie's songs on the car CD player. Just reliving those hours again, was almost as fun as living them the first time. I drove home from Atlantic City with memories that will last forever, and new friends that I never would have known if not for Stevie and her music.

You might not have thought that the twelve people who came would connect so fast or so quickly, but we did, and we will always have our "east coast party" to bond us together.

Although I have been acknowledged throughout this whole planning process, I can't take credit for the wonderful Stevie fans who came and made all of this possible.

We did this, all of us together, and hopefully there will be many more times we can do this again! I look forward to a next time, and I accept the challenge to arrange it again and again!!!

This party couldn't have been more perfect if Stevie had attended herself! I know she would take heart in knowing that twenty five years ago, she was a woman who wanted a dream, and October 18th, 1998 was a time when we could share and celebrate her dreams as if they were our own!!

A heart felt THANK YOU to Stevie Nicks... from the East Coast Party 1998.

Well, just like our party, I must say goodbye. I hope you all have enjoyed reliving our special moments from the party!!

I can still hear you saying....We will NEVER break the chain!!!!!

From my heart to yours...


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