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The Denver Post

Sunday, August 11, 1991

Stevie Nicks considers tonight's show the most special gig on her tour.

"I feel Colorado is mine," she said. "My ancestors immigrated there from Cologne, Germany. My great aunt, who died not long ago, lived up in Cripple Creek. And I have a lot of relatives in Colorado Springs. "I have real bad asthma, and Denver is the greatest place to be, with the best doctors in the world. Five years ago I was in the asthma hospital by myself for a couple of days, and I made loads of friends."

Nicks filmed her 1986 Red Rocks concert, the final performance on her "Rock A Little" tour. The results were broadcast on the Showtime cable network and made commercially available on video (Stevie: Live At Red Rocks").

Nicks had played two sold-out shows at Red Rocks just eight weeks before.

"They told me, 'You can't go back so soon and film there, nobody's gonna come.' I said, 'I can---you don't understand, this is a sacred thing to me and everybody who will be there.' "And it sold out. I knew in my heart where I should do my movie, where my feet are planted. Every year or two I need to go to Red Rocks and spend some time, whether I'm performing or not.

"If I ever have children or grandchildren, if I want to explain my legacy to anybody, I'll put on 'Red Rocks.'"

That show ended when 25 doves were released into the crowd. One of the birds refused to leave Nicks' hand---and 15 minutes later she was still clutching the dove backstage and demanding that a seperate cage be found for him.

"I want to find a good home for him," she explained at the time. "I want to visit him when I come back next time." But Nicks still has him---only it's a her, named Rhiannon, of course. "She wouldn't leave, I couldn't get her away, so I said, 'I guess this is my dove.' She lives with me, and I've since gotten two more."

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