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KTAR's Broadcast of A Christmas Carol at Herberger Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona on December 20, 1996

by Debbi Radford

For the second year in a row, Stevie Nicks played the Ghost of Christmas Past in the 11th annual KTAR 620 AM Live Radio Broadcast of "A Christmas Carol" in front of a Herberger Theatre audience. No tickets or reservations were available. Those wishing to see the performance started lining up as early as three hours prior to the 1:00 pm show. The cost of admission was a can of food to be donated to the Salvation Army. Other cast members included TV personalities, local civic leaders and Bishop Thomas O'Brien.

Previously, it had been publicized in the Phoenix Gazette and the Arizona Republic that Stevie was interrupting a recording session in Philadelphia to perform in the production; against the wishes of her management company. Pat McMahon, who plays Scrooge in the radio drama, noted that Stevie's return performance is because "She loved it that much the first time, as nervous as she was, to come back and do another production." Coproducer Leigh Herrmann then quoted Stevie as saying "I've never had to be anyone but Stevie Nicks...I am absolutely petrified." I can attest to Stevie's fear during her first performance. I was sitting in the first row during the 1995 broadcast and Stevie was overheard whispering to Glenn Campbell about how nervous she was; although her performance was just fine. This year, however, Stevie was clearly more confident in her reading. She added more vocal inflections and hand movements to her performance. Stevie again wore a sheer white, hooded gown and used her reading glasses during the performance. Last year, the gown was over a brown dress, whereas this year, Stevie wore a midi-length white dress and white laced boots. She also had a crown of bluish flowers on her head. Her hair was perfectly straight and she looked resplendent, both on and off stage. Her part of the performance was approximately five minutes long.

Following the performance, Stevie gave a radio interview. She was introduced as a Warner Brothers recording artist and asked if there would be a Fleetwood Mac reunion tour and she said it was very possible now, whereas it would not have been a month ago, and the reason for the change is due to Lindsey Buckingham. Stevie stated that Lindsey is currently considering the possibility of joining in a reunion tour. The interviewer (not a very good one and he obviously was not familiar with Stevie) asked her to share her opinion on used CDs. Stevie said she would never buy one, so she did not have an opinion. She was asked which songs of hers were her best songs and she said Dreams and Rhiannon are pretty good songs. The interviewer said that it was obvious Stevie wanted to be an actress (something Stevie has always said she never wanted to be) and Stevie said if she ever decided to be an actress she would have to go to school and study really, really hard as she would want to be the best actress she could be. Stevie cited some of her influences as Joplin, James Taylor and Jackson Browne. Stevie was asked whether she hoped the next record release was a solo effort or by Fleetwood Mac and she replied "Fleetwood Mac".

Stevie exited the rear stage door with her mother, Barbara, and her father, Jess, and a very tall, thin girl with short, blonde hair who nobody recognized. Barbara Nicks was wearing very high heeled black "Stevie-like" boots. She smiled and waved to the crowd. About 20 fans were waiting for Stevie. Stevie is still looking ageless; her beauty is so awesome that it is hard not to stare. She had on lots of rings and more makeup than I have seen her wear, but she looked just great. And Stevie smiled a lot! Her parents hung back while she graciously signed autographs for everyone who asked her. A girlfriend of mine was there to get an autograph for her husband. She told Stevie we had been at her April 21, 1996 Arizona Heart Institute Benefit and enjoyed the show immensely. Stevie and her parents looked pleased. Because I was riveted to my spot in front of Stevie and unable to force myself to ask for an autograph, my friend thankfully told Stevie I was one of her biggest fans. She put her head on my shoulder and her arm around me for a picture. I gushed "I just love you so much" while another photo was taken. Stevie was very gracious while some fans went back three and four times to make sure she understood how much she meant to them! A girl requested that Stevie autograph her Belladonna LP. Stevie mentioned that the bird pictured on the LP still lives in "our home" and squawks its head off every morning, first thing. Stevie and her parents seemed amused just thinking of the bird. All four of them then entered the waiting limousine and waved goodbye.

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