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May 1, 1998
Stevie on CNN

Here is Stevie's interview on CNN. When asked about the boxed set, she said the following:

"It was like re-living my life. Because all my solo songs, especially my solo songs are about me and all about my relationships and my life. Some of it's good, you know, some of it's bad. Some of it reminds me of stuff I'd just as soon not remember. And some of it reminds me of things I'm really glad that I have written a song about it so that I can totally remember it."

"My songwriting has always been an outlet for me. Because it does allow you to put down on paper, first it goes down on paper, you know, how you're feeling and I think once you put it on paper and look at it down there it becomes easier to deal with."

"Sometimes when I think I didn't have any children I look around at all the girl singers, and I think they're all my children you know, and they're going to do this. And yes, maybe I inspired them because I did get through a lot and I did have all the same problems that they're going to have. You do have to give up a lot for it. I think that I'm going to figure out a way when I die to have made it all worth it. To have made what I had to give up totally worth it. Because what I've gotten back, I will have made sure that I've balanced them by that time."

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