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Boston Herald

October 11, 1996

"It's like one of the old rock fests," said tomorrow's headliner Stevie Nicks. "The show isn't in an amphitheater. It's basically in a field where they've set up a stage. I think it's great that there are so many acts and so many different kinds of music."

The one-time Fleetwood Mac vocalist is so intrigued by the two-day roster, she admitted: "I plan on hanging around through Sunday. I know (Sunday headliners) the Gin Blossoms. They're friends from Arizona, and I want to see them.

Longtime Nicks fans will see another side of the veteran performer tomorrow during her one-hour set, due to begin at 5:30 p.m.

"It's not like a regular planned tour," she said. "This will be my fourth one-off gig since July. It's a little hard because the band changes a bit each time, but that also means it's adventurous and fresh and new, and every gig is different."

"I'm used to being a little more rehearsed," she added. "But we've practiced Monday through Wednesday. Wednesday night we did the show in a big room for about 50 of our friends. They moved all these couches right in front of us, and they loved it. Sometimes they can be a tougher audience than the real show."

Nicks' set will basically be a greatest-hits show.

"It's impossible to do all the things you'd like in an hour," she said, "and I know I always have to go back and do songs like 'Dreams' and 'Gold Dust Woman', otherwise people will be unhappy.

"And I understand that, because I know that if I went to see someone like the Eagles and they didn't do 'Peaceful, Easy Feeling', I'd be bummed. So I don't get irritated doing those songs from the '70s. I just try to go back to where I was and what I was when I first did them."

Nicks expects to tour in the spring with a new album of material, song's she's worked on for two years.

As for a possible reunion of the best-known version of Fleetwooc Mac - with Nicks, Christine McVie and Lindsey Buckinham - Nicks said they remain friends, and that it's all up to Buckingham. It won't happen until he's willing.

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