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Arizona Republic

August 12, 1997
In Valley, this rock star can go 'slummin around' anonymously

-Dave Walker

To prep for The Dance, Stevie Nicks visited a record store to fill in the missing pieces of her Fleetwood Mac album collection.
Did the store clerk freak out? Play it cool? Or what?
In this case they didn't seem to notice.
"I can be very anonymous," she said. "If I don't want anybody to know who I am , nobody notices."
"If I really want to be Stevie, all I have to do is to put on a little tiny bit of makeup and hold my head up."
Nicks says her anonymity is even easier to protect when she's in her adopted hometown of Phoenix, "Which is great," she said. "I can go slumming around malls and nobody notices me. I can go to Phoenix and be a normal person. I can really live in Phoenix.

Thanks to Debbi Radford for sending this article to The Nicks Fix.
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