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The Arizona Republic

April 4, 1999

azrepub4499.jpg - 12805 Bytes Singer Stevie Nicks made a surprise appearance onstage during Sheryl Crow's sold-out concert Wednesday night at Union Hall. The Scottsdale resident appeared during Crow's first encore. Nicks, who was wearing a flowing burgundy dress, sang in harmony with the Grammy Award-winning Crow to Strong Enough.




Note: Debbi Radford found the following mistakes in this article:

1. Stevie did the Tuesday show not the Wednesday show.
2. The dress may have looked burgundy on stage but I have seen it up close before and it is brown.
3. This photo is not from the night of the Sheryl Crow concert; it looks like it is from the Enchanted Tour.


Vickie makes this correction:

I don't know why they say she lives in Scottsdale, when she lives in Paradise Valley.


Thanks to Debbi Radford and Vickie for sending this article to The Nicks Fix.

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