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Arizona Republic

January 28, 1998
Short article in the AZBUZZ section

by Dolores Tropiano

Last week I wrote that the "Sara" of Stevie Nicks' song "Sara" is Mick Fleetwood's daughter. Lori Schouten of Tempe called to say I was wrong. According to Schouten, Sara was most emphatically a reference to Stevie. Another caller insisted that Sara was Fleetwood's ex-wife, Sara. (All this over an item about Nicks' Yorkie.) According to Stevie's mom, Barbara Nicks, Sara was a reference to Stevie's best friend, who also happens to have been Fleetwood's ex-wife. Sara currently lives in California, where she is pursuing a degree in nursing.

Thanks to Debbi Radford for sending this to The Nicks Fix.
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