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The Australian Trouble in Shangri-La Launch Party
May 14, 2001


Australians from all over the country were gathering for the official release of Trouble in Shangri-La. Any hope of making it to Terrigal for this auspicious occasion suddenly seemed for doom only to be hastily revived by an urging partner. And so she went…after thinking she would never make it to Terrigal…

The TISL party was centered on a lunch at the Crown Plaza for which we would arrive in a limousine. However, it became bigger than anyone of us would dare to assume. Some of us had met before and others not – that never mattered. What transpired became a weeklong Stevie Nicks-a-thon whereby fans falling under a unity shared experiences, compared artwork, envied videos, eye-balled memorabilia, played music at great length and laughed until the moon emerged and disappeared in what seemed a blink of an eye.

The first night was a dinner gathering at Jillian’s whose country-side abode set the perfect mood for enchantment. The outdoor atrium-style dining room was adorned with candelabras and a small caged fire while a sprinkling of children danced outside with glow-lights like fireflies. The dinner, cooked by Steve, was simply mammoth in quantity but devoured by all. As Jillian showed us her endless collection of artwork and memorabilia, we delighted ourselves with deep envy - most notably over the bracelet formerly owned by the diva herself. The night ended late as we continued to drink and discuss our world of Stevie.

The following day began with a dose of bacon and eggs, peppermint tea and Stevie videos. Dawn, our hostess-with-the-mostess had lovingly opened her house as a Stevie sleepover and drop-in center and never allowed us to be in need of anything. More beer, wine, or food anyone? Her house, like Jillian’s, was a veritable shrine with each and every space, nook, and cranny from floor to ceiling possessing something of Stevie relevance. I, for one, began to feel very normal and at home far away from home itself.

We picked up another fan from the train station before heading for Dawn’s Mum’s place for Mother’s Day. While further indulging ourselves in more food, we painted signs expressing our desperation for Ms Nicks to tour Australia. The previous night left us all tired and wanting some sleep. However, that did not occur with all of us concurring we should drink more and watch more videos. And so after much deliberation on who was wearing what and who should wake up first for the big day - we did so….all night long.

Last night’s deliberation was purposeless as Monday arrived. We all woke up early and eagerly prepared ourselves displaying the level of enthusiasm as a child to candy. More fans arrived at Dawn’s and then the limo arrived. On the way to the hotel, we picked up another fan and more champagne. The cliché, “less is more” did not apply here. Finally arriving at the hotel dripping in capes and lace, we met even more fans. The buffet was splendid and highlighted by the staff playing TISL. But the party was not to end….

Arriving back at Dawn’s, we took pictures with our signs outside the limousine before cranking up the volume on the stereo and singing alongside Stevie. Needless to say, my singing was the best at being the worst. Once again the moon emerged and it was time for some of us to head back to Sydney.

We left behind many fans who continued to celebrate over the week. We left behind a shared experience that became our momentous occasion in a long time. Finally, we left behind a collective family of fans who for never one moment did not think twice about opening loving arms. Well, I never thought I’d make it there to Terrigal….I never thought I’d ever want to stay. But I did.

Rochelle (Melbourne, Australia)

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