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Question 145 - from Andrea Diez in Nuedlingen/Bavaria

Hi Stevie!
Here´s Andrea from Germany!
I know Sheryl Crow is a friend of yours. It is so sad, her illness, but in the other way, she´s so tough. Ähm, how do you help her?
Speak with her or got with Sheryl to the doctors ... whatever!
I think you´ll be a true friend!

Best wishes from your fans in Germany!

Stevie's answer:

Hi Andrea, when I heard from Sheryl about her battle with breast cancer I called her immediately. She is a very dear friend, and I just wanted her to know that I was there for her. And there changed my life~

Question 144 - from Monica in Miami

Stevie, thank you for being available to your fans... shows your big heart! My question is... I notice that today's young female singers are all about sex, hip hop, fashion... do you think it will pass and young women will rediscover music and singers with more artistry and substance?

Stevie's answer:

I think it has to pass because if it doesn’t, there will be no new music and we’ll still be listening to the same classic rock then that we are now.

Question 143 - from Jen Cooper in Pittsburgh

Stevie, you are the most incredible, beautiful, and amazing woman alive. I've been having a rough time with my life lately, and Nothing would mean more to me than inspiration from you..and I was wondering if you had a quotation or paticular thought that kept you going through any of your hard times?

Stevie's answer:

I don’t like to lose, and that winning spirit has taken me thru most of my difficult times.

Question 142 - from Mark in Niceville, FL

What one thing led you to go to Walter Reed Medical Center to see the American GI's from Iraq? I am so glad you did it meant everything to them and your words in your journal show what a wonderful heart you have. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Stevie's answer:

My manager, who also handles Chris Isaak, had been to WRAMC with Chris. When we were scheduled to have a couple of days off in DC during our tour, she asked if I would want to go and visit the troops. And there changed my life~

Question 141 - from Maureen in Phoenix

Stevie, in both music videos "Stand Back" and "Gypsy," you slow danced. I read somewhere that during a concert, more recent than later, you and Lindsey slow danced to "Tusk" and I was just wondering...is slow dancing something you really enjoy doing?
THANK YOU so much!

Stevie's answer:

ABSOLUTLEY! I like to slow dance whenever possible, I even slow dance by myself during my solo shows!

Question 140 - from Mike Krupinski in Las Vegas, NV

Hi Stevie.. Does you mom ever plan on re-opening her store.. Silver Springs again?

Stevie's answer:

She says she is going to open it sometime next year. Here’s hoping…..!!!

Question 139 - from Tim in Brisbane, Australia

Hi Stevie,
I saw you twice on the Aussie tour, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. You are bloody awesome... both shows rocked!
I was wondering if you get the chance to see any sights while you travel or is a work thing only...
ps - thanks for introducing Vanessa Carlton to us - she was truly lovely... and for always supporting the troops, there are alot of Australian's in Iraq and Afghanastain and it is cool to know that you support them being there, trying to do something for that part of the world. God Bless us all in the current environment....

Stevie's answer:

Hi Tim, for me it’s pretty much all work when I am on tour. However, I did vacation for a couple of days after the tour in Sydney. We went on a fabulous cruise of Sydney Harbour for 6 hours, and had a wonderful dinner at Doyles!

Question 138 - from Tish in Las Vegas

Will you be working more in Las Vegas?

Stevie's answer:

I certainly hope so, I like Las Vegas!

Question 137 - from Todd in Fort Lauderdale

Dear Stevie,
When the pressures of life become too much, what is your favorite vacation spot?

Stevie's answer:


Question 136 - from Jonathan in Northampton, Massachusetts

Stevie, now that the Australia/New Zealand tour is ended, whats the first thing you do when you get home from the road?
ps. get back out there soon we miss you!

Stevie's answer:

Spend time with my Yorkie that I couldn’t take with me to Australia!!!!

Question 135 - from Susan E in Dunedin New Zealand

Dear Stevie, Thank you so much for coming to New Zealand, the concert was wonderful, you sounded and looked great. I especially loved you performing "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You" Please come back again soon :-) Is there going to be a DVD of your tour? Take Care Lots of Love SusanXX

Stevie's answer:

Hi Susan, thank you so much, I truly loved New Zealand! Unfortunately, we are not planning on putting out a DVD of any of the shows there.

Question 134 - from Glenda Scott in Wartburg TN

I am a huge fan and I have seen you many times in concert. You are a huge influence on my life as well as any one who has ever heard your truly magical voice. My question is where can we as fans donate money to your IPOD for the soldiers fund. I think this is a wonderful thing and I really would like you to help you in this worthwhile endeavor.
Thanks and you are terrific!!!!!

Stevie's answer:

Thank you Glenda, the Soldier’s iPod program is something very dear to me. We are in the process of establishing a non-profit foundation for people like yourself to make donations to. When we are up and running I will have all of the information posted on the Nicksfix.

Question 133 - from Chris McLeod in San Bernardino, CA. :

Stevie, I think "Trouble in Shangri La" is your best album tied with "Bella Donna." I also thought it was incredible that Trouble in Shangri-La was your second highest Billboard debut below "Bella Donna." Being that you proved you can still rock, and top the charts at 50+, do you see yourself making another solo album? If so can you let us in on what's in the works?
Thanks I love you!

Stevie's answer:

I’m sure I will do another record somewhere down the line. Thank you for your compliment about Trouble In Shangri-la it is something I am very proud of.

Question 132 - from Tammy in Nashville

Do you ever watch American Idol and if so, what do you think of it?

Stevie's answer:

I do watch it sometimes, I think it’s very funny, and if I was a judge I would be Simon Cowell!

Question 131 - from Shane 31 in Cincinnati Ohio

Hi Stevie!! I have a question i dont think I've ever seen asked before. I know you've said before that you hold on to everything over the years, and as fans we think that is so cool of you to keep all the fabulous things you've worn thru the years.... I've always wondered though, just what happened to the "Fabulous" Rock A Little dress you wore on that album cover? I always thought you were so cool on that cover Stevie. And of course all of your covers are always SOOO Stevie haha so i cant really pick a favorite.... I Love You tho!!! ttyl : )

Stevie's answer:

It’s not actually a dress, it’s an English peacoat, nipped in at the waist over a black skirt. That coat and the hat belonged to the stylist, one of the rare instances where the clothing was not mine. So, in answer to your question, I don’t know where the coat is now, but I do still have the skirt.

Question 130 - from Judy in Saint Cloud MN

Hi Stevie!
Do you have a myspace.com page?

Stevie's answer:

Hi Judy, no I don’t. I think they are evil. Seriously, I think myspace.com has the potential to be a very dangerous site.

Question 129 - from D. Stahli in Pittsburgh:

Do your Dogs travel with you wherever you go?

Stevie's answer:

Yes! They go wherever they are allowed. When we were touring Europe and Australia they had to stay home! It was terrible!

Question 128 - from Kathi in Gainsville:

How do you readjust your life with the absence of life on the road with Lindsey, Mick and John for such a long time?

Stevie's answer:

It’s difficult! You just have to get used to it, but it takes a while!

Question 127 - from Maz in Sydney Australia:

Stevie, thank you so much for coming back to Australia. We followed you from state to state and had the best time. Any chance of you coming back for a solo tour?

Stevie's answer:

Hopefully! It’s already being discussed!

Question 126 - from Jeffrey in LA:

Will you being doing a New Year's Eve Show?

Stevie's answer:

Not this year….

Question 125 - from Sonny G. in Jefferson, WI:

What is your favorite scary movie?

Stevie's answer:

The Haunting of Hill House

Question 124 - from Ammie in Hamilton, Ont., Canada:

Hi Stevie! :)
I'm A Teenage Fan Of Yours! I Was Wondering If You Needed Another Backup Singer?

Stevie's answer:

Not right now, but I’ll keep you in mind!

Question 123 - from Diane Wade in San Diego:

Hello Poet Stevie, I recently read your thank you note to those who sent you birthday cards. Your words were so meaningful & supportive especially to our troops. I am woundering if you know someone who is serving in Iraq or were you inspired to write songs for them for different reasons. The words in your note touched my heart so deeply. Thank you for acknowledging their work in Iraq & around the world.

Stevie's answer:

No Diane, I don’t know anyone personally who is serving in Iraq. But my heart goes out to everyone who’s had to go over there.

Question 122 - from Shannon Stevens in Portland OR:

Stevie, what was it like having Lindsey's neice on tour with you? We loved reading her tour diaries, she seemed to really adore you, and we were wondering how you felt about her? And will she continue to work for Fleetwood Mac now that the tour is over? Thanks for answering our questions!

Stevie's answer:

I absolutely adore Cory! Since we are no longer touring, she is not working for the Mac right now. But whenever I am on the road, she will always have a job if she wants it!

Question 121 - from Ashley McFaul in Dushore, Pa:

Hey Stevie, I've thanked you over and over but, once again thank you for Scranton and Camden. Those nights changed my life. ok so for the question. What was the hardest song to perform (emotionally or physically) on this tour?

Stevie's answer:

Hi Ashley! How are you? Say Goodbye, Beautiful Child and Goodbye Baby were all emotional songs for me to sing. Some nights were more emotional than others.

Question 120 - from Dave Stahli in Pittsburgh:

What TV Shows do you like to watch?

Stevie's answer:

Judging Amy is my favorite!

Question 119 - from Patty Markle in Dallas:

Stevie, I wanted to thank you for sharing your journal with all of us after September 11th and for all the notes you have sent to your website. It helps us feel so much closer to you when we read your words straight from your journals. Will you continue to share your journal entries with us from time to time? Many of us go back and read the 9/11 journals every few months, just for the comfort they provide. Do you think you might share a little more with us? Thanks for being such an inspiration and guiding light for our military too. It is truly touching to read the words you write to our soldiers. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.

Stevie's answer:

Yes, Patty, I will continue to periodically post various writings from my journal.

Question 118 - from Carmen in Toronto:

Hey Stevie,
I'm a huge fan and I love your work. And I was just wondering... how do you like to celebrate Halloween?

Stevie's answer:

I love Halloween! This year I went to a place called the Magical Castle in Los Angeles.

Question 117 - from Sara:

If I could have anybody's voice, I would want yours. Did you take voice lessons?

Stevie's answer:

No, I never took any music courses. However, since 1997 I have been studying with a vocal coach in Los Angeles.

Question 116 - from Derick from Grand Rapids, MI:

What are your thoughts on the remixes done for "Planets of the Universe?" I think the Tracy Young Club Mix is phenom. Was it your idea to have the song remixed?

Stevie's answer:

Yes, it was my idea, and I agree, Tracy’s mix was incredible!

Question 115 - from Nicole Lynn in Cle Elum, Washington:

Dear Stevie
I think you are such a special person and I would like to know what some of your favorite books are?

Stevie's answer:

Right now I am reading ‘Wheel of Fortune’ by Susan Howatch.

Question 114 - from Angelia Robin in Knoxville, Tn:

Hi Stevie!
I was wondering - are there is any recent artists or bands that have hit the music scene that you like?

Stevie's answer:

Maroon 5!

Question 113 - from Sara in Omaha:

You've had many dreams come true, but if you were granted one wish, what would it be?

Stevie's answer:

If I had one wish, it would be for world peace….

Question 112 - from Houser in New York City:

Have you ever thought of doing a country album?

Stevie's answer:

Yes, I have. Maybe some day I will manage to make it happen!

Question 111 - from Michael in Pasadena, California:

Hello there, Stevie...I was especially moved by track #3 on the new Fleetwood Mac LP, the one dedicated to the people of New York post 9-11. Can you tell me a bit more about the song and your inspiration in writing it? I am a long time fan and think its a brilliant piece of work, as good as anything you have done.

Stevie's answer:

It’s about 9-11. I was in New York that morning, and then stayed in the city until Thursday night. It’s just about that time.

Question 110 - from Joey in Jacksonville:

On your song illume on the Fleetwood Mac album called "Say You Will", what does Illume mean??

Stevie's answer:

Still having hope in a very bad situation.

Question 109 - from John C. in Muncie, IN:

Dear Stevie, How do artistic disputes get settled in the Fleetwood Mac sessions? For example, let's say you and two other bandmembers had strong but very different opinions about the direction of a song. Who would get the final say? The producer? The songwriter?

Stevie's answer:

We just work it out. We keep arguing until we find a solution.

Question 108 - from Adam Adkins in Kentucky:

Stevie, I love your music! I think you are one of the best singers of all time.. Past and Present.. I love the "Trouble in Shangri-La" album and I was wondering if you were planning on making another solo album in the near future?

Stevie's answer:

Absolutely! I’ve already begun writing!

Question 107 - from Angie Crockett in Crockett in Seattle:

You did a beautiful spread for Harper's Bazaar a while back. (1997). You were photographed on a georgeous red, satin couch with an ornate carving of a dragon's head on the back. Where did you get that couch?...I want one just like it?

Stevie's answer:

I bought it from an antique store called House of Worthington in Los Angeles.

Question 106 - from Ryan M. in Vancouver:

Dear Stevie,
Are there any plans to re-release your solo albums in a manner similar to the Fleetwood Mac reissues; that is, remastered with extra tracks? Maybe (another) box set?
Thank you and best wishes,
Ryan M.

Stevie's answer:

As a matter of fact, yes. Hopefully, sometime next year.

Question 105 - from anonymous:

I love your lyrics because I feel that they can have multiple meanings, making them relatable and personal to each individual listener. When you write your songs, do you intentionally leave them open for a diverse range of meanings, or do you usually have specific things in your life that you're writing about?

Stevie's answer:

A little of both. I draw on what's going on in my life or someone around me, and then elaborate on that.

Question 104 - from Philip Tracy in Cascade, CO:

Stevie, you have seen and done it all. You are more interesting than the majority of celebrities that appear on most magazine covers these days. Any plans for an autobiography?

Stevie's answer:

Absolutely! But not for several years.

Question 103 - from Dana Cherrier in Springfield, IL :

Stevie- Its amazing how much the young (as well of course as the older!), children and teens, today love your music, both solo and with FM. How does it feel to realize your music will continue to be listened to, even cherished by generations to come?

Stevie's answer:

I feel very lucky that my music reaches so many people.

Question 102 - from Shane in Vancouver:

Thank you for taking the time to do this. I know you were here in Vancouver with Sarah McLachlan recording Love Is. Can you tell us about that experience working here with Sarah and what you thought of our city? Hope to see you and and Mac here soon!!

Stevie's answer:

I love Vancouver, the shopping is FABULOUS! Being there for a week with Sarah was an incredible experience for me. I got to know Sarah and her husband Ash, who also played on the track for Love Is. They were both so wonderful to work with.

Question 101 - from Daniel J. Darling in Malden:

Where do you love to visit, but would never want to live?

Stevie's answer:

Las Vegas

Question 100 - from Jim in Woburn, MA:

Why is Doing the Best I Can subtitled "Escape from Berlin?"

Stevie's answer:

The musical part of the song is kind of scary and it reminded me of having to escape from somewhere.

Question 99 - from Mike in Milwaukee:

Hi Stevie, I love your version of Silent Night. No other singer can really compare to the intensity of your voice. It is by far the most moving version Ive ever heard.Will you ever come out with a (all Stevie)Christmas album?

Stevie's answer:

Very possibly, I would love to make a Christmas record.

Question 98 - from Patti in Sumter, South Carolina:

Dear Stevie,
How did it feel to make a Fleetwood Mac Album without Christine? Was it tough to be the only female or fun to be the only female?

Stevie's answer:

It was not as much fun. It was strange and unfamiliar working without Christine. We missed her.

Question 97 - from Rhett in Monroe, LA:

Hey Stevie, When it comes time for a tour, how are the song lists selected for stage?

Stevie's answer:

You go back through all of your songs and the one's that are right for now just seem to come to the surface. I can't really explain it.

Question 96 - from Brenda in Ft. Lauderdale:

Dear Stevie:
I have been a fan for more than 20 years and it seems that more artists are recording songs that you have written. One of my favorites is "Dreams" performed by The Corrs. How do you feel about other artists singing your material?

Stevie's answer:

I am very honored that people are touched enough by my songs to want to re-record them and introduce them to another generation.

Question 95 - from James Winston Salem:

Do you still have pets and what are thier names? I have a cat named Rhiannon and a Welch Corgi named Lindsay.

Stevie's answer:

Yes, I have two Yorkies. Sara and Sulamith.

Question 94 - from Tracy in Mcminnville, Oregon:

Hi Stevie~ thanks for being here with us all!! Are you nervous touring with Fleetwood Mac after what happened Sept. 11?

Stevie's answer:

No, because I can't give in to that kind of fear.

Question 93 - from Traci in Medford:

What do you think your biggest challenge will be on the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tour?

Stevie's answer:

Leaving my beautiful home for so many months.

Question 92 - from Brenda in Tulsa, OK:

Hi Stevie ~ you're the best! Thanks for communicating with your fans this way. My questions is...Of all the places you've traveled to, what is your favorite place and why?

Stevie's answer:

I would have to say it is New York City. There is so much energy in the city, and so much to do there. It is a very exciting city for me.

Question 91 - Cindy in Metairie:

Any plans for your next solo CD? Anxiously waiting.

Stevie's answer:

Yes, I will begin work on my next solo album after the Fleetwood Mac tour is over.

Question 90 - from Lorraine Ann in Brooklyn, New York:

Hi Stevie, The beautiful Cockatoo on the cover of the Bella Donna album, I am assuming it was a pet since I've seen members of Fleetwood Mac in other pics holding the bird. Question: was it your pet, he or she & do you still have it?

Stevie's answer:

His name is Max, and he belongs to my brother Christopher.

Question 89 - from John in Louisville:

Will you and Fleetwood Mac make any music videos for the album?

Stevie's answer:

As it is right now, we are not planning to make a video. But that could change, you never know.....

Question 88 - from Meredith in Riverhead, NY:

Have you given any thought to writing a tribute type song to the victims & families of the 9-11 attacks? I think a good memorial song for the 9-11 tragedy ala "Stevie Style" would be a wonderful contribution to the music industry.

Stevie's answer:

I have actually written a song coming from the experiences of 9-11. It's called Illume, and it is on the new Fleetwood Mac album due in stores April 15th

Question 87 - from Geri M. in Cleveland:

What was your favorite part about working on the new Fleetwood Mac album and do you have a favorite song on it?

Stevie's answer:

My favorite thing was just getting back together in the studio with the band. One of my favorite songs on the record is called Illume. I wrote it about what happened on 9-11.

Question 86 - from Chris Larson in Moorhead, MN:

Hi Stevie,
You've been a big inspiration to me as a musician and as a person since the 8th grade (I'm now a freshman in college). I'm VERY excited about and looking forward to the new album. My question is this: Does the new album have a name yet? Thanks for taking part in this forum- it's very gracious of you to answer questions.

Stevie's answer:

The new Fleetwood Mac cd is called Say You Will, and I am just as excited for you to hear it. We are very proud of it!

Question 85 - from Shawn in Tulsa:

Dear Stevie,
I have been a huge fan since my mother played Landslide for me in 1976 when I was 7. You have given me a lot of inspiration and joy with your music throughout times in my life. I recently read an article in People magazine and you talked about your past drug use and going off the drugs. It was very comforting to me at the time I had recently made the choice to go off them. I would like to know what has been the best part of making that choice. Thank you so much for the music you have given us. You look and sound better then ever, Stevie...keep up the good work.

Stevie's answer:

The best part is being able to write good songs again. Being able to draw good drawings again. Being able to be creative again and enjoying it. All of that was gone.

Question 84 - from Bart Bisig, NY:

I have a three year old daughter who adores your music as much as I do. I was wondering if you have ever considered singing children's songs. I know there is at least one three year old fan out there who would absolutely love it! Thanks for all the inspiration your songs bring.

Stevie's answer:

It has always been my plan to do a musical thing for children at some point.

Question 83 - from Linda Heuer:

Dear Stevie,
Your music has been a part of my life and will continue being so. I'm 46 years old and was able to attend the Fleetwood mac reunion tour in Minneapolis and then traveled to Grand Rapids to see your Enchanted tour. My question is when your fans dress up at your concerts in Stevie Nicks style, are you OK with that, offended or take it as a compliment? I'll admit I got dressed up for your Enchanted tour concert and it was a blast. Thanks for your music!

Stevie's answer:

If you're having fun, I'm having fun!

Question 82 - from Anonymous:

Poets, Legands, Priests of nothing. I love the vibration of these words together. I would greatly appreciate the true meaning of "priests of nothing."

Stevie's answer:

It means the master of nothing.

Question 81 - from Susan:

Hi Stevie,
My questions is, a mutual friend told me once (in the early 90s) after visiting Mick, taht you were going to be coming out with a clothing line that you designed. Is this true?

Stevie's answer:

No, it's not true. But that's a thought!

Question 80 - from Ken Wheaton:

Hi Stevie,
I really admire you for all the benefit concerts you do. I have a mother and dad, both with terminal illnesses, and I do whatever I can to make their lives better. I just wondered how it feels after doing a benefit concert and thinking about all the lives that may have benefited?

I hope you make it to the midwest someday soon.

Stevie's answer:

I feel blessed that something I love to do can benefit so many people. Ironically, as of late, it seems a lot of people in my life had friends or family members who needed some form of heart surgery, which even makes it more important, because all of those people are O.K.

Question 79 - from Mike Worrell:

Dear Stevie,
Your music is very honest and covers the good and the bad in life, but it is always a positive experience....very uplifting. I'm curious about what you personally think of the increasing number of bands who seem only to communicate violence or destructive attitudes in their songs.

Stevie's answer:

They scare me!

Question 78 - from Darla M.:

How did you choose Sharon and Lori as your backup singers? Were they first friends of yours or did you become friends with them after hiring them? I know Lori is married to your brother, so that must be exciting. I always wondered about that because if they were first your friends, how did you know they could sing?

Stevie's answer:

I met Sharon after seeing her perform at a resturant in Maui, and asked her that night if she wanted to sing on my upcoming solo record. She said yes, and moved to Los Angeles. Lori's first husband was a friend of Keith Olsen's, who produced Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood Mac. He owned a studio in Dallas, and that's how I met Lori.

Question 77 - from Patti in Pennsylvania:

How does it go when you are working on your new album? Do you book time and then go for a week or two straight like 8am to 5pm, or do you wait until the mood strikes?

Stevie's answer:

Time is scheduled for recording, but it's more like 8pm to 5am.

Question 76 - from Ann'D Michalek (age 17):

I was thinking about getting clothes like you. What do you think about people who dress like you?

Stevie's answer:

I think if you have fun, great!

Question 75 - from Nick Furio:

First of all I would like to say thanks for having this little rap session set-up! It's not often that fans get the opportunity to express their thoughts to the stars. I'm sure your days are pretty filled up, but could you give us a little insight into the day to day. Do you spend a lot of time with family and friends? Thank you so much for taking more time out for your fans!!!

Always Enchanted,
Nicks Furio

Stevie's answer:

My life is not that different than anyone else's from day to day. I do like to shop and spend a lot of time with friends. Even though I don't "go to work" everyday, I am always working.

Question 74 - from Jonesy in Mi.:

Miss Nicks - do all of your songs, which are many times elliptical and mystical, come from personal experiences? (I find your lyrics fascinate and even though I don't always understand them, I think I get the heart and soul of them. That's what speaks to me...)

Stevie's answer:

My poetry is all about the big picture. You may not understand some of it, but hopefully you will understand what I'm trying to say by the time you get to the end of the song.

Question 73 - from Alex:

Why do you say "this is for you, daddy" before you sing Landslide (live)?

Thank you, Alex

Stevie's answer:

I was dedicating the song to my father, who was in the audience that night.

Question 72 - from Dave:

Hello Stevie,
As a high school teacher, I always urge my students to keep a log oftheir proudest moments... and to look at that journal when feeling down or troubled. I was wondering if you would share your proudest moment as a musician.


Stevie's answer:

The induction ceremony into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is one of my proudest moments.

Question 71 - from Alicia Bucci:

Dear Stevie,
First of all, I would like to say I think what you are doing is incredible. Just to be able to write to you and ask you a question knowing that I might get a response from you, my idol since I was 3 years old (I'm 16 now), is almost a dream come true (meeting you would be the icing on the cake). My question is, how did oyu get the name "Stevie"...I know your full name is Stephanie, so was "Stevie" a nickname you had, or did you come up with it? Thank you so much for this, it means more to me than you know.

Much Love,
Alicia Bucci (Shelby Twp, MI)

Stevie's answer:

I could not pronounce the word "Stephanie" when I was little. My proninciation of it came out as "TeeDee", which was turned into Stevie. My mother still calls me "TeeDee".

Question 70 - from Jeffrey Dunn:

Hello Stevie,
Thank you very much for taking time to answer these questions. I read in a response to an earlier question that someone came into your life and stole your tapes. I myself had bought a few CDs of your demo songs, not realizing at the time that the CDs were not official releases. What can we do as fans to help the situation? Although I have enjoyed the songs, I feel terribly guilty for having them. I find it very disturbing to think that anyone would dare be that intrusive.

Stevie's answer:

That happened a long time ago. That won't happen now. I would prefer everyone get my music when it's finished, not as it is being written.

Question 69 - from Kendall Rhiannon Wood:

Dear Stevie,
Thanks for your time. I only have one question. Were you a majorette in high school? I am a competitive baton twirler and when I found the picture of you on the Nicks Fix holding a baton, I just about flipped. Well, thanks for your time.

Kendall Rhiannon Wood

Stevie's answer:

No, but I do know how to twirl a baton.

Question 68 - from Sakura:

Listening to your music has definitely been a significant evolution in my musical interests. Do you think you have evolved in your own listening interests?

Stevie's answer:

Yes, I try to move with the times. I don't listen to all old music now.

Question 67 - from Elizabeth Roboul:

Hi Stevie,
My name is Elizabeth Roboul and I'm from Wisconsin. I am currently working in a summer program for Parapsychology. I was wondering what your view is on Parapsychology and paranormal experiences. Thanks, and keep making great music.

Stevie's answer:

I don't think I have every had a paranormal experience. But that's not to say I won't ever have one.

Question 66 - from Barb Bailey:

Hi Stevie,
I was wondering what inspired you to write the song Jane and how it came about?

Thank You

Stevie's answer:

It was inspired by Jane Goodall.

Question 65 - from Susan Childs:

Thank you, Stevie, for joining us online! You have been my #1 inspiration since 1976, in so many areas of my life. I have always loved your beautiful stage clothes - the hankerchief skirts, the boots, the shawls and capes - and I have my own personal favorites among the things you've worn. My questions os, does any one outfit or accessory stand out on your own mind as a personal favorite from anytime in your performing career?
Susan Childs
Downingtown, PA

Stevie's answer:

Probably my black outfit with the Rhiannon sleeves. When I think of my clothes, that's the outfit I think of.

Question 64 - from Bear:

Hi Stevie!
One of the highlites of getting to see one of your shows is during "Edge of Seventeen" when you come to the edge of the stage to be with us, and to accept our gifts for you. I've heard that you donate the stuffed animals to charities (which is one reason I like to bring one after all these years), but what do you do with the other items such as jewelry and other goodies? I know with the huge amount of things that you get every night that it's impossible for you to keep everything, though you may want to very much.
Much Magic- ~Bear~

Stevie's answer:

Everything finds a home somewhere.

Question 63 - from Ginger:

Hi Stevie,
First of all, thank you very much for all the wonderful music and the concerts. I want to know if you would share one of your most embarrassing moments on stage? I know sometimes things happen, and how did oyu handle it? Thanks Stevie.
Your fan forever,

Stevie's answer:

Just a few months ago at a private show in Las Vegas, I tripped over a bass amp. The stage was unusually small and everything was much closer to me than usual. Thank goodness, Don Boyette, my bass player caught me! I was bruised from my knee to my ankle!

Question 62 - from Tobi:

Hi Stevie,
As an English Teacher, I have long enjoyed using your lyrics to teach various poetry elements. They stimulate such wonderful classroom conversation. A favorite has been "The Highwayman." I have long considered you one of the greatest contemporary American poets. Do you have any poets that you enjoy?

Stevie's answer:

Yes, Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allan Poe.

Question 61 - from Angela Havel:

Hi Stevie,
What's your favorite type of food (Mexican, Chinese, Indian,
Thai, etc) ? Do you ever prepare any of your own meals or snacks? If so, do you have a "specialty" that you make really well?

Stevie's answer:

Mexican is my favorite, but I don't eat it very often. I can make a GREAT omelet!

Question 60 - from Heather Koch:

I'm a high school English teacher. Is it true that you initially were planning for a career as an English teacher, and if so, what would have been important for you to get across to your students?

I went into education so that I could hopefully reach others, inspire, and make a difference. You (allegedly) put your teaching plans aside for bigger dreams...and in having done so, you reach and inspire others such as myself every day...thank you!

Stevie's answer:

It's true, I did go to school to become a teacher. I only had one semester left before graduating. I was a Speech Communication major with a Psychology minor.

Question 59 - from Vera Neves:

Thank you Stevie for doing this.
My question has to do with your new album. How would you describe it from a production point of view in comparison to the previous albums you put out?

Vera Neves

Stevie's answer:

The main difference is I am using several producers for this album instead of just one.

Question 58 - from Carol Marquez:

Hi Stevie:
I just love your music. Do you think there is a chance that you and Lindsey will ever reunite to do a Buckingham Nicks II? How about touring together?

Stevie's answer:

Anything is possible.......

Question 57 - from Sara:

Dear Stevie,
Thank you so much for doing this - it is a fan's dream come true! :-) My question is this: Have you ever recorded the Christmas song 'It Came Upon a Midnight Clear'? On one of my tapes, there is a song labeled 'Stevie Nicks - It Came Upon A Midnight Clear'. And it certainly does sound like you, but I haven't been able to find any indication that this is your song anywhere else. I never thought I'd ever be able to mistake anyone's voice for years... but this has had me stumped for years! And I figure you would be the final authority on the subject. Thank you so much! We love you.

Love, Sara

Stevie's answer:

No, I never recorded that song.

Question 56 - from Jennifer Tini:

It is so nice to be able to communicate with you like this. I am "on the edge of seventeen" and have discovered many other teenagers like myself that admire you and your work. I just wanted to know if you plan to go on tour when your new album is released?

Stevie's answer:

Yes, I will absolutely be touring with the release of the upcoming CD.

Question 55 - from Jessica Badten:

I'm so digging this right now!! I have a million questions, and i'm sure other people will ask them, so im going to ask a somewhat odd one... Stevie (oh my god i love you... i'm writing a question to Stevie Nicks i can't get over this.. deep breaths... ok) You have talked about how important the sequence of songs on your albums is, and that you do the sequencing yourself. On your boxed set it says that the compilation supervisor (which many of us online have figured it's the same as sequencer- maybe we're wrong... i don't know) is someone named Woody Firm. Um, if this is untrue i'm going to be way embarressed, but is that like, you? Is it some sort of funny nickname? I'm totally serious and we are trying to figure this out... we've never heard of anyone working with you by that name... Thank you so much for this and for much much more!

Much love to you always,
Jessica Badten

Stevie's answer:

No, Woody Firm is not me. He was an executive at Atlantic overseeing the project. I sequenced all three CD's.

Question 54 - from Helen Spooner (United Kingdom):

Hi Stevie,
I would like to ask how you felt when 'Dreams' was covered by The Corrs, as this was one song that I think you said was very special to you, being F-Macs only No.1.

Stevie's answer:

I loved the way they did it.

Question 53 - from Rox:

You had me at "Landslide." And just like me, many of your fans adore you because one song or another touches them deep in the heart. Is there one song by another artist that has touched your heart that way?


Stevie's answer:

Yes, several. Fire and Rain by James Taylor, Your Song by Elton John, Missing You by John Waits, Hello, It's Me by Todd Rundgren.

Question 52 - from Ken Gohr:

Hi Stevie,
Alot of fans would like to see Fleetwood Mac get back together and record a new studio album. Is this something you would like to see happen? Are you optimistic that this will happen?

thank you,

Stevie's answer:

I would like to see it happen........

Question 51 - from Elise Geither:

Where and when did you learn to ride horses? Do you have a horse or a favorite horse/breed?

Elise Geither
& Mighty Thunder Cloud (my horse)

Stevie's answer:

I never really "learned" to ride. I just starting riding. I do not have a horse, but have always liked Palominos.

Question 50 - from Tracy Garner

What was the first song you captured on tape? And will we ever get to hear it?

Stevie's answer:

The first song I ever recorded on my cassette player was the day I turned fifteen. It was a song I wrote called "I've Loved and I've Lost". The tape no longer exists.

Question 49 - from Eileen M. Halbert

First of all, thank you John for making this communication possible and thank you Stevie for taking the time out from your busy life to answer these questions. Obviously [Stevie] your schedule is very demanding and you probably do not have a lot of 'down time' but what do you like to do for relaxation (aside from anything musically)?

Stevie's answer:

I love to draw!

Question 48 - from Christi Waddell

Dear Stevie,
As a fan since about 12 years of age ( I am now 31, and my daughter is as much a fan as I at 12 ) I have always wondered about your Buckingham/Nicks album.I had read somewhere that you both own the rights to that album, and was just interested if you thought it was in the future to reissue it? I would be very interested in that , to feel your thoughts and roots at that time.

Thanks So Much,
Rock On!!
Christi Waddell

Stevie's answer:

One day we will re-release it.

Question 47 - from Meredith Autry:

What is your idea of a perfect "enchanted" day or evening? One of mine was when I met, and spoke with you for a while, a few years back! Thank you for the encouragement, and kindness that you showed me. I will have that special feeling in my heart always~~

Meredith Autry

Stevie's answer:

Painting in my room that looks over the ocean. That is my favorite thing.

Question 46 - from Jake Wolfson:

What books have found their way onto your nightstand lately, and which ones in particular have influenced your recent songwriting?

Jake Wolfson

Stevie's answer:

The complete works of Edgar Allan Poe.

Question 45 - from Jimmy K.:

One of my favorite songs that you have ever written is "Sister Honey" from your "Rock a Little" album. I know that every one of your songs has a story behind it. I have my own interpretation of what that song is about, but could you please tell me what it's about it in your own words. I was dissapointed that it was never released as a single and still feel it never received the attention it deserves.

Jimmy K., Birmingham, AL

Stevie's answer:

Sister Honey was inspired by my friendship with Les Dudek. We recorded the demo at my house and it was a lot of fun.

Question 44 - from Claudia Brady-Drake (Moab, Utah):

I have a daughter named Rhiannon, so my question is about the song Rhiannon: Can you describe how the song came about for you...did the words come with the music at the same time on that piano in Aspen, or was it written a piece here and there until it became the masterpiece it is?

Stevie's answer:

I don't really remember. I started it in Aspen and I think I finished it in L.A.

Question 43 - from Angel:

Out of all the concerts you've given (either solo or with Fleetwood Mac), is there one particular concert that stands out in your mind as meaning the most to you...and what tour was your favorite?

Stevie's answer:

The Red Rocks concert [concert that stands out]. The Wild Heart Tour [favorite tour].

Question 42 - from DB:

What would you say to someone who wants to sing, but recently taped herself and sounded really really Really bad?

Stevie's answer:

If you still think you could do it, take some voice lessons. Then you'll know. Let the voice teacher tell you.

Question 41 - from Greg Lebrick:

Dear Stevie,

Can you please share some of the experiences you've had working on Your new CD, "Trouble in Shangrila" such as working with Dallas Austin, Sheryl Crow, etc?
Can't wait for the new CD!
Greg Lebrick

Stevie's answer:

It's been really great. Sheryl and I have developed a fabulous Friendship!

Question 40 - from Alain:

Dear Stevie, Webmaster of STEVIE NICKS FRANCE since 1997, French And European people shall like knowing if they will have the chance to see You in concert , the last concert in Paris dates 1989!

Alain PARIS France

Stevie's answer:


Question 39 - from Bob:

Hi Stevie,

My question is in regard to the songs you choose to play live in concert.
Aside from the standard set list selection, have you ever considered including one of your solo album songs that had never been performed in concert? Speaking for life-long fans, we would just freak out over that, much like we did when we heard songs like Garbo, Twisted and Sleeping Angel on the Enchanted Tour.

Much love, Bob

Stevie's answer:

Yes, I have considered it. What happens is, if it wasn't a hit, a lot of people don't know it and it doesn't go over well. Which is why they end up getting dropped from the set.

Question 38 - from Jan:

How are your parents doing...they were such good friends of all of us fans...especially the ones in Phoenix...Barbara was almost like a second mother to alot of us. How is their health and when do they plan on slowing down or maybe retiring? They really are wonderful people!

MuchLove Back, Jan

Stevie's answer:

Their health is good. But I don't ever see them slowing down.

Question 37 - from Bob:


Do you think you will Tour to Promote your new Album? Would love to See you in the Minneapolis area.

Peace, Bob Rhoades

Stevie's answer:

Without a doubt!!!

Question 36 - from Caroline Aebi:

Hi Stevie:

In some of your concerts you are seen receiving gifts, do you keep any of them?

Stevie's answer:

Yes, I do keep a lot of the gifts. Most of the stuffed animals are donated to Children's shelters.

Question 35 - from Tommy Beasley:

First of all, hello Stevie, and thank you for your music. I read one time that Jackson Browne was an early influence on you. Is there a chance you and Jackson might record together one day or be involved in a concert or benefit? Thanks for listening.....take care.

Stevie's answer:

Probably not. Jackson was a big influence, but I don't know him personally.

Question 34 - from Bill:

Hi Stevie!

As a kid, I've often dreamed of being a rock star. My question is: as a rock star, what is one of your big dreams?

Stevie's answer:

To do an animated cartoon story with music.

Question 33 - from Jason:

Hi Stevie, Your music is more important to me than the air I breathe.......
One question I have always wanted to ask you is :

"Why don't you perform "Sara" live anymore?"

It is one of the most beautiful songs ever written, and I would love to hear you sing it live......one more time :)

Peace, Jason

Stevie's answer:

Because it is a very difficult song to do live. It didn't transfer to stage very well.

Question 32 - from Susan:

It is clear that you are a prolific and talented songwriter. What role do you play in the final arrangement of songs, as far as guitar parts, vocal harmonies and any other instrumental parts? Do you write the actual parts yourself?

Stevie's answer:

No, I don't. However, when I make my demo's if there is a musical part that I want in the final song, I make sure it's in the demo. As far as the vocal harmonies go, they are all my ideas. I get together with Sharon and Lori prior to going into the studio and we work the parts out.

Question 31 - from Jan:

Dear Stevie,

Many of us have been fans of yours for 25 years and longer. You have such amazing catalog of material! Any chance of mixing up the tunes a bit on your next tour? (i.e. maybe changing the set list a bit from city to city). Only asking because I'll be at most of the shows :-)

Much Love Back, Jan

Stevie's answer:

Probably not. When I add an album cut, it means one of the favorites has to come out.

Question 30 - from Destiny Quinn:

Since you got a lot of your style and ways of singing from Janis Joplin, how do you feel about women using your ways and your style? What would you think if someone was inspired by you to begin a career in the music business and got a lot of their style from you?

Thanks Stevie, Destiny Quinn

Stevie's answer:

I think that would be great. I love the fact that I am inspirational!

Question 29 - from Tracy LeGrand:

Dear Stevie,

I was wondering if you could tell us something about the song (My personal favorite of all your slower songs) Sleeping Angel? I would love to know what inspired it and how you feel about it today. Thank you so much for your music.

Love, Tracy LeGrand

Stevie's answer:

I wrote it about someone that I was going out with at the time. I still love the song very much.

Question 28 - from Anjelica Lilly B.:

Dear Stevie,

My name is Anjelica Lilly B., I am 7. My Aunt said I could ask you a question. We listen to your CDs when she takes me to school. She sings me SWEET GIRL. Thats my favorite. I want to be a Veterinariun when I grow up. What kind of pets have you had and what is your favorite pet? Mine is my dog Lucy.

Stevie's answer:

I have had Poodles, Chihuahua's and Yorkie's. Yorkie's are my favorites because they have such amazing personalities.

Question 27 - from Samantha:

Dear Stevie,

I'd like to know when and why you started playing the tambourine onstage.

Stevie's answer:

Well, I started playing tambourine in Fritz. The reason I started playing was so when I wasn't singing I had something to do. It became more important in Fleetwood Mac, because I only sing a third of the time, so I had more time to perfect my tambourine playing.

Question 26 - from Christalyn:

"What is your favorite song from the Bella Donna album and why?"

Stevie's answer:

I can't really single out one, they are all my favorites. If it makes it on to the album, there are twenty others that didn't. It's kind of like asking me to pick my favorite child.

Question 25 - from Calamity Jane:

Howdy Stevie,
You have included various critters in your songs --- dragonflies, ladybugs, spiders --- For instance, in Gold Dust Woman.... "Ooh, black widow", or should that be "Eww, black widow"....what do you think of such critters? I mean, when you see a spider in your home, what do you do?

Thanks for your time,
Calamity Jane
Independence, Missouri

Stevie's answer:

I don't like to kill them, if I can I shoo them outside. Unless they are attacking me, then I kill them! ha, ha But I give them every possible chance.

Question 24 - from Bryson Byrd:

Hi Stevie! First of all, I'd like to tell you I have practically grown up listening to your music and words and it has greatly inspired me in more ways than one. Secondly, I'd like to thank you for kindly sharing your most intimate moments in songs that we all, as fans, have grown to love and appreicate. Now for my question, I was wondering as a teenager, what was the greatest struggle you had to deal with? Because right now I am in my teens years and I am coming across some really difficult stuff and I'd like to hear what you went through and maybe how you delt with the situation.

Stevie's answer:

Having to move every two years was difficult. I was always the new girl. So I was always having to start over, and that was hard. But in my case, I think it worked for me. It made me not be so shocked by all the travel of my future life.

Question 23 - from Mindy Harris:

Stevie, I was wondering, did you meet your New Year's resolution of getting your driver's license again?

Stevie's answer:

That would be a big NO! I still haven't had time!

Question 22 - from Lorrenda Ledbetter:

First, thank you Stevie for taking time to do this. OK, I have noticed in several pictures of you a bracelet. It looks almost like an ID bracelet of some type. I was wondering if the bracelet has a special significance. And if it does is it something you could share with us?

Stevie's answer:

I have so many bracelets, I'm not sure which one you are talking about. They are all very special to me.

Question 21 - from Sherry:

Dear Stevie, My name is Sherry and I take care of a little girl named Allison she is 3 I have been with her since she was born along with her older sister a total of 6 years. Allison is a big fan and always wants to hear you when she is near a raido because she knows I have tapes . Her favorite song is Blue Lamp she has known your songs since she was 2 how do you feel about having a fan so young.

Thank You, Love Sherry : )

Stevie's answer:

It's wonderful to know that my music is reaching that many people, including little kids. It's kind of hard to believe.

Question 20 - from T.J.:

Can we expect to see , at some point in your career, an autobiography about everything you went through to get to where you are today?

Love ya!!!

Stevie's answer:

Probably, but not for a long time.

Question 19 - from Kathy Foussadier:

Hi Stevie~

The question I would like to ask is what do you think of your fans? Meaning all of us out there who have been following you since the beginning, collecting memorabilia, creating websites, naming our children after songs you've written, dressing "Stevie-style" at concerts, etc. Ever since I've been a fan and within the last few years of being a serious collector, I've been amazed at the dedication and loyalty of Stevie fans. The way we all have this "connection". I would love to know if, in your wildest dreams, ever thought that your music would have such an effect on people.
Thank you. Looking forward new album!

Stevie's answer:

No. I never thought it would have that big of an effect. I knew it would have an effect, but I never thought it would be as overwhelming as it is.

Question 18 - from Brian (Waco Texas):


I have found your life to be so interesting. Will you ever be putting out a book of your life or at least some of our journal writings I have heard you speak of? I heard you say in an interview before " My life is a crack.. It's more fun to tell than it is to live..."

Stevie's answer:

Am I ever going to do a book? Probably, some day.

Question 17 - from Brett Vollus:

Hey Stevie,

I know you have toured and visited Australia quite a few times, what is your favourite memory of Australia and will you tour down-under again to promote the new album? You have lots of fans in Australia who love and care for you very much.

regards, Brett Vollus

Stevie's answer:

Absolutley! I cannot wait to go back to Australia. I love Australia!!

Question 16 - from Kathy Allen:

Hi Stevie,
I'm curious if your niece has inherited any of her aunt's or Mom's musical or writng talents, oh and great grand pa's! My daughter seems to be a natural musician like her dad and grandma, (unlike mom, who needs every note in front of her!) Thanks, be well.

*~~Kathy Allen~~*

Stevie's answer:

Yes, definitely! She loves music and wants to play the violin.

Question 15 - from Christian:

Dear Stevie,
Listening to your music I often see open windows to higher spiritual worlds. Do you consider yourself as a spiritual person? Do you "practice" any religion?
Greetings from Christian, Zurich/Switzerland
(we'd like to see you in Europe again!!!)

Stevie's answer:

I do consider myself a very spiritual person. But I do not practice any specific religion.

Question 14 - from Gloria Gaddy:

Who will be doing back-up vocals on the new cd? Would love to hear Lori's voice on there in addition to Sharon and Mindy!

Stevie's answer:

Lori and Sharon are doing the background vocals for the record.

Question 13 - from Molly Allen:

Hi Stevie!

It must amaze you to think about all the lives that you have touched with your songs. I know that your songs for me have helped me reach my inner creative self-something that I lost sometime ago!

What do you think made the album The Other Side of the Mirror such a tight cohesive album? To me, there isn't a single song that is not good-the lyrics, the music-I think that it is one of your best solo albums to date. What was your thinking behind this album-what inspired you the most on it?

I know that you are going to get hundreds of these but your music has become a very special part of my life-I have never known anything quite like it. I am looking forward to your new album and tour.

Much love,

Stevie's answer:

The producer, Rupert Hine, had a vision for my songs that just made it magical. His use of keyboards made the whole Alice in Wonderland thing come through.

Question 12 - from Matt Mercurio:

I think I speak for alot us when I ask this question, but what is your current relationships with each of the members of Fleetwood Mac? Do you talk with them regularly? Do you get together with them often? Even Lindsey?

Stevie's answer:

Yes, John, Mick and Lindsey all the time. Since Christine now lives in London we don't talk as often.

Question 11 - from Stacey Vernick (Austin):

a. What are you most excited/proud of about the new album? (i.e., the songs themselves, the production, etc.)

Stevie's answer:

The Songs

b. Would you ever consider doing another series of shows in small venues and what did you enjoy most about the millenium shows? (P.S. New Year's Eve was the BEST!!! 1999 was the most difficult year of my life, what a GIFT!)

Stevie's answer:

Absolutely! I really enjoyed those shows. The ambience created by the size of the venues makes being on stage much more fun.

Question 10 - from Megan:

Will you be singing and writing until you are old and grey?

Stevie's answer:

I am already old and grey! Ha Ha Ha

Question 9 - from Megan Sparks (UT Austin Student):

You are my musical idol/inspiration. Who affected your life?

Stevie's answer:

Seeing Janis on stage made me go "Oh yeah, that's what I'm going to do." The one and only time I saw her I felt there was a definite reason I was there.

Question 8 - from Victoria (in LA):

I'd like to hear your favorite memory of your Granpa.

Stevie's answer:

I was around 10 or 11, living in El Paso and I remember my Granddad coming over with what seemed like a truck full of 45 records. We sat and listened to them all. I remember Buddy Holly's "Everyday", a country song called "Party Doll" and "It's Late".

Question 7 - from Victoria Herrick:

When you write the poetry which eventually becomes your songs - do you see the words first as images in your imagination or do the words keep whispering to you until you write them down?

Stevie's answer:

I usually see something or hear something. Something inspires me and that causes me to have a little bit of a vision and I try to write it down as quick as I can.

Question 6 - from Bill Pinto:

Does it bother you that so many people are trading and selling bootlegs of songs that you haven't even recorded yet?

Stevie's answer:
Question 6 answer

Question 5 - from Blair Ryland (11 years old):

How are your dogs doing? Can they do tricks?

Stevie's answer:

They fetch! They are the light of my life!

Question 4 - from Julia Wallace (New York):

I just want to tell you that you are such an inspiration to me! You are such a beautiful person, inside and out, and your music and words have touched me greatly and affected me in so many ways! I was lucky enough to be in the front row to see you at the Central Park Concert and it was the best experience of my life. I was struck by how happy and radiant you looked at the show. I was wondering how this next album will differ from your past releases, being that this is a whole new time and era in your life. Will there be any strong themes in the songs? Thanks so much for taking the time to answer questions!

Stevie's answer:

The theme of this record is "Trouble in Shangri-La": To achieve Shangri-La and then not be able to handle it. So that is the element of Paradise, slips away.

Question 3 - from Shannon Henley:

Stevie, what is your fondest childhood memory?

Stevie's answer:

The summers I spent in Ajo, Arizona with my Grandmother, starting when I was around four.

Question 2 - from Sylvia Cooper:

On the Red Rocks video, there was a dove that didn't want to leave your hand. I've heard you kept that dove and still have it at your home. Is that true?

Stevie's answer:

I kept the Dove for a couple of years and then a friend took it because I traveled so much.

Question 1 - from John Kinney:

First Stevie, welcome to this new forum. It's very exciting to see you answering questions directly from the fans like this. Your online fan support is huge. There are more websites devoted to you than to any artist I have seen. How do you feel about being able to interact with your fans on the Internet?

Stevie's answer:

Question 1

more questions coming soon.....

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