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Arizona Republic

Sunday, October 15, 1995

Vocalist Stevie Nicks has written seven new songs for a new album and is planning a television retrospective. The Paradise Valley resident cast a spell over her fans in the '70s and '80's with her mystical songs and soulful singing. She recently dispelled one of the most common misconceptions about her music: "That I'm a black satanic witch, which I'm not. That's never been my favorite thing," Nicks said. The singer has, however, discovered something sacred in her home state. "For me, Arizona is [a] very spiritual place, and my rock-and-roll life is very crazy. It's having a place to always come home to. This is the greatest place in the world for me." Nicks does have a ritual at her Spanish-style home. "I go in my back yard and check out Camelback Mountain. That's my spiritual mountain."
Thanks to Jeff Kenney for sending me this article.
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