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In Appreciation of Stevie's Enchanted Tour

Karen Govoni has put together the following image in appreciation of Stevie's Enchanted Tour. It will be framed and presented to Stevie with the note of appreciation from her fans listed below the picture. It is intended to let Stevie know that all of her fans appreciate her efforts. Stevie provides us with a constant flow of good music and she maintains a special relationship with her fans. It is Karen's idea to give something to Stevie, from her fans, as a memory of this tour. Thanks Karen...oh, and thanks Stevie.

Appreciation Image

Dear Stevie,

After seeing your Enchanted tour, we all came away with a feeling of excitement, or rather "Enchantment." It was great to see that you and your band seemed to have as much fun as we did.

We were in your world, and from the beginning of your show to the end we all were truly happy and worry free. Any problems we may have had were swept away. What a great feeling that is... and it's no wonder that we all want to give you something back.

Please accept this appreciation photo as a gift from all of us... to you. It is meant as a gift from ALL OF YOUR FANS and was created with everyone in mind... from your fans in the "States" to everyone around the world. We hope it brings you back fond memories from a truly wonderful tour... a tour that we will never forget!

Always take care of yourself Stevie,

your fans

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