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Andre Agassi Benefit Reviews
September 26, 1998: MGM Grand - Las Vegas, Nevada

Nicks kicks off the night and brings down the "Brick House"

from Jim Morrow

Tonight at the MGM Grand Stevie Nicks kicked off the Andre Agassi benefit for the inner city youth of Las Vegas with At Last. As the lights dimmed and the announcer asked the audience to view a video about the purpose of the Foundation, Stevie took the stage in silence and darkness. Then the moment came. "Ladies and Gentlemen-Stevie Nicks!" People all around me in the upper-deck public seats joined in cheering and applauding her return to the city she christened "The City of Dreams" only a few months before. The stage lights came up and the Las Vegas Symphony joined Stevie in this very bluesy tune that sounded very 1940s and very romantic. With long notes and rich harmonies shared between Stevie and the orchestra the audience was mezmorized as she swayed right and left. Dressed in a beautiful red ballroom-type gown, she opened the benefit with a performance that had many of the fans in the public section on their feet (including moi). If this song is available as a single somewhere, someone please let me know. Stevie treated it like no other song I have ever heard her sing. All of a sudden she was a crooner celebrating that at last she had found the love she had been looking for. She was wonderful and was in wonderful voice.

For fellow Mac fans, composer David Foster (the host for the evening) later introduced Mick Fleetwood in this way, "Before there was Mark MACguire, even before the Big MAC, there was the man who started Fleetwood Mac. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mick Fleetwood!" Mick came out playing his tribal drum and was accompanied by Shiela E. and her brother Patrick on percussion. The three offered a blistering performance that everyone really enjoyed.

Upon her return to the stage, Stevie joined Mick, Shiela E., Patrick, Carlos, Sharon, and Mindy as they melted into Dreams. Wearing a lacey black dress Stevie swayed her voice around the lyrics ("I seeee the crystal vision") as Carlos spent an extra effort to play as if the riffs were rolling over the audience like waves. After Dreams, Stevie said, "During the last tour I got used to talking to the audience so I wanted to take a moment and thank you for coming tonight. It is so easy to play music in front of all of you and so hard to raise money. Thank you." With that, Stevie glided stage right and was dressed in her red shawl as the orchestra began to play Rhiannon. Her hands grestured palms-up in smooth circles as she wove the tale we all know so well. Stevie let the ending fly as she pleaded to the audience, "Dreamer-never leave her". After the applause died down she stated that she has performed Rhiannon every time she has taken the stage and that she imagines that in large places like the MGM Grand Garden, Rhiannon's spirit flies inside the venue while she performs. After a brief pause, Mick, Shiela, and Patrick pounced into the newest opening to Stand Back. Bongos and cymbals exploded as the complex beat caused Stevie to dance. When a minute had passed Carlos pulled the stem of his guitar to his chin and threw it down to his hips as the band and orchestra ripped into the song. Sharon and Mindy, who were in perfect voice as were the three back-up singers that accompanied the orchestra, were dressed in complimentary black. Sharon was in a strapless dress while Mindy wore a wonderful dress that sported lacey sleeves. They swayed with Stevie as she closed her set with her trademark spining and beautiful, haunting voice.

I didn't expect to see Stevie again but was pleasantly suprised toward the end of the event. Carlos was kind enough to join Lionel Richie on stage during his set and jammed on Dancing in the Streets, Penny Lover, and a new song called Your Voice. At that point Richie began to sing Brick House as Carlos moved to stage right and offered his hand to Stevie, who climbed the steps and joined Richie on stage. With a black tamborine in hand, Stevie danced to the R and B beat as Richie sang the chorus to her. After the song Stevie remained on stage as Richie closed the show with All Night Long. Halfway through the song, Richie yelled to the private audience that, "I want the ladies on stage! Come on up!" Stevie danced with fans on stage as she played her tamborine. Richie, on the other hand, could not dance because he was surrounded by women who were really showing their appreciation :-). Stevie then joined Carlos as both of them traveled up the stage to the orchestra and played while what seemed to be about 1,500 people, danced on and off the stage. Afterwards, Stevie took her bows and left the stage with Carlos. Mick left some minutes afterward after high-fiving the orchestra conductor. It was wonderful to see Stevie again so soon after her tour. I hope she knows that we all love her here in her "City of Dreams".

from Brian Townley
What a trip. I just got home from my first visit to Las Vegas. My two friends from Texas and I headed out from San Antonio on Friday night and got into Las Vegas around Midnight. I have never been much of a gambler, but I was lucky enough to win a pretty good size bundle of $$$. On the plane my friends and I were joking that if we won, we would pay for the others trip. I am proud to say, I stuck to my words. Good friends are hard to find. We then went and moved into one of the Executive Suites at the MGM. What the heck!

Anyway, Saturday the show was great. We had center seats on the third row. As the lights dimmed and a video began to play, I was shocked to see that Stevie Nicks was being guided to the center of the stage in the darkness. As the video ended, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Stevie Nicks." The crowd went wild! She was dressed in the most stunning red gown I have ever seen. I know I was just standing there in shock. She looked and sounded out of this world. At Last was a blues number which she really belted out.

Shortly after Mick Fleetwood came out and played a set with Sheila E. And with time Stevie was back. She was dressed in a black dress and platform boots as she sang Dreams. Her hands were in motion as she seemed to tell the story as she sang. She then put on a red cape. The opening cords to Rhiannon began and was an outstanding performance. "It's all the same...It's all the same" it was great to see her trademark ending that we had missed durning THE DANCE tour. As she disappeared, Mick and Shelia E began the opening beats of Stand Back. It had the entire arena on their feet. The Symphony joined in and really added to the song, as the USC marching band added to the sound of Don't Stop on THE DANCE cd. If you blinked you missed the kick at the end.

The show continued with other great performers. However, as Lionel Richie was on- stage and began singing Brick House, Stevie walked out and the crowd went wild. She was dancing and playing her tamborine. She knew every word. She got into it. She stayed on with Richie for the last song, All Night Long with the other performers of the night coming out at well. Richie invited people to get up on the stage and dance with them.

After the show, we ran into a friend of mine that got us back for a quick meet and greet type thing. I have to say it was best trip I have ever taken. We didn't get back to the hotel room until 7:30 AM Sunday.

from Christopher Phelan
Dear Fans,
Andre Agassi's "Grand Slam For Children" was a night to remember. I no longer feel guilty about all the money I spent on my short over night trip to Vegas. I assumed that Stevie was the headliner, so I thought she would come on last. To my surprise the lights dimmed, the walls of the MGM Garden Arena sparked in a tripy fiber optic light show, and after a video presentation about the Agassi foundation, they announced Stevie. As the spot light illuminated her center stage, she went right into "At Last" by Etta James. From the reviews of "Stormy Weather 98" I assume she wore a very similar dress. A red ball room gown. The sound of her voice and the full orchestra complemented each other very nicely. It was a very classy performance. Following her opening number, where performances by David Foster, Amy Grant and Dennis Miller. Then a rather short but entertaining drum solo by Mick Fleetwood. Next A surprise percussion performance by Shela E. and her brother Peter Micheal who we all remember from his work on "TOSOTM Tour", "Whole Lotta Trouble Tour" and the Street Angel CD. Then Stevie returned to the stage. First she sang "Dreams" and then "Rhiannon". She mentioned that she has played "Rhiannon" on every tour, so the live version has changed a bit over the years. And last She did "Sand Back" which Rocked!!! She played with a band consisting of Carlos Rios, Mick Fleetwood, Sharon Selani and Mindy Stein. After Stevie was a delightful sketch from Robin Williams. And last was Lionel Richie. Stevie returned the the stage one last time with her tambourine. and danced as Lional did "All Night Long", "Brick House" and "September" Quite an evening! I really hope Stevie does more old songs like "At Last" she deffinitly has the voice for it.
from Joanne
I learned a good lesson tonight after reading the other review. Don't leave a benefit that Stevie's at until it is completely over! I left before Lionel Ritchie finished because I thought Stevie wouldn't be back. I am so disappointed that I missed her onstage again.

I do have one little story I want to share. I was going down the escalator and a woman was humming to a guy right behind me. I didn't want to be rude and look back but it sounded pretty good. When I got off I saw that it was Sharon Cellani and Carlos Rios! Then I realized she was humming Rhiannon. As mentioned before, the benefit started off with Stevie singing At Last. If you ever get a chance to see her sing this, GO! It was so wonderful to hear her give new meaning to this song. Everyone loved it(including some people that didn't even know who Stevie was)(can you imagine that?) Her rendition was truly surreal. A little later, after some really great people, Stevie came back with Carlos, Mick, Sharon and Mindy, and the event band and sang Dreams, Rhiannon, and Stand Back. I know she sings these alot but she never ceases to amaze me everytime. The event band gave the songs a slightly different sound(especially Stand Back) (less of a rock sound) but it was still great. Stevie's portion was definitely not long enough, but it was great seeing her again. It may be quite a while before we have the privilege again.

The Lady Leads with Her Heart

by Hannah Castellaw

Stevie's performance was stellar. She opened the show showing off her vocal versatility with "At Last" -- a bluesy 40's tune. She nailed every note with raw power and finesse. To hear her backed with a 100-piece orchestra was a first for me. It was awesome. And she looked absolutely stunning in her red satin spaghetti strap gown complete with feather boa (which she knows how to use)! I trained my binoculars on her feet as she lifted her dress slightly from the floor -- burgandy platform boots! Whoohoo!

She came back later in the show dressed in her black dress with the layered skirt and feather boa. Mick played drums while she sang "Dreams", "Rhiannon", and "Stand Back". It was good to hear Mick play. His sound is so distinct and familiar. At some point she traded the boa for a red shawl. She talked to the audience after "Rhiannon" saying that she had just finished a tour where she talked a lot, which she never did before, but was now in the habit of doing. She said she had performed "Rhiannon" every tour with FM and solo since 1975 and it sounds different every time. So, she concluded that the song has an extra special something to it. Then she seemed a little embarrassed and turned quickly to Carlos Rios and said something like "All right". Mindy and Sharon were there, too, sounding crystalline.

Stevie managed to give even more emotion to each song than I have seen previously the last 3 times I have seen her live. She was very gracious and grateful to the audience. I am glad I had the opportunity to see the show. It was all for an extremely worthy cause, a cause you cannot top -- children. I am thankful I was able to be a part of it. What can I say? Though I do not know Stevie Nicks, there is something extremely endearing about her. As I have said before in other reviews, it is not my habit to say I love someone I do not know, but I might be able to make an exception for Stevie Nicks. In addition to being a talented, strong person, she is also sort of vulnerable. I guess that is what makes her so loveable.

Stevie Nicks in Las Vegas! from Clayre in Tucson

Stevie came out to open the Andre Agassi Benefit Show in her stunning red dress from last spring's "Stormy Weather" benefit concert to sing "At Last"! She sounded terrific! After Marc Cohen, Amy Grant, & Dennis Miller performed, David Foster, the Emcee, introduced Mick, who did his drum solo gig! He is a showboat! Then, Stevie came out in her black layered lace dress & boots...She did Dreams, Rhiannon, and Stand Back!!! She was in excellent form and ROCKED!!! The crowd loved her! Then, Robin Williams performed--He is a real hoot! Great live! After Lionel Ritchie sang, then all kinds of people came up to the stage & danced...Stevie was there playing her tambourine! It was a fantastic show! WHERE WILL STEVIE BE SINGING NEXT??? I CAN'T WAIT!!!

  • from Angela
    Well, I'm sure you all have read about the benefit, but I thought I'd write my own review from being there. The only thing I can think of to say is that it was the BEST SHOW that I have even been to in my life!!! :-) Probably even better than the Dance tour, or Stevie's Enchanted tour! Yikes! Please, no flames, but I am serious!! I say that because of a few reasons:
    1. This was all for charity, so the money went to a good cause.
    2. There were many small shows from various people, instead of just one.
    In my opinion, Robin Williams and Stevie Nicks WERE the entire show! The time should have been divided between those two and no one else! hehe Well, maybe not- I was surprised by a few performers- Mark Cohn played beautiful music, Amy Grant did great, as did Lionel Richie. I think the one person they could have thrown out was Dennis Miller- I've never cared for his comedy, and I still don't. His form of comedy is making fun of people, and I'm getting a little tired of the Bill Clinton jokes. He is a very smart man though- he said a few serious things that made a lot of sense about the president, but I don't know if I can quote him hear, since there are younger people on the list. ;-) Nobody wanted Robin to go off the stage- everyone was laughing so hard, and whenever he said he had to go, everyone would groan, so he'd stay a little longer- I think he stayed over his time limit! haha I was a little upset that Stevie opened up the show with "At Last". I was thinking they should save that for the finale, or at least somewhere at the end! That song blew everyone away, and people were probably thinking, "Wow! I didn't know she could sing like that!" For that song, she wore a tight red silk dress with a black feather boa, and she was SO BEAUTIFUL!! Her hair was gorgeous- it was really shiny and conditioned, and it looked like she got it colored again or highlighted since it was lighter. Then she left, and a couple more people went on stage. Then Mick came out and did his drum solo thing, and people got a kick out of that. Then Stevie came out to sing dreams- wearing her usual black stage outfit from the Enchanted tour, and she still had the black feather boa on. :-) Dreams was sung perfectly, as was Rhiannon, and Stand Back. I was so happy that she did her little "dirty dance" with Carlos! That is so cute! She wore her red cape for Stand Back instead of her normal black one with gold spots. After Stand Back, she left again, and I was kind of bummed that she didn't do Gold Dust Woman like I thought she would. I just didn't want her to leave the stage! She was amazing, and better than ever! Maybe the fact that this was for a good cause, and just for fun made her happier than if it were just work or something, or maybe it was because Lindsey was there! WOO WHOO!! Yes, he was there. He never went on stage, but during most of the show, I followed Stevie around with my binoculars, and I watched her and the rest of her table. Mindy and Sharon were there. And Carlos was at the table too, until he had to go on stage to play guitar for the whole show. A few other ladies and Lindsey were at her table too. I first spotted them together on the side of the stage, before the show even started. First I saw a petite woman with long blonde hair, which was Stevie. :-) Then, standing behind her, with his arms around her, I saw a man in a gray suit, and he had dark hair. The angle of the stage lights were in the way at the time, so it was a bit blurry, and I couldn't tell who it was for sure. But I did see that he kissed her on the head, and they turned to face each other, and kissed a little more. ;-) Then they walked over to a table right by them to look at something- probably the schedule for when she was going on, and since she was going on first, she had to go backstage to change. She was gone, so my eyes followed the guy in the gray suit. He started walking over to a table right in front of the stage on the left side, close to where they were standing. Then Mick walked over (he had been sitting at Andre Agassi's table before) and shook the guy's hand and talked to him for a minute, then Mick went backstage too, and the man in the gray suit went to sit down. I looked at the people at the table he sat at, and saw Sharon, Mindy, Carlos, and a couple other women, so I knew for sure that he was with Stevie. He never really did anything when he sat there. Mindy talked to him a bit, but that's it. We all know that Lindsey is shy and quiet off stage. It was probably the first time he has really been out in public since his son was born a few months ago, so he looked a little tired and worn out. He did have a haircut- it was short, almost like Tusk-era short. He looked great! ;-) After Stevie sang "At Last", Dennis Miller was one of the people after, and he was lame, so I was watching Stevie's table, but didn't see Lindsey anymore. Then I saw him appear from backstage to sit down again. After Stevie was totally done with her songs, and she got freshened up, she went to sit down at her table- she was sitting by Sharon, who kept whispering things to her- they were gossiping like teenagers, and Lindsey was sitting on the opposite side from her. (My friend and I confirmed it was him by now, since the lights were better and we could see him clearly.) Both he and Stevie were chomping on gum. It looked funny. Lionel Richie was the last one on stage, and he told people to dance- especially to his slow songs. Stevie was swaying in her chair, and it looked like she really wanted to dance. Lindsey sat there with his legs crossed and his hands on his knees. (Looking feminine as he sometimes does. hehe Don't flame me for that either! I didn't say he was gay! He is just so cute!) I would have slapped him for not asking her to dance, and I even thought that she would get up to dance with him, but it didn't happen.... oh well. Then the song "Brickhouse" came on, and some guy walked up to Stevie and took her over to the stage. They were trying to convince her to go up there and dance, but she was shy or something. Then Carlos came over by her, and she finally went up there and started shakin her thang! That woman can dance! The crowd went nuts! She started dancing really close to Lionel and he walked backwards away from her, but she just kept getting closer with a cute look on her face, and he said, "Don't scare me now!" It was hilarious! Then she went and grabbed a tambourine and started dancing and jammin' around the stage. (She looked a little drunk to me- it was AWESOME!! hehe) Then Lionel told all the women to go up on stage and dance, so they did, and you could tell when Stevie fans went up there, cause they rushed right over to her and started dancing with her and talking to her. I would have done the same thing too if I were down there! :-) The show ended with that song "All Night Long", and Stevie was the very last person to go off stage. They tried to get her off, but she didn't want to leave! I didn't want her to either! She just kept dancing! Finally they got her off, and she went backstage. Everyone started leaving. Eventually, Lindsey was the only one left at her table, and it looked like he was waiting for her to come back out, but she didn't, so he went back to find her himself. And that was it- my only regret was not taking a video camera because I could have EASILY got one in and recorded the whole thing!! :-( I know it's not right to do that, but I would want to make copies for everyone else to see! Anyway, then when we were leaving, the doors were open to go backstage, since all the rich people were walking out. I wanted to go back there, to see what I could find, but my friend was too scared! Errrrr..... so I told her to wait, and I went back there myself, just for a second, but since we were waiting for our ride, I didn't have time to try going all the way back there. There might have been nothing, but I at least wanted to try. So, that is my review of the show. I also bought a program that has a full page of that one pic of Stevie, and the money for that went to charity too, so I thought, why not!? If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me. I am not trying to spread any rumours about anything- such as Lindsey being there and implying anything- maybe he is just a friend there to support her or something. You don't have to believe me if you don't want to- I am just honestly telling you all what we saw. :-)
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