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Sharon is taking questions from fans. If you want to ask her a question, fill in the form below. Questions will be selected at random for Sharon to answer. Please keep your questions brief. If she answers your questions it will be posted on this page.

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Questions and Answers:

from Ginger Holland in Peoria, Arizona

Hello Sharon, you have a beautiful voice. I was wondering, who decides what you and the other backup singer's will wear on stage?
Thank you and Blessings, Ginger

Sharon's answer:

Hi Ginger,
Thanks for the nice compliment. As far as what I wear and what the other backup singers' wear on stage, we individually decide what we feel best in and come up with our own ideas of what to wear, within basic guidelines. We also try to coordinate our outfits, so we look similar. For instance, if one of us feels like wearing a long skirt one night, and be very dressy, then the other wears a dressy outfit as well, so we can match. And the next night, we might decide to wear pants, but we each have different tops or jackets to go with those pants, so again we will look similar, but not exactly the same.

from Mia in Crystal Lake, IL

You have been singing with Stevie for a long time. What's your favorite song to sing with her?

Sharon's answer:

Hi Mia,
I answered this topic in the answer to a previously received question from a while ago, so please refer to that as well. It can change from time to time - currently, my favorite song to sing with Stevie is "Sorcerer" - like the title, there's magic there.

from Sandi in Fresno, CA

Sharon--how do you get through the dramatic times while you've been on tour for instance the new millinium and all the controversy...911 and after 911? I attented some of these concerts and you guys pull it off but you wonder about the butterflies if any.

Sharon's answer:

Hi Sandi,
I remember the shows right after 9/11 were very emotional. Stevie was determined to raise the spirits of the audiences and hopefully take their minds away from the tragedy, even if just for a few hours, and those of us in her band were inspired by her example to give our best as well.

from Richard in Santa Ana, CA

Whatever happened to Sandy Stewart???

Sharon's answer:

Hi Richard,
I don't know what Sandy's doing right now, but you'll probably be interested to know that Sandy co-wrote a song on Stevie's latest album,"Trouble In Shangri-La", called "Too Far From Texas", which was a duet with Natalie Maines, from "The Dixie Chicks".

from Jay Jefferson Cooke in Philadelphia, PA

Outside of artists you have performed with, which artists have most influenced your vocal style?

Sharon's answer:

Hi Jay,
I already answered a similar question to this one that included some artists that I have worked with, but here's a list of some of the artists who have influenced me outside of the artists that I have performed with: Carol King, Joni Mitchell, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan with Rufus, Stevie Wonder, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, The Beatles, Crosby Stills and Nash, Leon Russell, and Robert Plant with Led Zeppelin. No list of this type can ever really be complete, however - I've probably been influenced to some degree by every recording I've ever liked.

from Tim Cole in San Diego

Hi Sharon! What is your favorite season and/or holiday and why?

Sharon's answer:

Hi Tim,
My favorite season is summer, because I like warm, sunny days. My favorite holiday is probably New Year's Eve, when there's a whole new year to look forward to.

from Angie Brisbin in Denver, CO

Hi Sharon ,My question is a a hard one I bet ..Do you think Stevie Knows that her Demos and other unfinished works have been sold and traded within her fan base? There all great and I want to tell you there is a outtake of you singing Leather and Lace, just you on vocal and it must be the best version I have ever heard! Take care!

Sharon's answer:

Hi Angie,
Stevie does know that her demos and other unfinished works have been sold and traded as "bootlegs". As you can read on her "Ask Stevie" page here on the Nicks Fix site, in her own words, "It greatly upsets me that people came into my life and stole my tapes". Of course it upsets me greatly as well, that this would happen to Stevie. As interesting as it might be to the fans to hear these recordings, it is still a violation of Stevie's privacy. Please consider that it would be much more appropriate to leave the decisions about circulating versions of a "work in progress" to the artist.

As concerns your comments about my vocal on "Leather and Lace", I only recently found out that there was a version of me singing the song going around. In this case, I was singing what is called a "guide vocal" for a Stevie recording session, so that the musicians would know where the lead vocal parts would be going while they were learning the song and working on the arrangement. This would be similar to a stand-in reading a part for a lead actor on a movie set, to give the other actors and camera men a chance to work out their parts and ideas for the actual filming. Please keep in mind, if this had been intended for public release, an entirely different process would have been used in order to get the best possible performance. Anyway, I'm glad that you enjoy Stevie's music so much, and thanks for your kind words about my vocal.

from Gary in Vineland, NJ

Hi Sharon. Thanks for giving us fans a chance to ask our questions to you.
Stevie has mentioned many times that she suffers from stage fright before each concert. My question to you is do you get really nervous before the concert starts, or just the normal level of butterflies. (I'd be scared to death probably worse than Stevie if I had to perform!)

Sharon's answer:

Hi Gary,
As for your thanks for our answering the questions, you're quite welcome! As concerns the "stage fright", I don't usually get nervous before the concert starts, just excited and happy to be there - but then again, I don't have the focus of the whole audience on me in the same way Stevie does.

from Jody in Bothell

Hi..is there any truth to the rumor that Stevie and DonHenley will tour together this year? Is she going to be in the Seattle area?

Sharon's answer:

Hi Jody,
I'm not at liberty to give any details on Stevie's touring this year, but just keep checking the Nicks Fix website for "hot off the press" approved information. You might also want to go to Pollstar.com for show dates and venue information, as that's where the shows are often posted as soon as they are booked.

from Lauren Kelly in Folsom, PA

Sharon, Hi how are you? You and Stevie seem to have a bond on stage. Are you two close, off stage as well, or is it like,"See you at the studio". Thanks

Sharon's answer:

Hi Lauren,
I consider Stevie a very close, and very special friend. I cherish our time together, on and off stage - I enjoy hanging out with her whether we're working on a project or just visiting as friends.

from Jim in Manassas, Va.

Hi, Sharon. First I want to thank you for doing this. Just a comment before my question, "Edge of Seventeen" and "Stand Back" could never be the same without your backing vocals. Which leads me to my question, how did "Stand Back" make into a FM concert set? Thanks

Sharon's answer:

Hi Jim,
Thanks for your kind words about my vocals. Fleetwood Mac started doing "Stand Back" in 1987 and 1988 for the "Tango In The Night " tour. Since Lindsey Buckingham did not go on that tour, songs were needed to put in the set in place of some of his songs. Since "Stand Back" was a big Stevie Solo hit, and her audiences loved hearing the song, it made sense to include it in the Fleetwood Mac set. Stevie has continued to do "Stand Back" as part of her Fleetwood Mac performances since then, including when Lindsey returned to touring with Fleetwood Mac in 1996 for "The Dance" tour and the most recent 2003-2004 "Say You Will" tour.

from Dawn in Philly, PA

What is your favorite way to kick back and relax?

Sharon's answer:

Hi Dawn,
My favorite way to relax is to go to the movies or watch something fun on TV or DVD. I also like to take a drive along the coast, maybe stop for a meal, and hopefully catch a nice sunset.

from Fred Barden in Troy, NC

Will you be singing with Stevie at Caesar's Palace on May 13? Please say you will!

Sharon's answer:

Hi Fred,
Yes, I will be singing with Stevie at Caesar's Palace on May 13, as well as May 10, 11, and 14. I hope you can make it to one of these shows.

from Dee in Florence, SC

Hi Sharon--
Other than Stevie, who was your favorite artist that you ever got to work with?

Sharon's answer:

Hi Dee,
It’s difficult to pick a “favorite”, because I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with some really great people. Having said that, I have to admit that it was very exciting when I had the opportunity to work with Mick Jagger. Besides the fact that he is a true legend with such an important place in rock music history, he was kind, gracious, and thoroughly professional, and I loved singing with him. I worked with him in 1993 for a live concert performance in New York City, broadcast via satellite throughout the world to promote his solo album, “Wandering Spirit”. We also did a “Saturday Night Live”, which was incredibly fun as well!!!

from Kim in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Hi Sharon,
Of all Stevie's and Fleetwood Mac songs, what is your absolute favorite to sing back-up to? Thank you for all the wonderful years you and Stevie have given us. I couldn't imagine Stevie without you !!
Love, Kim

Sharon's answer:

Hi Kim,
Having recently finished the Fleetwood Mac “Say You Will” world tour, I think that of the material we performed on that tour, “Silver Springs” became my absolute favorite of all Stevie and Fleetwood Mac songs to sing on. The emotion Stevie sings that song with on stage gets me every time. She sings it so beautifully, and it is a special experience to sing that with her and Lindsey; they have such an incredible sound when they sing together.

from Villavic in Lima Peru

Sharon, what was your favorite tour (Stevie or F.Mac)?

Sharon's answer:

Hi Villavic,
It seems like a lot of people have questions similar to this, and I would probably be asking the same question of an artist I liked, so I understand the interest in this topic. Since so many fans seem to want to know about this, I’ll try to give you a complete answer here. Every tour has its own special memories, but my favorite Stevie tour would be “Trouble in Shangri-La”. It was great to perform because we did songs like “Sleeping Angel”, “Planets of the Universe”, and “Sorcerer”, which I love to sing. Being able to perform with Stevie is always such an honor and a pleasure. My favorite Fleetwood Mac tour is the most recent tour, “Say You Will”. I had a great time performing because Fleetwood Mac is a phenomenal band and there are so many great songs to sing. The shows were fantastic, the audiences were incredible, and we went to so many great places in North America, Europe, and Australia.

from Nina Grigoreas in Canterbury, CT and from Mark Montanez in San Luis Obispo (similar questions)

[Nina's question] Hi, Sharon! I think you're great! My question involves your being called "Sharona" by Stevie... Is that your full name, or just a nickname Stevie gave you? Thanks!

[Mark's question] Hi Sharon. Stevie often introduces you as Sharona. Is that your real name?

Sharon's answer:

Hi Nina,
Hi Mark,
My given name is “Sharon”, but Stevie started calling me “Sharona” as a nickname because of “The Knack” song “My Sharona”. The nickname was picked up by some of my bandmates and close friends, who call me “Sharona” as well as “Sharon”.

from Tracy Berrange in Salisbury UK

Hello Sharon!
Do you prefer doing Fleetwood Mac or Stevie solo tours?

Sharon's answer:

Hi Tracy,
There is no way to choose between Stevie tours and Fleetwood Mac tours as a preference – it’s all a privilege and having been lucky enough to participate in both, all I can say is it’s all great!

from Steve Cummings in Keyport, NJ

Hi Sharon:
I've always LOVED the harmonizing you've done with Stevie and Lori. Have you and Lori ever considered recording a "Sharon and Lori" duet album?

Sharon's answer:

Hi Steve,
Thanks so much for the compliment. In spite of the fact that Lori and I have done so much singing together and have a great history with each other on Stevie’s recordings and shows, we’ve never seriously contemplated doing a “Sharon and Lori” duet album. I do look forward to singing with her very soon, however, when we are working on vocals for the next Stevie record.

from Trace Remington McMinnville, Oregon and Missi Lourimore in Pittsburgh, PA
(This question was asked by many people in slight variations, but Trace and Missi were the first to ask it)

[Trace's question] Hi Sharon~Wow! Thanks for being here with all of us! I am wondering have you ever considered making your own album one day? You have a very beautiful voice!

[Missi's question] Sharon - you have a beautiful and strong voice - did you ever have an urge to record your own album?

Sharon's answer:

Hi Trace,
Hi Missi,
I appreciate all the interest, so thanks for asking. Although doing my own recording has its appeal, as of now, a solo release is not likely in the very near future. There may come a day when I actually will have the time to devote to making a solo project a reality, but so far, my other work has taken precedence. Maybe someday…

from Tim Bruderek in Philadelphia

Hi Sharon!
Who are some of the artists that influenced you?

Sharon's answer:

Hi Tim,
The artists that most influenced me as a singer were Aretha Franklin, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby Stills and Nash, Rufus, Stevie Wonder, Leon Russell, Don Henley, The Eagles, The Doobie Brothers, Linda Ronstadt, and Bonnie Raitt.

from Michael in the United Kingdom

Hi Sharon,
You were on a world tour with Fleetwood Mac last year. What were your favorite cities outside the United States?

Sharon's answer:

Hi Michael,
On this last Fleetwood Mac World Tour, we went to so many incredible places!!! In Europe, my favorite city to visit was London, England. We did lots of sightseeing including the Tower of London, Big Ben, Windsor Castle and a day trip to the mysterious Stonehenge. We also toured Australia, and one of my favorite cities there is Sydney, which has Sydney Harbor and the magnificent Opera House. I also loved Brisbane, where we cuddled a koala bear and witnessed a baby kangaroo jumping in and out of its mother’s pouch. In Perth, we took a ferry out to Rottnest Island and bicycled all around it, along the beautiful beaches and coastline. I have many great memories that I will cherish forever from this last Fleetwood Mac Tour!!!

from Ricoh Vigen in Boston, MA

Hey Sharon! I hope you know that die hard Stevie fans feel almost like we know and love you and Lori as well! I saw in a clip from the US Festival Stevie introduces you as her roommate. When did you live together and for how long? Thanks for participating in this!!!

Sharon's answer:

Hi Ricoh,
I lived with Stevie from 1979 to 1984, for five years. I really enjoyed that time period and have lots of great memories from it. Stevie was a great roommate! We had a lot of fun together.

from Daniel in San Francisco

Hi Sharon... Thank you for doing this Q&A and being such a loyal friend to Stevie. A Stevie Nicks concert wouldn't be complete without you! :) My question... I noticed around the '87 Tango tour, you started to incorporate some fun dance choreography into the shows that's been with the backup singers ever since. Did you choreograph those moves, and if so, did you ever have aspirations to be a dancer?

Sharon's answer:

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the kind words! The fun dance steps came to be around 1986 on the Stevie “Rock a Little” Tour. At that time, it was Lori Nicks, Elisecia Wright , and myself singing backgrounds. Until then, Lori and I (and on occasion Marilyn Martin or Carolyn Brooks) did a few basic steps together, but mainly freeform movement. As it evolved, we thought it would look better to have more planned synchronized dance steps. Mostly, the dance steps were worked out by whichever singers were involved as we rehearsed the music for the shows. At one point, we had the help of Brad Jeffries, dancer and choreographer. Brad had danced together with Stevie in many of her music videos, and he helped us by giving us some ideas. When Lynn Mabry began singing with Fleetwood Mac in 1990 on the “Behind The Mask Tour”, we incorporated some of her ideas for the two of us that we still do versions of today. When Mindy Stein came to sing with me in 1997 for the Fleetwood Mac “The Dance” Tour, she influenced some of the dance steps we used for the tours she sang on. Similarly, when Jana Anderson came in on the Fleetwood Mac “Say You Will’ Tour, she brought in her ideas to the newly added songs as well. It’s been fun having a chance to interact and learn from all the singers who’ve participated in the tours. In regard to the part of your question about my dancing aspirations, I did take ballet when I was very young, but I have never seriously entertained the goal of becoming a dancer, other than the fun I have had with the choreography as a background singer.

from Chris McLeod in Locust Grove, GA. USA

Sharon, thanks so much for doing this for Stevie's fans…it's very kind of you.
When a new backup singer like Jana Anderson comes in at the last hour to fill in, is it hard for you to sing with her? And is it hard for her to learn the parts so quickly? Were you the one that basically had to train her?

Sharon's answer:

Hi Chris,
Jana is a fantastic singer, with the versatility to blend and phrase well with other singers, and it has been a total joy and pleasure to sing with her from the very first time I sang with her at a Fleetwood Mac rehearsal. Mindy and I trained Jana together, and Jana was exceptionally fast at learning her parts. Jana and I did, of course, continue to refine our parts, phrasing, etc. as the tour progressed, and as we added new songs. Jana made Mindy and I both very proud, doing such a great job at taking over for Mindy, during the middle of a tour, with barely any rehearsal. Mindy, whose pregnancy necessitated her getting off the road, was able to relax knowing that things were well taken care of in her absence – and I should mention that Mindy is doing great with her beautiful new addition to her family.

from Melissa Davis in Indianapolis

Hi Sharon,
It has been so much fun going to shows and hearing you sing. You do a fabulous job! I've read the stories about Stevie singing with you in Hawaii (how cool!) and I was wondering how you became involved in singing and if you any advice for aspiring singers? Thanks so much for doing this, it's a real treat for us! :) Take care - Melissa

Sharon's answer:

Hi Melissa,
I always loved to sing, and I knew that was something I wanted to do. Like most people who make a career of singing, I had to simply start by practicing, and eventually performing as opportunities presented themselves. It can be very helpful to take vocal lessons early on, to prevent problems and even damage to your voice later on. I would definitely advise you to take vocal lessons and learn to use your voice in a way that will protect and strengthen it. It’s important to keep up your vocal exercises and practice as much as possible by singing along to your favorite singers. When your opportunities come along, make sure you are ready for them.

from Sara in Stockton, CA

Hey Sharon. My name is Sara and I'm 15. I was wondering what was the funniest thing you have seen happen on stage in your career?

Sharon's answer:

Hi Sara,
One of the funnier moments, at least for the rest of the band and crew (and perhaps a percentage of audience members), was also one of the most embarrassing for me personally. I’ll never forget, try as I may, the time I was trying to appear cool and graceful in the middle of a performance, while executing a choreographed walk across the stage. All was well until I tripped over a cord and took a rather ungainly tumble, a la Dick Van Dyke, in front of thousands of Stevie’s fans.

from Tiffany in Riverside, CA

Hi Sharon,
Your harmonies have become so much a part of Stevie's music, I can't imagine an album or tour without you. Can you tell us a little about the process of working out vocal arrangements? Does Stevie usually have the harmonies planned out when she comes to you with a demo, or does she pretty much leave them up to you & Lori?

Sharon's answer:

Hi Tiffany,
Every song is different. Sometimes Stevie has all the harmony ideas worked out herself and recorded on her demos. There are also times when Stevie and I make up the parts, some songs where Stevie and Lori work things out, and some times Lori and I make up our own parts based on Stevie’s approval. There have even been times when we have figured the parts out on the spot in the studio, but it is usually more advantageous to have the harmonies arranged before we get into “The Big Studio” for the final recording.

from Tessa in Boston

Sharon - you are much admired...especially by ME! I am wondering what you do during the "off" time. Where you live - all the personal stuff. Sorry to be so invasive but I am dying to know! Thank you.

Sharon's answer:

Hi Tessa,
I live in the Los Angeles area. I like to go to the movies or rent DVD’s to watch at home. For my health, I exercise and do yoga. I spend time with my family and friends and loved ones. I also like to travel to beautiful and exotic places.

from Jennifer P. in Chatsworth

Dear Sharon,
One of my favorite concerts to watch is the HBO special of the Bella Donna tour. Which tour was your favorite to perform and why? Thank you and I love this forum.

Sharon's answer:

Hi Jennifer,
Every tour has its own special memories, but the last Stevie tour, “Trouble in Shangri-La”, was great to perform because we did songs like “Sleeping Angel”, “Planets of the Universe”, and “Sorcerer”, which I love to sing. On the most recent Fleetwood Mac tour, “Say You Will”, I had the best time performing because Fleetwood Mac is an incredible Band and every song is fun to sing!!!

from Michael McDonald in Lakewood, New Jersey

Hi Sharon,
I would like to thank you for sticking with Stevie and Fleetwood Mac for all these years. I have seen you with them about 10 times in New Jersey For The Dance, Enchanted, Trouble In Shanrgri La And Say You Will Tour. You have mentioned what songs of Stevie's you have like to sing. My question to you is what is your favorate Fleetwood Mac (non Stevie) song to sing and why?

Sharon's answer:

Hi Michael,
I have so many favorites I cannot pick just one. Since we’re talking about “non-Stevie” material, I’ll of course be talking about Christine and Lindsey’s songs. As concerns Christine McVie when she was still performing with Fleetwood Mac, I loved singing backgrounds on all her songs. My favorites were “Brown Eyes”, in which we did beautiful “Sha-la-la's”, and also “You Make Lovin’ Fun”, in which we did really pretty “Ahh's”. I also love singing on all of Lindsey Buckingham’s songs, and my favorites are “Go Your Own Way”, because it has such a strong, powerful and emotional chorus, and also “Second Hand News”, in which the harmonies at the end have the most incredible blend, that magical sound of Stevie and Lindsey singing together - singing with them is total heaven!!! I also love singing on Lindsey’s song “Tusk”, in which we get to “sing” the “TUSK” chants, which are lots of fun to do and are very primal.

from Brian Wendt in Bethlehem, PA

Which song do you feel to be the most challenging, vocally?

Sharon's answer:

Hi Brian,
The song I feel most challenging live vocally is “Edge of Seventeen”. My part encompasses a wide range, going from low to high notes, and the “Duet Solo” that I sing near the end of the song with Stevie is always demanding and requires a lot of focus to get both the feel and the technical performance just right.

from Lisa Hicks in Denton, TX

Hi Sharon! First I think you and Lori are the best backup singers. I think it is awesome that you have stuck together all these years. My questions are, are you married and do you have any kids? If so, how do you balance this career and family life? Keep up the great work!

Sharon's answer:

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for saying such nice things about Lori and myself. To answer your question, no, I'm not married, and don't have any children, but I do have someone that I love very much and share my life with. As far as keeping some sort of balance, when I am touring, he and I make great efforts to be together - it's not easy all the time with our different schedules, but we manage to make it work and have been together for almost ten years now. He will come out on the road with me for portions of my tours whenever he can, and on the days off, we often go see the sights. We really enjoyed our time together in England and Australia on the Fleetwood Mac "Say You Will" tour last year. When we are at home, we make sure to spend lots of quality time together as well, and we like traveling to special places together aside from the musical touring.

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